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"SSS" and "Sonic Speed Simulator Reborn" redirect here. For the comic series, see Sonic Super Special, for the Sonic Boom Ability, see Speeding Swing Surprise.

The fastest game in Roblox history.

— Tagline[2]

Sonic Speed Simulator, also known as Sonic Speed Simulator Reborn, is a multiplayer online game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Gamefam and licensed by Sega. It is freely available as an experience on Roblox. It was initially released on 30 March 2022 as a paid beta, and then later released publicly for free on 16 April.[1] The game is actively updated every Friday, while larger updates release on Saturdays, with special updates being initially released after milestones are reached—usually involving a set number of likes.[2]


PR Thumb 1

Sonic grinding down a Grind Rail in Green Hill, the first world in the game.

Sonic Speed Simulator is a 3D, third-person incremental platformer game that features open worlds and multiple playable characters. The player's Roblox avatar is unlocked by default, but by completing Quests, redeeming codes, purchasing or meeting requirements during specific events, the player can unlock additional characters from the Sonic series, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and several variations of them. In a similar vein to Sonic Adventure 2, all the playable characters share a plethora of moves such as the Spin Jump, Spin Attack (referred to as the "Spin Dash"), Spin Dash (referred to as the "Spin Dash Charge"), Jump Dash, Homing Attack, Drop Dash, and Boost.

The game is about traversing open worlds at high speed while, in a similar fashion to other "simulator" experiences found on Roblox, continually upgrading the player character's abilities. Unique to this game, the player can find multicolored Chaos Orbs scattered around the world which gradually increase their Experience Points (XP) when collected. The playable character also gains one XP for each step they take or through purchases from in-game shops. Another source of XP is through completing Quests. Sky Rings, also unique to the game, grant large amounts of XP when traveled through. Gathering enough XP will increase the player's level, increasing the following parameters:

  • Speed: Determines the playable character's maximum speed. Speed starts out low but can get exponentially higher as a player progresses with the game. At higher speeds, players can go through loops, launch themselves from slopes, and run along walls. Speed also affects a player's Spin Dash and Homing Attacks. There is a meter at the bottom left corner of the screen that displays a player's speed in miles per hour (MPH).
  • Power: Determines the playable character's jumping height. Power can reach a maximum of 100. It helps the player reach Sky Rings or higher parts of worlds. A high Speed and Power parameter, combined with a well-timed Spin Dash on a slope, will let a player reach notable heights.

When leveling up, the maximum XP cap increases by a bit for the next level and a small text portion will be appearing on the HUD that tells of the player's exact parameter values, before scrolling up and off the screen. The latter feature can be disabled in the settings. Furthermore, both Speed and Power can be manually lowered in the settings menu. This changes the respective parameter by the set percentage; it does not mimic any previous Level's statistics.

At any point the player can choose to "Rebirth", which removes their speed and levels, but grants them an amount of Skill Pieces which increases with the level the player chose to rebirth at. These can be used to purchase permanent upgrades to all characters, such as increased multipliers for all Rings and XP collected, and increased damage against bosses. The amount of Skill Pieces required to upgrade a specific trait increases every time the player upgrades said trait.

Rings can also be found throughout the worlds or obtained through other means, and are used to unlock content, as well as open vending machines to purchase random cosmetic items, such as trails or pets, that provide upgradable benefits to the player, such as increased Rings rewarded per Ring pickup and increased XP per Chaos Orb pickup.

Falling into the aforementioned pets category is Chao. The player can both buy Chao from vending machines, earn them during certain events after meeting specific conditions, or receive them as a reward from Quests. There are several types of Chao in the game, each with different attributes. These include the classification of their rarity when obtained from vending machines, which range between "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", "Epic", "Legendary", "Exotic" and "Special", as well as the benefits they grant when equipped, which involving boosting the amount of XPs and Rings earned when the corresponding item is collected. Certain Chao will even provide other bonuses such as a small magnetism effect. The player can equip the playable character with three of any Chao. The player can carry up to eighty Chao by default (a trait shared with trails), although that limit can be expanded through in-game purchases. Chao and Tails earned from Quests, however, ignore this limit, potentially pushing the player past maximum capacity. In addition, the player can evolve a Chao or trail if they collect five of the same type and bring them to the Fusion Machine. Evolved Chao/trails gives greater bonuses; five times that of an unevolved Chao/trail of the same type. Players can also increase the level of a Chao and trails by bringing them to the Upgrade Machine. Depending on the Chao/trail and level, leveling up a Chao/trail will cost Rings, Red Star Rings, or both.

There is also an in-game Shop where the player can buy extras using Robux. The purchases that can be made in this shop are divided into passes that grant permanent benefits to a player, such as more room inventory space, level/rebirth multipliers and negation of the level cap; Boosts that grant effects that last for thirty minutes, such as Ring and XP multipliers and Magnets; and bundles of varying amounts of Rings. In addition, the player can purchase Sonic-themed accessories and clothing (UGC) for their Roblox avatar in another shop. The UGC shop is available near the starting point in Green Hill, at the wooden stage between the totems.

Inside the large open Worlds, Sonic Speed Simulator features Time Trials. Completing Time Trials allows the player to obtain rewards based on their time, scoring with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Each world also has two NPCs in it which will provide the player with quests when interacted with, given all their quests have not been completed by the player. The first NPC gives the player quests relating to general objectives in the world, while the second NPC only gives quests relating to Time Trials. Both NPCs will provide the player with a variety of rewards for completing their quests, such as Rings, XP, Red Star Rings and Gate keys. Completing all the quests of the first NPC will award the player with a new character to play as, usually the giver of the quest.

To unlock new worlds, the player must collect 6 of the world's associated Gate keys, which can be acquired by completing Quests in the previous world. Collecting 6 keys will allow the player to unlock portals to the next world in progression.

There are also cyclical events in the game where the player can earn rewards, such as new characters and Chao and trails, by completing certain objectives or buy them with Robux. During the first, "Scavenger Hunt Event" for example, character card fragments would appear in certain worlds every now and then for five minutes. Collecting 100 cards unlocked "Sailor Tails" as a playable character.

The player can play on public servers with other Roblox users or create a private server for themselves and add people to it as their friends. The price of a private server is 99 Robux.


Button formation Movement
PC Mobile Xbox One
[↑]/[←]/[↓]/[→] // [W]/[A]/[S]/[D] Digital analog stick Left-Analog-Stick Move
[SPACE] Jump button A button Spin Jump
Spin Jump > [SPACE] Spin Jump > Jump button Spin Jump > A button Jump Dash
Spin Jump > [SPACE] near target Spin Jump > Jump button near target Spin Jump > A button near target Homing Attack
Left click Tap screen Interact
[SHIFT] Roll button X button Spin Dash
Hold [SHIFT] > release Hold Roll button > release Hold X button > release Spin Dash Charge
Spin Jump > hold [SHIFT] Spin Jump > hold Roll button Spin Jump > hold X button Drop Dash
Hold [E] Hold Boost button Hold Xbox RT2-1/Xbox LT3-1 Boost


The game, as of Reborn, has a quest feature, which has the main cast give the player missions, typically with some form of story. They can grant rewards and are directly tied to progression via the Gate Keys. Some limited time/persistent events also use the quest system.


After the player completes a major questline given by Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Nine, or Dodon Pa a new feature gets unlocked called Adventures. They are repeatable missions that can be redone every four hours, and are a primary way of obtaining quick XP, Rings, Red Star Rings, Boosts, and extra Spin Wheel spins.

Spin to Win[]

The Spin to Win Wheel is a feature that the player can use after certain requirements are fulfilled like completing a Obby/Race, Metal Madness or Tornado Assault in the original game, playing every four hours, completing Adventures, beating boss fights or simply paying Robux. The player can spin the wheel and you have a chance at getting one of many items including XP, Rings, Boosts, Chao, Trails and Characters.

After the 2.26 update, a Legendary Spin Wheel was added, which is much harder/more expensive to get spins for but offers higher quality rewards.

Daily Challenges (Legacy)[]

Previously, the player could get challenges every 24 hours by fulfilling certain requirements to get extra rewards. These would occasionally swap around (roughly every two weeks). However, following the 2.0 update, these were removed. The previous series of daily challenges are as follows:

This set of Daily Challenges lasted from 13 August 2022 to 21 September 2022. It had an unlockable Riders Tails skin.

  • Lightning Thunder Trail x1: Collect 500,000 Rings.
  • 10:00 Triple Experience: Rail Grind and/or Airtime for a total of 10 minutes using an Extreme Gear.
  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Use Bouncers 100 times.
  • Tails Chao x1: Jump into Sky Rings 150 times.
  • 10:00 Faster Sky Rings: Collect 10,000 Chaos Orbs.
  • Storage Upgrade +5: Destroy 300 Badniks.
  • Riders Tails: Win 10 Races.

This set of Daily Challenges lasted from 21 September 2022 to 5 October 2022. It had an unlockable Riders Rouge skin.

  • 10:00 Triple Experience: Pop 250 Balloons.
  • 10:00 Faster Sky Rings: Gain 500,000 XP.
  • Stealth Suit Chao x1: Beat Metal City Race 10 times.
  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Do 25 spins on Spin Wheels.
  • 10:00 Magnet: Collect 500,000 Rings.
  • Stealth Suit Chao x4: Enchant a Chao.
  • Riders Rouge: Play as Rouge for 20 minutes.

This set of Daily Challenges lasted from 5 October 2022 to 19 October 2022. It had an unlockable Fake Metal Tails skin.

  • Storage Upgrade +10: Use Bouncers 75 times.
  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Evolve two Pets.
  • Tails Blur Trail x1: Evolve two Trails.
  • Temptation Hoverboard: Complete the Metal Madness Race ten times.
  • 10:00 Magnet: Boost 100 times using the Temptation Hoverboard.
  • Storage Upgrade +10: Earn 15,000 points in Tornado Assault.
  • Fake Metal Tails: Play as Mechanic Tails for 20 minutes.

This set of Daily Challenges started on 19 October 2022 and ended on 9 November 2022. It had an unlockable Vampire Sonic skin.

  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Collect 1,000 Chaos Orbs.
  • Storage Upgrade +5: Buy 10 eggs from dispensers.
  • Silver Pumpkin Chao x2: Complete Metal City Race ten times.
  • Storage Upgrade +15: Complete 10 Player vs Player Races.
  • Silver Pumpkin Chao x3: Evolve two Trails.
  • 10:00 Faster Sky Rings: Destroy 40 Choppers in Green Reef.
  • Vampire Sonic: Jump through 250 sky hoops as Sonic.

This set of Daily Challenges started on 9 November 2022 and ended on 23 November 2022. It had an unlockable Classic Blue Star Hoverboard.

  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Collect 10,000 Chaos Orbs.
  • Storage Upgrade +5: Enchant 1 Pet.
  • Classic Red Rock Hoverboard: Rail Grind for 10 minutes.
  • Classic Sonic Blur Trail: Complete 20 Time Trails.
  • Storage Upgrade +5: Do 25 Spin Wheel spins.
  • 10:00 Faster Sky Rings: Evolve two Chao.
  • Classic Blue Star Hoverboard: Jump through 100 sky hoops using Extreme Gear in Metal City Skate Park.

This set of Daily Challenges started on 23 November 2022 and ended on 11 February 2023. It had an unlockable Classic Pink Rose Hoverboard.

  • Storage Upgrade +5: Use Bouncers 50 times
  • Earth Ninja Chao x1: Evolve 2 Trails.
  • 10:00 Triple Rings: Play as Big for 10 minutes.
  • Classic Yellow Tail Hoverboard: Collect 100,000 Rings.
  • Earth Ninja Chao x2: Use Hoverboard Boost 50 times.
  • Earth Ninja Chao x2: Finish 5 Player-vs-Player Races.
  • Classic Pink Rose Hoverboard: Finish Diamond Terminal Time Trials 10 times.

Daily Rewards (Reborn)[]

In the 2.23 update, the mechanic of Daily Rewards was added, being similar to the Daily Challenges of the past, but not requiring any task completion, and just logging in every twelve hours. They were occasionally updated. Sometimes, there were multiple weeks of rewards in one series. If the player finished all the sets currently in the game, it would repeat the most recent one. Any one time rewards like Skins or Mounts that the player already owns have to be skipped over.

This set of Daily Rewards was added on 29 July 2022 and ended on 19 August 2022. It had an unlockable Riders Cream skin and Smile Hoverboard.

  • 05.00 Triple XP Boost
  • Riders Cream
  • Fan Chao x1
  • 75 Red Star Rings.
  • 05.00 Triple Rings Boost
  • Fan Chao x1
  • Smile Hoverboard

This set of Daily Rewards was added on 19 August 2022. It had an unlockable Adventure Sonic skin and Blue Star Hoverboard.

Set 1'

  • 100 Red Star Rings
  • 05:00 Triple Rings Boost
  • 05:00 Triple XP Boost
  • Fan Chao x1
  • 100 Red Star Rings
  • 10:00 Triple Race Tickets Boost
  • Adventure Sonic

Set 2

  • 125 Red Star Rings
  • 10:00 Triple Race Tickets Boost
  • Fan Chao x1
  • 05:00 Triple Rings Boost
  • Fan Chao x1
  • 125 Red Star Rings
  • Blue Star Hoverboard

This set of Daily Rewards was added on 14 October 2023. It had an unlockable Angler Big skin and Advnenture Sonic skin.

  • 100,000 Rings
  • Angler Big
  • 50 Red Star Rings
  • 500,000 Rings
  • 10:00 Triple XP Boost
  • 100 Red Star Rings
  • Fan Chao x2
  • 10:00 Triple Rings Boost
  • 150 Red Star Rings
  • 5,000,000 Rings
  • Fan Chao x3
  • 10:00 Triple Race Tickets Boost
  • 200 Red Star Rings
  • Adventure Sonic

This set of Daily Rewards was added on 13 April 2024. It had an unlockable Riders Tails and Gold Style Omega skin.

  • 30:00 Magnet Boost
  • Riders Tails
  • 100 Red Star Rings
  • 200 Race Tickets
  • 30:00 Magnet Boost
  • 200 Race Tickets
  • 2x Fan Chao
  • 30:00 Triple XP Boost
  • 300 Red Star Rings
  • 30:00 Magnet Boost
  • 3x Fan Chao
  • 300 Race Tickets
  • 500 Red Star Rings
  • Gold Style Omega



Gimmicks and obstacles[]


Main article: Trail



  1. Green Hill (unlocked at start)
  2. Lost Valley (unlocked by collecting 6 Lost Valley Gate Keys)
  3. Emerald Hill (unlocked by collecting 6 Emerald Hill Gate Keys)
  4. New Yoke City (unlocked by collecting 6 New Yoke City Gate Keys)
  5. Hill Top (unlocked by collecting 3 Hill Top Gate Keys)
  6. Speed Jungle (unlocked by unlocking Blaze the Cat)
  7. No Place (unlocked by increasing team mastery to 25)
  8. Cyber Station (unlocked by increasing team mastery to 45)
  9. Metal City Skatepark (unlocked by increasing team mastery to 55)
  10. City Escape (unlocked by increasing team mastery to 65)


  1. Green Hill (unlocked at start)
  2. Lost Valley (unlocked by completing the Lost Valley Obby)
  3. Emerald Hill (unlocked by completing the Emerald Hill Obby)
  4. Snow Valley (unlocked by completing the Snow Valley Obby)
  5. Hill Top (unlocked by completing the Hill Top Obby)
  6. Chemical Plant (unlocked by completing at least 25 races)

* Currently inaccessible


Legacy Races[]

  • Green Hill Race (had a major redesign)
  • Lost Valley Race
  • Emerald Hill Race
  • Snow Valley Race (originally designed as Hill Top Obby)
  • Hill Top Race
  • Metal Madness Race (singleplayer race against Metal Sonic, Stardust Speedway)
  • Metal City Race (singleplayer race against Jet the Hawk)

Action Races (Reborn)[]

Drag Races (Reborn)[]

  • Green Hill Drag Race
  • Hill Top Drag Race
  • No Place Drag Race
  • Radical Highway Drag Race

Boss Fights (Reborn)[]

  • Emerald Hill Boss Fight (Hard Mode unlocked by increasing team mastery to 45)
  • Neo Metal Sonic Boss Fight (originally unlocked by completing Super Sonic Event Part 2)

Tag Arenas (Legacy)[]

Obbies (Legacy)[]

  • Green Hill Obby 1
  • Green Hill Obby 2
  • Green Hill Obby 3
  • Lost Valley Obby
  • Emerald Hill Obby
  • Emerald Hill Obby 1
  • Snow Valley Obby
  • Hill Top Obby
  • Synth City Obby


* Currently inaccessible


According to producer Brendan O'Brien, the game was developed for three months prior to its release.[3]

On 17 May 2022, it was announced by Gamefam that Nibroc.Rock had been brought onboard for Sonic Speed Simulator in order to further develop 3D models for the game.[4]


Sonic Speed Simulator was initially released as a paid beta, which was accessible through a payment of fifty Robux. Players who participated received a free Knuckles Chao pet.

Some updates are promoted with ads displayed on the Roblox website, alongside being promoted in Sonic Official livestreams and Sonic Central presentations.


Rather than producing an original soundtrack, Sonic Speed Simulator makes use of previous soundtracks from the Sonic series.

Area Music Game origin Music Note Location
Title Screen Mission 5: You're My Hero RMX Sonic Generations Default
Title Screen (Release Shadow Event) Episode Shadow Sonic Forces Lost Valley
Green Hill / Race (1.0 Green Hill, Snow Valley) Green Grove Zone Act 1 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) Default
Lost Valley "Lost Valley" Sonic Forces Default
Emerald Hill Green Grove Zone Act 2 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) Default
Snow Valley "Lost Palace: Lap Music" Team Sonic Racing Lost Valley
Hill Top (1.0) Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) Hill Top
Hill Top (2.0) "Fly Away" Sonic Runners Default
Chemical Plant "Work It Out" Sonic R Emerald Hill
New Yoke City "Eggmanland - Night" Sonic Unleashed Default
Speed Jungle "Speed Jungle Zone Act 1" Sonic Superstars Default
No Place "Pirates Island (Act1 & 2 Mix)" Sonic Rush Adventure Default
Drowning "Drowning" Sonic 3 & Knuckles N/A
Cyber Station "Cyber Station Zone Act 1" Sonic Superstars Cyber Station
Metal City Skate Park Main Menu (Un-Gravitify Electro Extended) Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Default
City Escape "Escape From The City - Funk RMX" (instrumental) Rock 'n' Sonic The Hedgehog: Sessions Default
Aerial Assault "Tornado Time" Sonic Lost World Hill Top
Green Reef "Tropical Coast (Zone 1)" Sonic Lost World Green Hill
Diamond Terminal Zone "Network Terminal - Interior" Sonic Forces New Yoke City
Pumpkin Hill "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" (instrumental) Sonic Adventure 2 N/A
Synth City Obby "Bingo Party: Lap Music" Team Sonic Racing Cyber Station
Race (Intermission) / Race World / Event (Android Anomoly/Hologram Havoc) Event: Strategy Sonic Adventure 2 Green Hill
Race (2.0 Green Hill / Emerald Hill) "Chasing Drive ...for Kart" Sonic Adventure 2 Emerald Hill
Race (Lost Valley/Hill Top) "Battle: Quick Race" Sonic Heroes Lost Valley
Race (Metal Madness) "Rival Battle: Metal Sonic" Sonic Generations Emerald Hill
Race (1.0 Metal City) "Fiery Passion" Sonic Runners Metal City Skatepark
Race (2.0 Metal City) "Theme of Metal City" Sonic Riders Metal City Skatepark
Race (City Escape) "Escape from the City" (instrumental) Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape
Race (Emerald Coast) "Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast" Sonic Adventure City Escape
Race (No Place) "Waterbike" Sonic Rush Adventure No Place
Race (Radical Highway) "Boss: Blue Falcon" Shadow the Hedgehog N/A
Time Trial (Pumpkin Hill) Special Stage Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) Speed Jungle
Time Trial (Diamond Terminal) "I'm a Spy ...for Security Hall" Sonic Adventure 2 Speed Jungle
Time Trial (2.0) / Cyberspace Tag "Cyberspace 1-2: Flowing" Sonic Frontiers Cyber Station
New Yoke Tag "Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II" Sonic Forces Cyber Station
Emerald Hill Boss Fight "Egg Mobile (Egg Hornet)" Sonic Adventure Beat Emerald Hill Boss Fight
Neo Metal Sonic Boss Fight "What I'm Made of..." Sonic Heroes Beat Neo Metal Boss Fight
Party Mode (Beach Party Event) "Theory Of Attack" Sonic Runners Green Hill
Event (Birthday Bash) Sonic World Sonic Jam N/A
Event (Halloween 2022) Hang Castle Sonic Heroes N/A
Event (Eggstra Foolish) "Spring Emotions" Sonic Runners N/A
Somewhere Else (April Fools 2024 Event) "Back in Time" Sonic R Speed Jungle

Music Player[]

In the 2.69 update, the Music Player was added, and has 42 tracks from across the series that can be played at any time, most being reused from prior content for the game, but a handful of new tracks were added. New music notes have periodically been made available.

Music Game origin Location/obtaining method
Eggmanland (Day) Sonic Unleashed New Yoke City
Enemy Territory (Westopolis Remix) Sonic Forces New Yoke City
Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Hill Top
BIG Fishes at Emerald Coast Sonic Adventure No Place
Coral Cave (Act 1 & 2 Mix) Sonic Rush Adventure No Place
"Tornado Scramble... for Sky Chase" Sonic Adventure Metal City Skatepark
"That's The Way I Like It... for Metal Harbour" Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape
"Aquatic Base ~Level 1~" Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) "Overpowered Silver Event"
"Soleanna New City" Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) "Overpowered Silver Event"
"Dreams of an Absolution" Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) "Overpowered Silver Event"
Ghost Town Sonic Forces Diamond Terminal
Boo's House Team Sonic Racing Diamond Terminal
Turbine Loop Team Sonic Racing Diamond Terminal


On 7 May 2022, several badges were added to Sonic Speed Simulator, with more badges being added in later updates. These are the badges for Sonic Speed Simulator:

Image Name Description Notes
Over Easy Collector You've opened your first egg.
The Hero's Journey You have a need. A need for speed... and your journey begins. You get this when you boot up the game for the first time.
Once Reborn You've rebirthed 1 time.
Runner of Lost Valley You've unlocked Lost Valley.
Runner of Emerald Hill You've unlocked Emerald Hill.
Runner of Snow Valley You've unlocked Snow Valley. Currently unobtainable.
Runner of Hill Top You've unlocked Hill Top.
New Contender You've won your first race.
Bring a Friend You've equipped your first Chao.
Making Your Own Trail You've equipped your first trail.
Trail Enhancer You've upgraded your first trail.
Trying Out a Different Look You've unlocked your first Character skin.
Hoop There It Is You've jumped through your first sky hoop.
Green Hill Thrill Seeker You've completed all Obbies in Green Hill. Currently unobtainable.
Anything You Can Do... You're so vain! You reset the bar for yourself by beating your best time at least once. Currently unobtainable as it only worked for Obbies.
Gold Trials of Green Hill You got the gold in all of Green Hill's time trials! Currently unobtainable despite Time Trials existing in Green Hill.
Gold Trials of Diamond Terminal You got the gold in all of Diamond Terminal's time trials! Currently unobtainable.
Sonic's RB Battles Challenge Earn this by completing the RB Battles obby in Sonic Speed Simulator! Part of a larger ROBLOX wide event. Currently unobtainable.
??? ??? Part of a larger ROBLOX wide event. Never was obtainable.
Sonic Prime Premiere SSS' Sonic Prime Event Watch to the credits of "Shattered" during the World Premiere of Sonic Prime. Currently unobtainable.
Code Breaker Eggman's ciphers were no match for you. Great job cracking the code! Enter PRJ_SONIC_SHOCK into the codes menu. The code was discovered via an ARG. and also gave the player 100 Red Star Rings. Currently unobtainable.
Completed The Hunt You completed the Hunt quest in Sonic Speed Simulator! Part of a larger ROBLOX wide event. Currently unobtainable.

Data Wipe[]

In February 2023, Sonic Speed Simulator was renamed to "Sonic Speed Simulator Reborn". In the opening and loading screens. In addition to the name change, all player data was completely wiped, with all players losing all their progress upon start after being greeted with an opening cutscene. Later, the name was reverted to normal, with all mentions of the Reborn name being wiped from the game, although it is still used in the Sonic Official livestreams.


SegaSonic Summer Sailor Tails

The SegaSonic Tails plush.

  • The "Sailor Tails" skin is a reference to an obscure SegaSonic brand Tails plush from 1994.
  • The name of the "Hoop There It Is" Badge is a reference to the song "Whoomp! (There It Is)" by Tag Team.
  • There is a reference to a shot of Green Hill Zone from the Sonic the Hedgehog film in a background view on one side of the Green Hill world map.
  • The pose Sonic makes on an alternate icon for the Master Chao update is very similar to a piece of artwork from the Sonic X anime series.
  • Sonic and Tails' rarity was originally legendary.
  • Some of the poses in the character select screen are references to other pieces of Sonic media:
  • Several Character renders are based on renders and artwork they have used in previous media.
  • Several character skins, artwork and animations are based on Sonic Channel and other assorted Sonic related media.
    • The "Chef Amy" skin is based on an outfit Amy wore in a piece of artwork from Sonic Channel.
    • The "Camper Knuckles" skin originates from the September 2016 Sonic Channel artwork.
    • One of the Halloween icons that features Vampire Sonic for the game is based on previous Halloween artwork from Sonic Channel.
    • Blaze's spawn-in pose is based off a piece of artwork from Sonic Channel.
    • One of Silver's idle animations is possibly a reference to a piece of artwork from Sonic Channel.
    • Blaze's maid outfit is a reference to her August Otherworld Comedy outfit, where she is a magical princess dressed as a maid to go undercover.
    • Blaze's 2024 Valentines Magical Girl outfit is based off of her February Otherworld Comedy outfit.
    • Holiday Cheer Sonic, Winter Cream, Holiday Cheer Blaze, Holiday Cheer Silver and Winter Shadow are all based on Sonic Channel artwork.
    • During the "Pixel Hunt" event, Amy was given a trick animation that references artwork created by Sonic channel for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity's 14th anniversary.
    • Easter Sonic, somewhat ironically, is based off Lunar New Years artwork from Sonic Channel in 2023.
    • The glasses of the updated Riders Amy skin received during the "Stormy Feathers" event are based off the glasses given to her in The RI Cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #69 by IDW Publishing.
    • Popstar Amy is based off her outfit of the same name that originated in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle/Sonic Dash.
      • Reaper Metal Sonic also originates from these two games.
    • Rockstar Shadow's outfit is based off his outfit used in Sonic Channel's Otherworld Comedy.
    • Summer Amy's outfit originates from Sonic X
      • The "Summer Sonic" skin is wearing the bracelet Amy gave Sonic in the episode "The Last Resort" from the Sonic X anime series. Also, the shirt he is wearing is the same one he is shown wearing in an old Joypolis plush, the glasses he wears are the same one Sonic wears on the ending screen of his story in Sonic Adventure, and the shoes he wears are the Light Speed Shoes from the same game.
      • Summer Cream's outfit also originates from Sonic X.
  • The Summer variants of the Babylon Rogues are based off their outfits from Sonic the Hedgehog: Endless Summer.
  • The sound of a player's jump, Homing Attack and Spin Dash depend on the era a character is from:
    • The classic characters have the sound effects based on the classic games, including the iconic jump sound. The sound of springs being used is also altered to use the classic sound effect.
    • Adventure style characters and Shadow and his variations have their sound effects taken from the Adventure games.
    • Characters introduced in the "modern" eras, such as Blaze, Silver and the modern interpretations of the main cast, have the current sound effects, as does any new character or reskin added who does not fit in with the adventure or classic series.
  • During the "Summer" Event, on the tables under the tent, there are cans of Chaos Cola and Chaos Soda on every table. Also, the tables on the outside of the tent are the same ones from the ending screen of Sonic Adventure.
  • During the "Enchanting" update, Metal Sonic was seen floating on top of the tent.
  • The icon for the "Metal Madness" Event is a reference to cover A of Sonic the Hedgehog #12 from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.
  • During the "Birthday Bash Event!", under the bridge in Green Hill, there is a secret message that reads "Santiago is GONE..." This is a reference to a popular joke among fans that the Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces is not the same character as the Classic Sonic in the Sega Mega Drive games, and is instead a villainous character named "Santiago". Under this there is a picture of glasses that look very similar to glasses that the character Kamina wears from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This was later removed.
  • On the side of the Chemical Plant portal in Green Hill, there is a piece of artwork of Dr. Eggman from Sonic Colors. This image could also be seen on the wall above and to the back of it, by the Lost Valley portal, and on the side of a rock by the waterfall. These were later removed.
  • The "Mechanic Tails" skin is based on a similar outfit that Tails wore in IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog #42.
  • The icon for the "Fly Event" is based on the first poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film.
  • The "Aviator Tails" skin is inspired by the goggles he wore during Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.
  • The sphere that Froggy and Pocky are in when equipped is inspired by the spheres surrounding animals in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Classic Tails being frozen in time during the "Save Classic Tails" Event is a reference to characters being frozen in time in Sonic Generations.
  • The "Angler Big" skin wears the Life Belt, originating from Sonic Adventure. His celebratory animation also originates from Sonic Adventure, when he catches Froggy. This life belt also allows him to float in water-filled worlds such as No Place.
  • Lost Valley was originally named Sandy Hill.
  • When Classic Sonic is chosen as the playable character, he enters the stage mimicking the pose he performs at the end of the ending cutscene of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • In Metal City Skatepark, if one is fast enough to get on top of the giant Riders Tower, they can find Froggy on top.
  • On the bottom of Summer Sonic's shoes, it says "Sonic Adventure" in cursive.
  • RobloxScreenShot20240526 183030504

    A golden Sonic statue in Green Hill.

    In Legacy, throughout the game, there were several golden Sonic statues that the player could find, these appeared in Green Hill, Pumpkin Hill, Green Hill Race and Emerald Hill race, the latter of which is holding a chili dog. The Green Hill statue was later moved to the middle of the spawn location in the Sonic Speed Simulator: Reborn update.
  • Android Shadow's pose on the artwork for his event is based on a pose from a piece of Shadow Android fan artwork by DeviantArt user "ShadowLifeman".[5]
  • Two of Grind Shoe Sonic's idle animations are references to Sonic's idle animations from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • One of Shadow's idle animations has him re-align his spines while hanging his head down slightly. This is a recreation of one of Shadow's idle animations from Sonic Heroes.
  • Tails' idle animation is based on one of his idle animations for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Racesuit Sonic and Racesuit Shadow's artwork and idle animations are references to the box artwork for Sonic Adventure 2.
  • The symbol on Ninja Espio's headband is based on the symbol of the Shinobi Clan from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics series published by Archie Comics.
  • Blaze has an idle animation that is similar to one she had in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), albeit the fact it has been extended.
  • Blaze does not use the traditional Spin Jump or Spin Dash, instead her Spin Jump is based off the Axel Jump and her Spin Dash alterative is the Spinning Claw.
    • Blaze's charging animation for the Spinning Claw appears identical to the one used for her Burst Dash in Sonic Rush.
  • Silver's spawn-in pose is based off his render for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Several of Silver's animations and stances reference previous games and media:
    • Silver's idle stand, and his normal run, fall, and boost animations are all based off animations he had in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
      • The Boost animation is based off off the animation used for the Teleport Dash.
      • His normal run animation is based on the clenched fist jog Silver uses in his debut game.
    • The idle animation of Silver fixing his gloves is based off an idle animation he's had across several games such as Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The one in Sonic Speed Simulator seems based on his Sonic Generations version as he places his hand on his hip as he returns to idle, like he does in that game.
  • During his story quest, one of Silver's lines is "We don't have the luxury of time." - possibly an allusion to his line "Despair is a luxury we don't have." from Sonic Forces.
    • In a similar vein, Silver telling the player to never give up harkens back to his End of the World quote - "I'll never give up, lets go!" - from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • The first icon used for the "Super Sonic" event is a direct reference to the Super Sonic transformation sequence from Sonic Rush.
  • Super Sonic features an idle animation where he crosses his arms over his chest, similarly to both his pose before he fights Giganto and Super Sonic 2's Grand Slam animation from Sonic Frontiers.
    • His other idle animation is also a reference to an idle animation Super Sonic has in Sonic Mania.
  • Super Sonic also features the unique ability to fly with his boost. This is true of the other "Super" types in the game; Neo Metal Sonic and ESP Silver.
    • He is also the first 'Super' rarity character in the game.
    • He is also impervious to knockback from low-level Badniks and can destroy them by running into them, like the hoverboards.
  • Super Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, the Roblox avatar with Series Knuckles's hat, and ESP Silver can parry attacks from enemies.
  • When unlocking Super Sonic, he will tell the player, "It's time to take out the trash... SUPER SONIC STYLE!" A direct reference to his line, "It's time to scramble some Eggmen... SUPER SONIC STYLE!" from Sonic Generations.
  • This is the first game in which the player can actually fight Neo Metal Sonic, as only his Metal Madness form is fought in Sonic Heroes.
    • It is also only the second Sonic game where he is actively featured, having previously only been mentioned or cameoed in both Sonic Rivals and Sonic Frontiers, outside his debut in Sonic Heroes, previously.
  • Both Racesuit Omega and Gold Style Silver are based on versions of their cars from Team Sonic Racing.
    • Omega's is based on concept artwork of the Cross Dozer, which can be achieved in game through Performance Parts.
    • Silver's is based on the golden versions of the Lightron, unlocked through Performance Parts.
  • Blaze and Silver are the first characters who did not appear in Sonic Adventure 2 to have both a Fast Friend and Chao based on them. Both the Blaze Chao and Toy Robot Silver were released at the same time.

Silver flapping his back quills due to using Rouge's idle animations.

  • In the race shop display podium, for the first week of his addition, Racesuit Silver had Rouge's idle animations. This was fixed in the update the following weekend.
    • Due to this fact, since Silver doesn't have wings like Rouge, his back quills humorously flap instead.
  • Racesuit Blaze's Original outfit did not match her race shop render. It featured a two piece race outfit with Blaze's name embroided on the front. This was fixed shortly thereafter to match her race shop render.
  • Despite the fact that the event was called "Steampunk Hedgehogs:, Sonic was the only hegdehog to feature in the event (with Knuckles being an echidna). It is unknown if this is due to the fact that there is a Steampunk-style Shadow, known as "Clockwork Shadow", who was unreleased at the time, or whether it was a mistake.
    • Clockwork Shadow did later get added to the game but in his own event, known as "Grinding Gears".
  • Mummy Espio, Ninja Espio, Flame Shadow, Racesuit Silver and Circuit Metal Sonic are all based on outfits that appeared in Sonic Rivals 2.
    • While Sonic is given the Zebra outfit in this game, the Zebra and Cheetah outfits given to Zebra Sonic and Cheetah Shadow are based on Sonic and Tails' matching Cheetah Sonic and Zebra Tails outfits from Rivals 2.
  • When asked about the potential similarities between Royal King Shadow and King Shadow from the Archie Comics series, one of the lead designers for the game, Strike, denied any intentional connections due to both "legal issues and creative design choices".
    • Due to the same reasons, Archie comic characters and designs are unlikely to be used.
  • ESP Silver's spawn in pose is based on his concept artwork.
    • His parry animation appears to use part of the release animation of the Grab All ability.
    • Summer Silver features the PK mark on his shirt, which was last seen in its debut game in 2006.
  • ESP Silver's event directly mentions the War to Take Back the Planet. His story also implies the fact he is from the Solaris incident timeline, like he was in Sonic Runners.
  • If a player wins a character that they already have from the spin wheel, it will still announce in chat that they unlocked said character, even if they actually received the XP, Ring and Race Ticket boosts that are given as a replacement prize for such an event.
  • The banner for when a challenger appears in a race will block any UI elements below it from being interacted with until it disappears.
  • Racesuit Metal Sonic's design bears some resemblance to Neo Metal Sonic.
  • If a player's Race Ticket Boost runs out before they receive their tickets, it will not take effect, even if it is still active by the time they finish the race.
  • When the pop-up text about magnets in Auto-Run mode is clicked on, it switches to different text as it disappears. This text reads: "Did you see this at runtime ? WHY !? I was shure you would not !"
  • This is the first time Neo Metal Sonic and Gemerl have been playable characters in a Sonic game.


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