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Sonic Team was a computer and video game developer established in 1988 originally known as Sega AM8. In 1991, AM8 took their name from their phenomenally successful Sonic the Hedgehog series and became Sonic Team. They were one of Sega's most popular creative teams. Sonic Team was headed by the famed video game designer, producer, and visionary Yuji Naka. Under his leadership Sonic Team had become a creative powerhouse in the video game industry creating some of the most popular games ever made before Sonic Adventure 2. The joint creator of Sonic, Naoto Ohshima, left Sonic Team to form his own studio, Artoon. On 8 May 2006, Naka left the group with ten other members of Sonic Team to establish an independent game developer, PROPE.

Sonic Team has also worked on the Sonic X anime series.

In 2003, United Game Artists (formerly Sega AM9) merged with Sonic Team. In 2004, Sonic Team once more became an internal division of Sega after being spun off as a second-party developer in 2000. Sonic Team was headquartered in Shināgawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, Sonic Team has been collapsed by Sega and merged with their second creative team CS2.[1]

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