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Sonic Saga Series Volume 8: Hedgehog Havoc! was the intended eight trade-paperback in the Sonic Saga Series volume series. It contained reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #190-#193 detailing the second half of the "Bold New Moebius" saga. The volume was intended to release but was later removed from listings entirely after numerous delays, presumed cancelled.

Official solicitation

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is the longest-running video game comic book of all time! With nearly twenty years of stories and over 300 issues of regular series, spin-offs and special comics, Sonic's saga is long and proud!
This volume collects Sonic's struggle against the villainous dopplegangers from the twisted mirror world of Moebius! The Suppression Squad already conquered their world, and now they're out to conquer Sonic's! Leading them is Sonic's evil double, Scourge! How can our heroes overcomes--literally--themselves?
It's an uphill battle as the Dark Legion throws their lot in with the Eggman Empire. Dr. Eggman adds insult to injury when he creates a Metal Scourge to join Metal Sonic! And when Sonic and Amy take the fight to Moebius, everything goes wrong! All this plus bonus stories tying into the SEGA games!
SONIC SAGA SERIES VOL. 8 collects select stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #s 190 – 193.


  • The front cover artwork for this volume is the same as that on the front cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #195, though with a couple of edits:
    • Scourge has been recolored so that he looks like his super form.
    • The patterns on Silver's wrist band has been changed from cyan to orange.
  • Though the original solicit stated that this volume would reprint stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #190-#193, almost all the stories listed were already reprinted in the previous volume.


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