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Sonic News Network
Sonic News Network

This article pertains to the staff of the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

Development staff

Lead Programmer

  • Hideki Ikeda

Lead Artist

  • Michael Chung


  • Terry Kirch
  • Frank E. Lucero
  • Hooell Monleon
  • Roy Pitchford
  • Alan Shapiro

Technical Director

  • Michael Terlecki

Art Director

  • Maureen Kringen


  • Sandy Christensen
  • Larry Flores
  • Kevin Lee
  • Michael Tamura

Music and sound effects

  • Paul Gadbois (Music Director)
  • Dave Delia
  • Howard Drossin
  • Brad Scott Gish

Graphic Utilities

  • Claude Foucault
  • Alex Suzdaltsev

Multimedia Support

  • Fred Weimer
  • Steve Lashower

Gameplay Consultation

  • Jack Loh

Physics Consultation

  • Dr. Scott Gould

Management staff


  • John Brandstetter (Game Gear version)
  • Jason Lewis (Master System version)

Product manager

  • Chrissie Huneke


  • Robert Lindsey

Manager of Test

  • Steve Patterson

Lead Tester

  • Marc Dawson

Assistant Lead Tester

  • Stan Weaver
  • Greg Vogt


  • Crisi Albertson
  • Jennifer Brozek
  • Joe Cain, Ivan Foong
  • Lawrence Gibson
  • Rick Greer
  • Randall Hauser
  • Richie Hideshima
  • Darin Johnston
  • Jeff Loney
  • Ryan McLaughlin
  • Joanna Pataki
  • Dave Perkinson
  • Loran Pudinski
  • Sam Saliba
  • Kevin Seiter
  • Tim Spengler
  • Mark Subotnik
  • Maria Tuzzo
  • Matt Underwood
  • Fernando Valderrama
  • Alex Villagran
  • Gregg Watkins
  • David Wood
  • Bill Person
  • Greg Becksted
  • Brian Harp
  • Andrew Podesta

Special thanks

Steve Apour John Duggan Jim Tomasko Chris Warner Sega Technical Institute Western Arcade Ric "Big Dog" Curtis Bob Morrison Kevin Lee John Kuwaye James Brandstetter Brianna L. Lucero Dr. Michael E. Klein

Video game staff