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Quotation1 The Sonic Speedster is all about one thing: it's the fastest car there is. Gotta be, it's mine. Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog, "If You Build It They Will Race"

The Sonic Speedster[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a blue racing car belonging to Sonic the Hedgehog.



The Sonic Speedster resembles a blue Formula 1 racing car with black tires. It has one brown seat, which is open to the air, with aerodynamic wings on the front and rear. Also, a rocket exhaust and the engine is positioned behind Sonic. It has also white designs on the frame.

Features and abilities

The Sonic Speedster was designed to be the fastest car out of all the other cars made by Team Sonic.[1] Its cockpit also possesses retractable foot pedals that Sonic can use to propel the Sonic Speedster forward; since Sonic can move his legs at superspeeds, this feature allows the Sonic Speedster to achieve speeds surpassing those it can achieve on its own.[2] In exchange for its great speed however, the vehicle has poor handling.[1]


TV series

Season two

Sonic Speedster database

The Sonic Speedster being designed.

Originally designed by Sonic and created using Tails' extended Build-it Box, Sonic desired to pit the Sonic Speedster against his teammates' cars in a race. Eight months after its creation, Sonic used the Sonic Speedster in the race on Race Day, during which Sonic crashed in the canyons. However, Sonic salvaged his and his friends' cars for parts that Team Sonic used to make a new car which Sonic won the race with.[1]

Sonic eventually used the Sonic Speedster again, this time in a drag race with his friends in their cars.[3] Sonic later used his car to face Knuckles in another drag race, which ended when Sonic and the Sonic Speedster got sent to another dimension. Once a portal back home was opened for him, Sonic entered it in his car.[4] Sonic later took the Sonic Speedster out for a drive, during which he had a brief race with Tails and his vehicle. When he had to run an errand for Amy though, Sonic took the Sonic Speedster to town. There, he accidentally splashed mud on Eggman upon his arrival.[2]


  • Much like the Sonic Speedster, Sonic has previously used vehicles with high speed and poor handling in racing games before





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