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Sonic Says title card.

The Sonic Says (misspelled as Sonic Sez by Tails) segments are always seen at the end of an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV episode. The purpose of Sonic Says is to teach kids about various things, from "don't use a gun" to "paying attention" to "staying in school".

After the unaired pilot, these segments always start out with Tails painting "Sonic Sez" on a big orange sign with blue paint. Then Sonic pops out from a hole in the center of the sign, looks at the spelling, angrily grabs the brush from Tails' hand and corrects the misspelled "Sez" to "Says". After that, he gives the audience a thumbs up.

In the game Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, there are tips given to players about racing, controls, or some humor during the loading times. It is the only game that gives tribute to Sonic Says.

Episodes and segments

Episode number Original airdate Episode name

Sonic Says segment

N/A Unaired (released March 4, 2009)[1] Full Pilot Episode Crossing the street
1 September 6, 1993 "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Calling 911 (emergency services)
2 September 7, 1993 "Subterranean Sonic" Sharing
3 September 8, 1993 "Lovesick Sonic" Sexual harassment
4 September 9, 1993 "Slowwww Going" Everyone has something special to offer
5 September 10, 1993 "High Stakes Sonic" Dares
6 September 13, 1993 "Sonic Breakout" Graffiti
7 September 14, 1993 "Trail of the Missing Tails" Remembering your phone number
8 September 15, 1993 "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" Sunburn
9 September 16, 1993 "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" Trees
10 September 17, 1993 "Big Daddy" Going out
11 September 20, 1993 "Sonic's Song" Hearing
12 September 21, 1993 "Birth of a Salesman" False advertising
13 September 22, 1993 "Best Hedgehog" Reading
14 September 23, 1993 "The Robotnik Express" Strangers
15 September 24, 1993 "Too Tall Tails" Healthy diets
16 September 27, 1993 "Tails' New Home" Running away from home
17 September 28, 1993 "Over the Hill Hero" Elders
18 September 29, 1993 "Blank-Headed Eagle" Wearing a seatbelt
19 September 30, 1993 "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" Stealing
20 October 1, 1993 "So Long Sucker" Pets
21 October 4, 1993 "Sonic Gets Thrashed" Rubbish
22 October 5, 1993 "Pseudo Sonic" Poison ivy
23 October 6, 1993 "Grounder the Genius" Using your brain
24 October 7, 1993 "Tails in Charge" Opening your door to strangers
25 October 8, 1993 "Sno Problem" Bicycle safety check
26 October 11, 1993 "Submerged Sonic" Shallow water
27 October 12, 1993 "Boogey-Mania" Sleep
28 October 13, 1993 "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" Tumble dryers
29 October 14, 1993 "Robotnik, Jr." Peer pressure
30 October 15, 1993 "Full Tilt Tails" Smoking
31 October 18, 1993 "Mac-Hopper" Currents and riptides
32 October 19, 1993 "Momma Robotnik Returns" Obeying the law
33 October 20, 1993 "Spaceman Sonic" Colds
34 October 21, 1993 "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" Medicine
35 October 22, 1993 "The Last Resort" Walking alone
36 October 25, 1993 "Robotnik's Rival" Cheating
37 October 26, 1993 "The Magic Hassle" Money
38 October 27, 1993 "Sonic the Matchmaker" Playground safety
39 October 28, 1993 "Tails Prevails" Boredom
40 October 29, 1993 "Zoobotnik" Wild animals
41 November 1, 1993 "Attack on the Pinball Fortress" Stupidity
42 November 2, 1993 "Mass Transit Trouble" Bicycle safety rules
43 November 3, 1993 "Coachnik" Warming up before exercise
44 November 4, 1993 "Untouchable Sonic" Gangs
45 November 5, 1993 "Super Robotnik" Chemicals
46 November 8, 1993 "Robolympics" Being active
47 November 9, 1993 "Magnificent Sonic" Guns
48 November 10, 1993 "Black Bot the Pirate" Caution with sharp objects
49 November 11, 1993 "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" Swimming alone
50 November 12, 1993 "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" Skateboard safety
51 November 15, 1993 "Prehistoric Sonic" Electrical appliance safety
52 November 16, 1993 "Baby-Sitter Jitters" Babysitting
53 November 17, 1993 "Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog" Recycling
54 November 18, 1993 "Robotnikland" Cooking
55 November 19, 1993 "The Mobius 5000" Car safety
56 November 22, 1993 "The Little Merhog" Matches
57 November 23, 1993 "Road Hog" Calling for help
58 November 24, 1993 "The Robots' Robot" Fire
59 November 25, 1993 "Tails' Tale" Computers
60 November 26, 1993 "Hero of the Year" Alcohol
61 November 29, 1993 "Fast and Easy" Breakfast
62 November 30, 1993 "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" Vandalism
63 December 1, 1993 "Sonic is Running" Tooth pain
64 December 2, 1993 "Robo-Ninjas" Road safety
65 December 3, 1993 "Sonically Ever After" Library

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Sonic Says S&SASR

Sonic Says tips in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

During the loading times of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, various tips are given to players about the game, controls, tips and even humor at certain points. Here is a list of some of the tips:

  • Play Grand Prix to attempt to win a cup over four races.
  • Hit as many opponents as possible with items.
  • Impacts while drifting will cancel tour accumulated Turbo-Boost.
  • Hit an item case to win an item.
  • Repeatedly tap the gas button whilst drifting to make even tighter turns.
  • Mines can be dropped behind to take out trailing racers.
  • Some objects can be destroyed with weapons or power-ups.
  • Hi-Speed Shoes will give you a boost and can be used to smash through obstacles and racers.
  • Perform an extra long drift to chrage the Turbo-Boost mutiple times.
  • The K.O. Glove can rebound and be fired backwards as well as forwards.
  • Music purchased from the SEGA Shop will become selectable in-game.
  • While riding bikes, quickly press up-down to perform bike tricks on the ground.
  • You can launch some weapons behind you–hold down and press the item button. Try it on with K.O. Gloves and Rockets.
  • Courses purchased in the SEGA Shop can be played in single player or time trials.
  • Link together air tricks to charge the Turbo-Boost mutiple times.
  • The Mega-Horn will blast away any racers who are getting too close for comfort.
  • The ChuChus might not take kindly to a big cat!
  • All of your accumulated SEGA Miles go towards your license rank–try to earn the gold license!
  • Perhaps certain actions in a race will award bonus SEGA Miles.
  • Each vehicle plays a little differently. Find the vehicle that suits your play style.
  • With your foot on the gas, steer and hold drift to power-slide.
  • Try more vehicles by purchasing racers from the SEGA Shop!
  • Keep drife held to keep power-sliding–to exit, release drift.
  • You can use a level three Turbo-Boost to smash other racers out of the way.
  • When not carrying a weapon or power-up, the item button will sound your horn.
  • Tap the drift button while airborne to perform air tricks for a Turbo-Boost when you land.
  • You can charge and release Turbo-Boost to smash through on-track hazards.
  • The All-Star item gives each racer a unique attack. Try them all!
  • Check out the SEGA Shop for bonus content!
  • The shield will make you invincible for a short time and can take a hit for you.
  • There sure are a lot of creatures at Curien Mansion–perhaps Zobio and Zobiko can persuade them to move on?
  • Up to three friends can join you in split screen mode.
  • The Confusing Star will lock-on and turn a nearby player's world upside-down!
  • You can view all of your purchased goodies in your collection–you will find it in the License menu.
  • Good ranks in missions will unlock new missions.
  • Drift to charge the turbo red–then release drfit for level three boost.
  • Time and release weapons to stop incoming attacks–try it with mines and Pocket Rainbows!


  • Many of Sonic Says segments are related to its episode's topic.
  • The Sonic Says from Lovesick Sonic (on the subject of sexual harassment) has spawned a popular meme on YouTube with Sonic saying "That's no good!"
  • The only Sonic Says segment where Sonic did not appear is the one about elders (from "Over the Hill Hero").
  • In the 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph, Sonic makes a cameo where he explains how "game jumping" can lead to dangerous consequences, which may be a reference to Sonic Says.
  • A Sonic Says segment appears in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode "Let's Meet Sonic".


  1. Full Pilot Episode Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Full Pilot Episode on YouTube (provided by animator Milton Knight)

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