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This is the script of the Extra storyline in Sonic Rush.


[Barren rocky landscape. Blaze is looking up at the dark, swirling clouds.]

Blaze: We beat Eggman and got the Sol Emeralds back. The disruption of the worlds has stopped. But how do we change things back? And I can't seem to go back to my world...
Eggman: Mwa ha ha ha! [Blaze hears him and looks around.] A pity you can not comprehend the power of the Sol Emeralds.
Eggman Nega: How could she? She's just their Guardian. How could she know they are the key.
Blaze: What?
Eggman: My world...
Eggman Nega: and my world...
Eggman and Eggman Nega: are in a manner, inextricably linked!
Blaze: Like two Eggmans?
Eggman: And, the Chaos Emeralds
Eggman Nega: and the Sol Emeralds are
Eggman and Eggman Nega: in a manner, like the North and South magnetic poles.
Eggman: They can be used like a pair of magnets and be attracted to each other.
Eggman Nega: Or they can be used to repel the other!
Eggman: In close proximity, these emeralds call out to each other.
Eggman Nega: And the power this would generate... It could destroy the world!
Eggman: However, we merely want to harness the power here.
Eggman Nega: Now do you understand our pure genius? Ha ha ha.
Eggman Nega: Uh oh!

[The Egg Salamander appears behind Blaze. Blaze notices it.]

Blaze: No!

[The screen fades to black. The screen returns a few seconds later and Blaze lies defeated on the ground in front of the Egg Salamander. The Sol Emeralds have been drained of their powers, but remains otherwise intact.]

Eggman: Hmph! Once we're at optimal strength, it'll be easy to get the Sol Emeralds back. A pity that Blaze has no idea how to use the emeralds.
Eggman Nega: Still, I'm puzzled. Though we don't have both sets of emeralds... The Chaos and Sol Emeralds are both here. This should've created explosive results. However, the dimension here seems stable.
Eggman: The reason is obvious, Nega. It's because he has the 7 Chaos Emeralds!
Sonic: Did someone call for me?
Eggman Nega: Gaah! Sonic the Hedgehog!
Eggman: Hmm, I have the power of the Sol Emeralds. I think I'll first use their power to defeat you!
Eggman Nega: Yes, if you defeat him, the Sol and Chaos Emeralds' power will be...
Eggman: OURS!
Eggman Nega: Then we can create our own dream world. It'll be an Eggman Land beyond this dimension!
Eggman: We're ready for you, Sonic! Our ultimate mecha will crush you!

[The Egg Salamander moves away. Sonic comes running but stops up besides Blaze and shakes his fist.]

Sonic: Eggmen!

[Blaze tries to get up. Sonic turns towards Blaze.]

Blaze: Ughhh...
Sonic: Are you all right, Blaze?
Blaze: Sorry, Sonic. The Sol Emeralds have lost their power. Look, their lustre... they look like ordinary stones.
Sonic: It'll be okay!
Blaze: ?
Cream: Blaze-!
Blaze: Cream!
Cream: Blaze, we know that you saved us!
Tails: Yes! Blaze tried to save both our worlds!
Sonic: And Blaze, you've learned to open up and trust... To trust your friends!
Amy: And you learned that you can rely on others.
Knuckles: I think that's enough chit chat!
Blaze: You guys!
Sonic: As long as you have the power of friendship, the Sol Emeralds... will never lose their glow!

[The Sol Emeralds begin to glow.]

Blaze: ! The Sol Emeralds...!

[The Chaos Emeralds begin to glow.]

Sonic: Ready to do this together? Blaze should be able to use the Sol Emeralds now.
Blaze: It's so warm! I can feel the power energizing me!

[Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Blaze uses the Sol Emeralds to transform into Burning Blaze.]

After landing the last hit on the Egg Salamander

[Exception. Super Sonic and Burning Blaze are flying in the void.]

Super Sonic: I think this is it! Are you ready, Blaze?
Burning Blaze: Yes. It's time...
Eggman Nega: My incredibly profound plans... It was such a small miscalculation that I made. It shouldn't matter. And it's not over yet. Just give me some time, and I'll...
Eggman: Enough of your babbling! See, they're here!

[Super Sonic and Burning Blaze join together in a combination attack and hit the Egg Salamander. A large explosion occurs.]

After defeating the Egg Salamander

[Exception. Super Sonic and Burning Blaze are floating in the void looking at each other.]

Super Sonic: This is it...
Burning Blaze: ...Yes, it is.
Super Sonic: Everything will be back to normal.
Burning Blaze: I've got to return to my world, as well. The Chaos and Sol Emeralds cannot exist in the same world. It would cause another crisis.
Super Sonic: I guess it's time to say... good bye. Cream will really miss you.
Burning Blaze: ...I have no choice.
Super Sonic: No words from you?
Burning Blaze: It's better this way. I first came here as a stranger out of nowhere. I think it's appropriate I leave the same way. Sonic... thank you for your help. Bye.
Super Sonic: Wait. ...
Burning Blaze: ...!
Super Sonic: This is from me. I'll see you, again!
Burning Blaze: Yes... Again...

[Super Sonic and Burning Blaze move towards each other and look at each other a little bit. Burning Blaze extends out her hard and Super Sonic shakes it shortly after. A white light starts taking over the screen and Super Sonic and Burning Blaze are being pulled away as they hold onto each other's hands. Eventually, they are forced apart and disappear into the whiteness. The scene then changes to Burning Blaze flying through a green sky.]

Burning Blaze: I understand now... My inherent power over fire... As princess, it is my duty to protect the Sol Emeralds. But because of my duty, I shut people out, and keep to myself... But trying to make it solely my responsibility, I put my world in danger. But then... [Remembers Sonic's words]
Sonic: You need to be true to yourself!
Burning Blaze: Sonic the Hedgehog...
Sonic: Both Eggmen knew the secret of the emeralds, right? It's why the world didn't completely fall apart when the emeralds were together. Everything should be fine since I have the seven Chaos Emeralds. As long as the person holding the emeralds can control them... And knows how to use them, nothing can go wrong. And Blaze... Now you have the power. You understand what I mean, right?
Blaze: I'll see you again.

[Burning Blaze flies off and credits roll.]

After the credits

[Sonic lands on ground, finding Cream crying in the desert. Sonic whispers something into her ear and Cream and Cheese cheer up happily. Sonic stands there and looks away, Cream and Cheese look hopefully to the sky as the sun shines down on them.]

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