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Logo of Sonic Super Digest #1.


— Official tagline for the Sonic Super Digest series.

Sonic Super Digest were a series of magazines published by Archie Comics that featured tons of comic stories, coloring pages, bonus content and more, along with several figures from all the media that the Sonic the Hedgehog series has been presented in, including games, comics and cartoons. These issues served to introduce the history of the Sonic the Hedgehog series to both old and new fans. The series began in November 2012 and was cancelled after the seventeenth issue, which was released in September 2016.


Sonic Super Digest was a bi-monthly series of books featuring, usually, over one hundred pages of material in a digest format. Each issue primarily contained stories reprinted from past issues of the ongoing Sonic comics, with occasional new stories appearing. Interspersed between these stories were various pin-ups and coloring pages, usually consisting of older art.

The format of the series changed considerably since its launch. The first two issues consisted of a wide array of old stories published by Archie Comics, along with numerous special features, including introduction and index pages, character spotlights along with specially-made data files, and original editorials, such as "Professor Pickle's Nature Notebook" (the Professor compares Mobian animal species to their real-world counterparts), "Global Gateway" (Wentos the Traveling Salesman explores the various locations on Mobius) and "Endless Arcade" (facts and trivia about a classic Sonic video game, accompanied by the official comic book adaptation of said game). Due to the comics behind the scenes legal troubles that had cropped up at the time, most of these features were dropped by issue three (with only the data files remaining) and from issue four and onward, all special features were dropped, so that only comic stories and pin-ups remained.

As the ongoing comics began transitioning to the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, the story selections also shifted to mainly feature recent stories from the new timeline, essentially turning the digests into a "catch-up" for newer readers.

While the vast majority of the comic stories that appeared in the book were reprints, new stories appeared on occasion. The first of such stories was a tie-in story to the downloadable game Sonic Jump. The digests were the primary home of the Sonic Comic Origins supplementary stories, with new instalments appearing in various issues (though not consecutively).

On a few occasions, larger-sized issues were released, which went under the alternate title of "Sonic Super-Sized Comics Digest". These books bumped the usual page count of around one hundred to well over two hundred, allowing for more content. These books kept the issue numbering of the normal-sized digests, despite the alternate title. Another variant of the digest to be released was "Sonic Super Digest Special Edition", which was accompanied by special features revolving around the new Sonic comic timeline (though in reality, these were merely reprints of features that had previously appeared in the Sonic Super Special Magazine).

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