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Sonic Runners Original Soundtrack is a digital album containing the original soundtrack of Sonic Runners.

Track list


  1. Beyond The Speed Of... (3:31)
  2. Fly Away (3:44)
  3. Power Ride (2:48)
  4. Theory Of Attack (2:43)
  5. Spring Emotions (4:12)
  6. Where To Today? (2:36)

Volume length: 19:34


  1. Going My Way (1:01)
  2. Go Quickly! (3:09)
  3. Fiery Passion (3:34)
  4. End of the Summer (3:48)
  5. Strange Parade (3:42)
  6. Magical Snow Day (4:11)
  7. Ambition (3:54)

Volume length: 23:19

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