Sonic Surf

Quotation1.svg The iceberg is melting and causing a tidal wave! Let's get out of here! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight, Sonic Shuffle

Sonic Surfing (ソニックサーフィン Sonikkusāfin?) is a Stage Clear Mini-Game for Emerald Coast in Sonic Shuffle.


Sonic Surfing occurs at the end of Emerald Coast. Here, all four players surf down a tidal wave. The characters can move left and right while surfing. They can also jump but it will move them back. Hitting driftwood will result in Rings getting lost and the characters getting sent back. Riding the top of the wave will get the characters ahead. Do not go too far though, or the characters will fall off the wave. As the game progresses, the wave gets larger and larger. When the wave is almost a circle, left movements become right movements and vice versa on top of the wave. To stay in one spot, the player has to have the analog moved slightly to the right.

The character in the lead at the end of the Mini-Game wins.

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