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Sonic Saga Series

Sonic Saga Series Volume 10: On the Run! was the intended tenth trade-paperback in the Sonic Saga Series volume series. This volume would’ve contained reprints of Sonic the Hedgehog #203-#206. The volume was intended to release but was later removed from listings entirely, presumed cancelled.

Official solicitation

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is the longest-running video game comic book of all time! With over twenty years of stories and over 300 issues of regular series, spin-offs and special comics, Sonic's saga is long and proud!
The Iron Dominion has taken over the Eggman Empire! But that doesn't mean Sonic isn't running headlong into the action to save the day! But what can one hedgehog do against the combined might of a cyborg army and legions of ninja?
Things get tense as Sonic's most powerful friends fall under the control of the Iron Queen! Our heroic hedgehog will have to fight fire with fire and rescue Dr. Eggman--but is the madman too crazy to help?

Reprinted stories

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