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This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic Rush.

Unused graphics

E3 leftovers

Leftover E3 graphics for both the English and Japanese versions of the game.

Image (English) Image (Japanese)
SonicRush-e3 tidm eng.bbg.png
SonicRush-e3 tidm jpn.bbg.png
SonicRush-e3 boss screen eng.bbg.png
SonicRush-e3 boss screen jpn.bbg.png
SonicRush-e3 comsoon eng.bbg.png
SonicRush-e3 comsoon jpn.bbg.png

Unused sprites

Image Description
A leftover sprite of the Seal from Sonic Advance.
Tento Spritesheet SonicRush.png
A complete set of sprites of the Akatento and Aotento Badniks from Sonic Advance 3, being leftover from that game. The transparency is broken, however.

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