Sonic Team "PowerPlay" (ソニックチーム "パワープレイ" ~ベストソングス・フロム・ソニックチーム~ Sonikkuchīmu" pawāpurei" ~ besutosongusu furomu sonikkuchīmu ~?, lit. "Sonic Team "Power Play" ~ Best Songs From Sonic Team ~") is a compilation album featuring music from the collective works of the Sega development group Sonic Team.[1] Containing vocal themes from their games, the core of the disc focuses on the studio's Sega Saturn output, including three different versions of "DREAMS DREAMS," the theme song to NiGHTS into Dreams. While the packaging only mentions one bonus track, there is another hidden track that immediately follows. This is the theme song to Sonic Adventure, a game that had yet to come out as the Dreamcast was still three weeks from being released. The disk features as well songs from Burning Rangers and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Track listing

  1. "Dreams Dreams (Kids Version)" (5:17)
  2. "Dreams Dreams (A-Cappella Version)" (4:28)
  3. "Super Sonic Racing" (4:04)
  4. "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" (5:06)
  5. "Number One" (4:02)
  6. "Burning Hearts ~Honou no Angel~" (3:57)
  7. "We are Burning Rangers" (4:37)
  8. "I Just Smile" (4:17)
  9. "Sonic - You Can Do Anything" (1:34)
  10. "Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself" (3:39)
  11. "Dreams Dreams ~Sweet Mix in Holy Night~" (5:41)
  12. "Open Your Heart - Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure"" (5:10)



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