Sonic Speed Spotter 3[1] is an online Flash game developed by differenceGames and published on the 4Kids TV website by 4Kids Entertainment in 2011 to promote the then-airing anime series, Sonic X. It is a Sonic X-themed game of spot the difference, and the sequel to Sonic Speed Spotter 2.


Taking place on a 2D bordered plane, the player must find five differences between eleven sets of two otherwise similar screenshots from episodes in the Sonic X anime series. The players must use the mouse to click on the spot with a difference. Each difference found adds twenty points to the score while clicking in a spot without a difference results in a loss of five points.

Unlike the previous game, Sonic Speed Spotter 3 lets the player select any of the images in the set to begin with. It is also the only one with full-screen support.



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