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Sonic Saga Series Volume 9: The Eggman Wars was the intended ninth trade-paperback in the Sonic Saga Series volume series. It contains reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #199-202. The volume was intended to release but was later removed from listings entirely, presumed cancelled.

Official solicitation

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is the longest-running video game comic book of all time! With over twenty years of stories and over 300 issues of regular series, spin-offs and special comics, Sonic's saga is long and proud!
This volume is all out WAR! Dr. Eggman's forces have grown thin and his city is destroyed. It's time to strike! Sonic leads the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix in a high-speed blitz to liberate the world! But Dr. Eggman's army won't go down without a fight--or will they?
Even as the dust settles, a new conflict threatens to blaze up out of the ashes! What is the Iron Dominion, and is their fearsome might too much for Sonic to handle? And what role does Dr. Eggman's lackey, Snively, play in all this? It's all action and intrigue in this latest installment of the SONIC SAGA SERIES!
SONIC SAGA SERIES VOL. 9 collects select stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #s 199-202.

Reprinted stories


  • The cover for this volume is the same cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #200.
    • The cover has been altered so the giant #200 has been removed from the cover and all other references to the issue being the 200th issue has also been removed, such as the Issue 200 written around the ring.
    • Tails' placement in the cover has also been mirrored. In the original cover, he was on the right side but here, he has been moved to the left side.
  • This would have been the second volume of Sonic Saga Series to reprint a landmark issue (Sonic the Hedgehog #200)
  • Various websites and product descriptions label the book as “The Eggman Wars”, but the title on the cover displays “The Eggman War”.
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