Shuffle sonictank

Sonic Tank

Sonic Tank is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


Each player is given a tank to control and placed in a square arena with a life meter representing how much damage they can take. The players must move around with the analog stick and shoot ammo with DreamcastA. The player can also use the triggers to slide left and right, although, while doing this, the player will be unable to shoot.

A player receives ten rings for each fellow player destroyed. When time is up, whoever has the most life (or who is left standing) wins ten rings. Second gets five rings, third loses five rings, and fourth loses ten rings. If more than one player is destroyed, places are judged based on when the person was removed.

Dr. Eggman will occasionally show up, dropping both bonus items, such as shields, and bombs, that latter of which should be avoided.

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