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The fastest game in Roblox history.

— Tagline[3]

Sonic Speed Simulator[1] is a multiplayer online game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Gamefam Studios and licensed by Sega. It is freely available as an experience on the Roblox platform. It was initially released on 30 March 2022 as a paid beta, and then later released publicly for free on 16 April 2022.[2] The game is actively updated, with special updates being regularly released after milestones are reached—usually involving a set number of likes.[3]


Sonic grinding down a Grind Rail in Green Hill, the first world in the game.

Sonic Speed Simulator is a 3D, third-person platformer game that features open worlds and multiple playable characters. The player's Roblox avatar is unlocked by default, while the other characters, such as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, can be unlocked through cards found in all the worlds. In a similar vein to Sonic Adventure 2, the playable characters possess a plethora of moves such as the Spin Jump, Spin Attack (referred to as the "Spin Dash"), Spin Dash (referred to as the "Spin Dash Charge"), Jump Dash, and Homing Attack, with the noticeable absence of the Boost.

The game is about traversing open worlds at high speed while, in a similar fashion to other simulator games found on Roblox, continually upgrading the player character's abilities. Unique to this game, the player can find multicolored Chaos Orbs scattered around the world which gradually increase their Experience Points (XP) when collected. The playable character also gains one XP for each step they take or through purchases from in-game shops. Sky Rings, also unique to the game, grant large amounts of XP when traveled through. Gathering enough XP will increase the player's level, increasing the following parameters:

  • Speed: Determines the playable character's maximum speed. Speed starts out low but can get exponentially higher as a player progresses with the game. At higher speeds, players can go through loops, launch themselves from slopes, and run along walls. Speed also affects a player's Spin Dash and Homing Attacks. There is a meter at the bottom left corner of the screen that displays a player's speed in MPH.
  • Power: Determines the playable character's jumping height. Power can reach a maximum of 100. It helps the player reach Sky Rings or higher parts of worlds. A high Speed and Power parameter, combined with a well-timed Spin Dash on a slope, will let a player reach notable heights.

When leveling up, the maximum XP cap increases by a bit for the next level and a small text portion will be appearing on the HUD that tells of the player's exact parameter values, before scrolling up and off the screen. The latter feature can be disabled in the settings. Furthermore, both Speed and Power can be manually lowered in the settings menu. This changes the respective parameter by the set percentage; it does not mimic any previous Level's statistics.

After reaching a high enough level, the player can choose to "Rebirth", which removes their speed and levels, but grants them a large amount of Rings, an increase in maximum level before the next rebirth, and an XP multiplier to help level up faster. Levels also serve as prerequisites for unlocking new worlds. Rings can also be found throughout the worlds or obtained through other means, and are used at vending machines to purchase random cosmetic items like trails or pets that provide upgradable benefits to the player, such as increased Rings rewarded per Ring pickup and increased XP per Chaos Orb pickup.

Falling into the aforementioned pets category are Chao. The player can both buy Chao from vending machines or earn them during certain events after meeting specific conditions. There are several types of Chao in the game, each with different attributes. These include the classification of their rarity when obtained from vending machines, which range between "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", "Epic", "Legendary", "Chaos" and "Exotic", as well as the benefits they grant when equipped, which involving boosting the amount of XPs and Rings earned when the corresponding item is collected. The player can equip the playable character with three of any Chao. Also, while equipped to the playable character, the Chao will gain XPs, which will increase their respective levels and improve the benefits they grant. The player can carry up to forty Chao by default (a trait shared with trails), although that limit can be expanded through in-game purchases. In addition, the player can evolve a Chao if they collect five of the same type. Evolved Chao gives greater bonuses; five times that of an unevolved Chao of the same type. The player can as well grant their Chao one of seven different buffs to their stats at Enchantment Shrines for a sum of one million Rings; strength boosts for boosting the player's power stat; speed boosts for boosting the player's speed stat; Ring pickup boost for increasing Rings gained; XP boosts for increasing Experience Points gained; magnet boosts for increasing item attraction; luck boosts for increasing chances of purchasing rare items from vending machines; and event boosts for increasing event items gained. These buffs also come in five different tiers; the higher the tier, the better the buff. However, Chao can only have one buff at a time. However, the player can re-enchant a Chao any number of times to give it different buffs.

Additionally, Races and other events periodically take place in the game. These allow the player to compete with other players in the game, and grant them varying rewards depending on which place they finish in.

There is also an in-game Shop where the player can buy extras using Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. The purchases that can be made in this shop are divided into passes that grant permanent benefits to a player, such as more room inventory space, level/rebirth multipliers and negation of the level cap; Boosts that grant effects that last for thirty minutes, such as Ring and XP multipliers and Magnets; and bundles of varying amounts of Rings. In addition, the player can purchase Sonic-themed accessories and clothing (UGC) for their Roblox avatar in another shop. The UGC shop is available near the starting point in Green Hill, at the wooden stage between the totems.

In return for playing the game for certain periods of time, the player can also obtain free rewards from Chests opened in the Redeem section, accessible on the right side of the screen. Contents include Rings and Boosts that are normally only available in the Shop. Players subscribed to Roblox Premium, the paid membership of Roblox, receive double the rewards.

Besides large open Worlds, Sonic Speed Simulator features obstacle courses (referred to as "Obbies"). Completing special Obbies allows the player to obtain additional Rings and unlock new Zones, depending on which Zone that Obby is based on - for example, clearing the "Lost Valley" Obby will grant the player access to the eponymous world.

There are also cyclical events in the game where the player can earn rewards, such as new characters and Chao and trails, by completing certain objectives or buy them with Robux. During the first, "Scavenger Hunt Event" for example, character card fragments would appear in certain worlds every now and then for five minutes. Collecting 100 cards unlocked "Sailor Tails" as a playable character.

The player can play on public servers with other Roblox users or create a private server for themselves and add people to it as their friends. The price of a private server is 99 Robux.


Button formation Movement
PC Mobile Xbox One
[↑]/[←]/[↓]/[→] // [W]/[A]/[S]/[D] Digital analog stick Left analog stick Move
[SPACE] Jump button A button.png Spin Jump
Spin Jump > [SPACE] Spin Jump > Jump button Spin Jump > A button.png Jump Dash
Spin Jump > [SPACE] near target Spin Jump > Jump button near target Spin Jump > A button.png near target Homing Attack
Left click Tap screen Interact
[E]/[SHIFT] Roll button X button.png Spin Dash
Hold [E]/[SHIFT] > release [E]/[SHIFT] Hold Roll button > release Roll button Hold X button.png > release X button.png Spin Dash Charge



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Character Unlocking requirement Rarity
Adventure Knuckles
  • Collect 250,000 fireworks during "Firework Festival"
  • Purchase for 999 Robux during "Firework Festival"
Newer Amy Icon.png
Amy Rose
  • Collect 5,000 pink crystals during "Save Amy Event"
  • Purchase for 599 Robux during "Save Amy Event"
  • Purchase for 799 Robux in Green Hill
Birthday King Sonic
  • Collect 150,000 Gifts during the "Birthday Bash Event!"
  • Purchase for 699 Robux during "Birthday Bash Event!"
Classic Sonic
  • Collect 250,000 Gifts during the "Birthday Bash Event!"
  • Purchase for 999 Robux during "Birthday Bash Event!"
Chef Amy Icon.png
Chef Amy
  • Collect 3,000 chili dogs during "Beach Party Event"
  • Purchase for 599 Robux during "Beach Party Event"
Knuckles Icon.png
Knuckles the Echidna
  • Find Knuckles' card in Emerald Hill
  • Purchase for 399 Robux in Green Hill
SSS Metal Sonic Icon.png
Metal Sonic
  • Complete all three event tasks during "Metal Madness Event"
  • Purchase for 999 Robux during "Metal Madness Event"
Tails Icon.png
Miles "Tails" Prower
Find Tails' card in Lost Valley Rare
Riders Sonic Icon.png
Riders Sonic
Redeem the code "RIDERS" in the Shop

Code Expired

Avatar Icon.png
Roblox avatar
Default Common
Sailor Tails Icon.png
Sailor Tails
Sonic Icon.png
Sonic the Hedgehog
Find Sonic's card in Green Hill Rare
Stealth Suit Sonic
Collect 100 Data Disks during the "Chemical Plant Event" Epic
Summer Amy
  • Collect 150,000 fireworks during "Firework Festival"
  • Purchase for 699 Robux during "Firework Festival"
Summer Sonic Icon.png
Summer Sonic
  • Collect 7500 chili dogs during "Beach Party Event"
  • Purchase for 799 Robux during "Beach Party Event"
SSS-Treasure Hunter Knuckles Icon.png
Treasure Hunter Knuckles
  • Complete all three event tasks during "Treasure Hunt Event"
  • Purchase for 499 Robux during "Treasure Hunt Event"
  • Purchase for 399 Robux during "Chemical Plant Event"

Non-playable characters


  1. Green Hill
  2. Lost Valley (unlocked at level 25)
  3. Emerald Hill (unlocked at 1 rebirth)
  4. Snow Valley (unlocked at 5 rebirths)
  5. Hill Top (unlocked at 10 rebirths)
  6. Chemical Plant (unlocked at 25 races)



According to producer Brendan O'Brien, the game was developed for three months prior to its release.[4]

On 17 May 2022, it was announced by Gamefam Studios that Nibroc.Rock had been brought onboard for Sonic Speed Simulator in order to further develop 3D models for the game.[5]


Sonic Speed Simulator was initially released as a paid beta, which was accessible through a payment of fifty Robux. Players who participated received a free Knuckles Chao pet.

Some updates are promoted with ads displayed on the Roblox website.


Rather than producing an original soundtrack, Sonic Speed Simulator makes use of previous soundtracks from the Sonic series.

Area Music Game origin
Title Screen Title Theme Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)
Green Hill Green Grove Zone Act 1 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)
Green Hill (Birthday Event) Sonic World Sonic Jam
Lost Valley "Lost Valley" Sonic Forces
Emerald Hill Green Grove Zone Act 2 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)
Snow Valley "Lost Palace: Lap Music" Team Sonic Racing
Hill Top Rusty Ruins Zone Act 2 Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)
Chemical Plant "Work It Out" Sonic R
Race (Green Hill) "Chasing Drive ...for Kart" Sonic Adventure 2
Race (Lost Valley) "Battle: Quick Race " Sonic Heroes
Party Mode (Beach Party Event) "Theory Of Attack" Sonic Runners
Metal Madness "Rival Battle: Metal Sonic" Sonic Generations


On 7 May 2022, badges, which serve as the equivalent to achievements, were added to Sonic Speed Simulator. These are the badges for Sonic Speed Simulator:

Image Name Description
Over Easy Collector You've opened your first egg.
The Hero's Journey You have a need. A need for speed...and your journey begins.
Once Reborn You've rebirthed 1 time.
Runner of Lost Valley You've unlocked Lost Valley.
Runner of Emerald Hill You've unlocked Emerald Hill.
Runner of Snow Valley You've unlocked Snow Valley.
Runner of Hill Top You've unlocked Hill Top.
New Contender You've won your first race.
Bring a Friend You've equipped your first Chao.
Making Your Own Trail You've equipped your first trail.
Trail Enhancer You've upgraded your first trail.
Trying Out a Different Look You've unlocked your first Character skin.
Hoop There It Is You've jumped through your first sky hoop.
Green Hill Thrill Seeker You've completed all Obbies in Green Hill.
Anything You Can Do... You're so vain! You reset the bar for yourself by beating your best time at least once.

Update history

  • Version X.X.X - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 0.4.1 (2 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Erased player data.
    • Overhauled player progression stats.
    • Changed world transition Obbies to work instantaneously.
    • Added new pet models.
    • Changed the way the follow camera works on mobile.
    • Reduced the amount of drag when the player goes uphill.
    • Added Dive to the GitHub repo.
    • Added more Dive events.
    • Removed trail stats to get a better gauge on XP/Ring progression.
    • Increased the amount of orbs that spawn in Lost Valley.
    • Added a debounce to the "Level Up" pop-up to fix lag at high rebirth counts.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the game from adding multiple race maps.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the race popup from showing for 60 seconds on join.
    • Fixed orbs de-spawning in front of the player when they change worlds.
  • Version 0.5.0 (4 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Erased player data.
    • Added XP functionality to vending machines.
    • Completely rewrote vending machine UI and added all base functionality.
    • Added Ring rewards for rebirths.
    • Added confirmation prompt functionality to Ring vaults.
    • Added inventory capacity for trails and pets.
    • Added functionality for world currencies to spawn in races.
    • Added settings for Speed percent and Power percent.
    • The player can maintain base speed when rolling.
    • Added vending machine data.
    • Added trails
    • Improved tablet control sizing and positions.
    • Divided collision into multiple steps at high speeds.
    • Made the "Max Level!" notification reappear every once in a while when the player is picking up XP and added a setting to disable it
    • Added XP to the level bar and added "Max Level! Rebirth Now!" when the player reach the maximum.
    • Display stat increases on the level up UI.
    • Added visuals to Legendary/Ultra Chaos Orbs to make them stand out.
    • Added world names for where the player is going in Obbies.
    • Added Omochao as a helper NPC.
    • Added Omochao animation to race starts.
    • Speed bar now shows forward speed instead of overall speed.
    • Added popup telling the player when their pets/trails level up.
    • Moved the menu buttons a little up to be above the iPhone menu bar.
    • Clicking an active menu button closes that screen.
    • Optimizes the creation/removal of character inventory slots.
    • Fixed some scrolling frame issues.
    • Fixed the global leaderboards from not being scrollable.
  • Version 0.6.1 (6 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Added a spawn effect for Sonic and Tails.
    • Added evolution to pets and trails.
    • Added a delete button to pet and trails.
    • Added stat bonuses to pets and trails.
    • Added particles and images to Giant Rings.
    • Added images to world unlocking notifications.
    • Added images for teleport prompts.
    • Added a setting to disable teleport prompts.
    • Added new Omochao help text/animation.
    • Fixed some incorrect data on vending machines.
  • Version x (15 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Added Knuckles Chao for beta testers.
    • Unfinished maps were removed from the map to boost game performance.
  • Version 1.0 (17 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Paid access removed.
    • Switched Sonic and Tails card locations.
  • Version 1.1 (24 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Added Knuckles and Riders Sonic.
    • Added redeemable codes.
    • New Ring vault at the starting point in Green Hill.
    • Added free gifts.
    • Added a new race course.
    • Added a limited time Mega Chao.
    • Green Hill Obbies now record the player's best time.
    • Added a new Sky Ring boost in the Shop.
  • Version 1.2 (30 April 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 1.3 (7 May 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Added Hill Top.
    • Added new Chao and trails.
    • Reworked most Chao and trail stats
    • Added a limited time Tundra Chao.
    • Added a limited time Berry Chao.
    • Added five additional UGC items.
    • Added fifteen Roblox Badges to the game.
    • A new popup now appears, prompting the player to buy more Rings if they do not have enough Rings to buy something.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.4 (14 May 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Introduced "Save Amy Event", with three unlockable Chao and Amy Rose.
    • Added a limited time Cherry Tea Chao.
    • Added a limited time Lemon Lime Chao.
    • Reduced the amount of Rings on Green Hill's bridges.
    • Area's are no longer on one single map and are streamed in when needed, improving performance.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.5 (21 May 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 1.6 (28 May 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Introduced "Chemical Plant" event, with Chemical Plant and Stealth Suit Sonic.
    • Removed "Treasure Hunt Event".
    • Added Knuckles and Sailor Tails as purchasable exclusive characters for Robux.
    • Added a limited time Swap Chao.
    • Added three new Gamepasses.
    • Added a new vending machine in Hill Top.
    • Worlds are now cached and do not unload as soon as the player leaves them.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.7 (4 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Added a limited time Star Chao.
    • Added new redeem code for Bloxian Chao.
    • Added FriendDex.
    • Added Enchantment Shrine areas.
    • Added new vending machines in Green Hill and Chemical Plant.
    • Added sixteen new Chao and eight new trails.
    • Moved vending machines in Hill Top to the world's starting point.
    • Modified statistics for certain Chao.
    • Replaced Knuckles and Sailor Tails with Amy as purchasable exclusive characters for Robux
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.8 (11 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Introduced "Beach Party Event" with a new Beach Chao and two characters: Chef Amy and Summer Sonic.
    • Added a limited time Tropical Chao.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.8.1 (15 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Enabled Enchantment Shrines.
    • Moved Metal Sonic to above the Party Tent in Green Hill.
    • Added Metal Madness Event entrance with a timer to unlock in Green Hill.
    • Added a hidden golden Sonic Statue in Green Hill.
  • Version 1.9 (18 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 1.9.1 (20 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Performance fixes for Metal Madness.
    • Removed falling platforms to make start easier.
    • Metal Madness map optimizations.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 1.9.2 (23 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 1.10 (25 June 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
  • Version 1.11 (2 July 2022) - The update brought the following changes:
    • Introduced "Firework Festival Event", with unlockable Summer Amy and Adventure Knuckles skins and two new Chao: Neon Red Chao and Strawberry Scoop Chao.
    • New Spin Wheel rewards.
    • Fireworks booth appears at the starting point of Green Hill.
    • Every twentieth minute during the "Firework Festival Event", there is a "Firework Show" in Green Hill.


The SegaSonic Tails plush.

  • The Sailor Tails skin is a reference to a SegaSonic brand Tails plush from 1994.
  • The name of the "Hoop There It Is" Badge is a reference to the song "Whoomp! (There It Is)" by Tag Team.
  • There is a reference to a shot of Green Hill Zone from the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film in a background view on one side of the Green Hill world map.
  • The pose Sonic makes on an alternate icon for the Master Chao update is very similar to a piece of artwork from Sonic X.
  • Sonic and Tails' rarity was originally legendary.
  • The "Chef Amy" skin is based on an outfit Amy wore in a piece of artwork from Sonic Channel.
  • The "Summer Sonic" skin is wearing the bracelet Amy gave Sonic in the episode "The Last Resort" from the Sonic X anime series. Also, the shirt he is wearing is the same one he is shown wearing in an old Joypolis plush, the glasses he wears are the same one Sonic wears on the ending screen of his story in Sonic Adventure and the shoes he wears are the Light Speed Shoes from the same game.
  • During the Summer Event, on the tables under the tent, there are cans of Chaos Cola and Chaos Soda on every table. Also, the tables on the outside of the tent are the same ones from the ending screen of Sonic Adventure.
  • During the Enchanting update, Metal Sonic is seen floating on top of the Tent.
  • The icon for the Metal Madness Event is a reference to cover A of Sonic the Hedgehog #12 from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series published by IDW Publishing.
  • During the "Birthday Bash Event!", under the bridge in Green Hill, there is a secret message that reads "Santiago is GONE..." This is a reference to a popular joke among fans that the Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces is not the same character as the Classic Sonic in the Sega Mega Drive games, and is instead a character named "Santiago". Under this there is a picture of glasses that look very similar to glasses that the character Kamina wears from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This was later removed.
  • On the side of the Chemical Plant portal in Green Hill, there is a piece of artwork of Dr. Eggman from Sonic Colors'. This image could also be seen on the wall above and to the back of it, by the Lost Valley portal, and on the side of a rock by the waterfall. These were later removed.

The text in Hill Top during the Birthday event.

  • During the Birthday event, there was text in Hill Top that reads, "Sega does what Nintendon't." on the back of a rock, this is a reference to a slogan Sega used to promote the Sega Mega Drive. This was later removed.


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