Sonic Select is a ten-volume series of graphic novels published by Archie Comics. The Sonic Select series features reprints of stories from the Sonic Super Special comic book series, Sonic Specials issues, spin-off miniseries issues, and, most recently, selected stories from certain issues in the Sonic the Hedgehog main comic book series. They are 128 pages long and are printed on 6 x 9 inch high-grade paper.

From Sonic Select Book 3 and onward, the covers on the books in the series has been printed on a glossy material, similar to the first editions of the first two volumes of Sonic Archives.

List of books


  • All the book covers in the Sonic Select series have been drawn by Patrick Spaziante.
  • Unlike the Sonic Archives, the cover for the Selects are all drawn in the modern day Japanese "Sonic Channel" style, even in the earlier volumes when the printed stories where from the classic era.
  • When one compares the remastered art to the original source, many changes can be seen at a second glance. For example, Sonic's eyelids are now colored blue/indigo instead of the color of his muzzle, similar to his recent design. Shading is more prominent and noticeable. Various small or nearly unnoticeable changes also coexist to uplift the quality.
  • Each of the books following Book 5 runs on a certain theme. Book 6 focused on the Death Egg, Book 7 focused on Princess Sally, Book 8 focused on Tails (or more specifically, his "Chosen One" storyline), Book 9 focuses more on video game-based events and Book 10 on Sonic being controlled by various adversaries as well as the changes to the Freedom Fighters following the reboot.


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