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This is the script for the storyline of Sonic Runners Adventure.

Cutscene 1

Tails: Sonic, do you hear me? *crackle*
Sonic: Hey Tails, glad to hear you!
Tails: Sonic, I need your help! *static* ...kidnapped all the animals We're all in dang-- *static* !
Sonic: Where are you now?
Tails: ...left side... South Island... *crackle*
Sonic: Gah! We lost the connection! That's not good. I better go check out what is going on.

Cutscene 2

Sonic: I don't see Tails anywhere! I better check out that village over there. Maybe the locals have seen something.

Cutscene 3

Sonic: Hey there, little guys. What happened here? Have any of you seen a fox with two tails?
Animal: Tweet! Tweet!!!
Sonic: He was here? But he run off toward a scary light and a horrible noise in the distance? I hope he saves some action for Sonic!

Cutscene 4

Sonic: Whoa! It looks like a bomb went off over here! But why are those robots trying to clean it up? I bet they're trying to hide something!

Cutscene 5

Animal: Tweet! Tweet-tweet!
Sonic: Don't worry, little guy! All in a day's work for a hero like me! But what happened to you?
Animal: Tweet-tweet! Tweet!!!
Sonic: They took you to an awful place to turn you into robots? Sounds bad!

Cutscene 6

Sonic: I definitely have to trace where those robots came from. A-ha! Here's some tracks. Let's see where they lead...

Cutscene 7

Sonic: Bingo! This is where they're bringing animals to be turned into robots!

Cutscene 8

Sonic: Ah, just my luck! I triggered the alarm system, and the area is flooded with robots now. I need to get by them all somehow...

Cutscene 9

Sonic: Yo, Tails, what a surprise! How did you get here?
Tails: Hey! You know, I decided to take a turn around the island, when suddenly I saw a bright flash and fainted.
Sonic: The animals told me about the flash. What was it?
Tails: I can't seem to remember... All I recall is seeing Eggman's ugly mug when I came to -- just before he threw me in prison and forced me to fix up some strange machine.
Sonic: What kind of machine?
Tails: I don't know exactly, but I think it was some sort of teleporter that can send robots anywhere!

Cutscene 10

Sonic: It's time to make a coward omelette!
Eggman: Ha-ha-ha! Get some sense, you speedy little freak! Dr. Eggman is going to smash you in no time!

Cutscene 11

Eggman: You arrogant fool! You almost destroyed my precious portal!
Sonic: And now I will destroy you, Eggman!
Eggman: Not this time! Catch me if you can!
Sonic: Uh-oh, the portal is collapsing. We have to follow Eggman right now! And what will be will be.

Cutscene 12

Tails: Sonic, do you hear me? How many fingers do you see? Looks like you were hit bad during the trip through the portal!
Sonic: Ughhh, Tails, I'm fine... Just a little dizzy...
Tails: You can't even stand, Sonic! Just take a rest while I look around!

Cutscene 13

Sonic: Hey guys, I found an old pirate cave! And the walls say, "Dare to claim our treasure?"

Cutscene 14

Sonic: Oh, what's this? Looks like Eggman's secret stash. Hmmm, let's take a peek inside...

Cutscene 15

Tails: Hey, I see an oasis straight ahead! It probably wouldn't hurt to chat with locals and maybe get some water for Sonic!

Cutscene 16

Tails: Hello, friends. Has anyone seen a strange egg-shaped guy around?
Animal: Tweet!!! Tweet!!!
Tails: Only robots... and a strange sandstorm to the west?! Hm, never fear! Tails will get to the bottom of this!

Cutscene 17

Tails: Is that... a stronghold? I can't see anything because of the sandstorm. I need to figure out what's causing it...

Cutscene 18

Tails: Now I see! There's a horde of robots kicking up all this sand! I can't fight them all, so I'll need to find a way around them all...

Cutscene 19

Tails: Hm, without facility. I thought Eggman would run out of robots by now. I better get to the bottom of this mystery!

Cutscene 20

Tails: Darn it! I lost the track of Eggman in this sandstorm. I better head back to check on Sonic and see if he can help us catch this cracked wacko.

Cutscene 21

Sonic: Hey, look over there! That's Eggman flying off in the distance! This time we're not going to lose him.
Tails: Great spotting, Sonic! Eggman won't slip away from us again.

Cutscene 22

Eggman: How do you like my brand-new high-tech HORDE of robots? Mwahaha!
Tails: Make no mistake, Eggman; I will catch you!
Eggman: We'll see about that!

Cutscene 23

Eggman: Why, you!!! I'm outta here for now, but you'll all pay when my plan comes together.
Tails: I've heard THAT song before, egghead!
Eggman: Grr... You'll see soon enough!

Cutscene 24

Tails: Whoa, this place is a little too hot to handle!
Sonic: This is bad. All these obstacles are really gonna slow us down!
Knuckles: Hey, guys, don't worry! I will defeat with the heavy stuff in no time!

Cutscene 25

Tails: I was patrolling the area for signs of Eggman when I spotted a bunch of Rings scattered about. Might as well stock up before they're lost for good.

Cutscene 26

Tails: Whoa, is this a map to buried treasure? This is a great chance to collect some Rings!

Cutscene 27

Knuckles: Huh, that facility in the distance looks kinda out of place here... Only Eggman would build an eyesore that big!

Cutscene 28

Knuckles: The nasty robots and blazing heat are tough to contend with, even for my iron resolve!

Cutscene 29

Knuckles: Hmmm, I hear something off in the distance... It sounds like... THE VILLAGE! I have to head back to save the animals right away!

Cutscene 30

Knuckles: Grr... I can't believe Eggman had the nerve to attack this defenseless village! I better find someplace for these animals to lay low until we can deal with that madman!

Cutscene 31

Knuckles: Tails, I need you help! Do a quick flyby of the facility, and see if you can figure out what is was built to do.
Tails: Ha ha, that's not a problem for this sly fox!

Cutscene 32

Tails: Pvt. Tails reporting! I've flown around the facility and can deduce that this place is a massive Extractor. It's actually draining the energy from everything around it!
Knuckles: That's sick, even for Eggman! No time to waste then. Let's find a way in and smash this place up!

Cutscene 33

Knuckles: I think I see the entrance over there... but those defenseless look tough! I'll have to take out some of the obstacles first.

Cutscene 34

Knuckles: That's the Extractor core! Man, it looks like it's taking energy right from the core of the planet. I don't know where it's sending all this power, but they're about to have a blackout!

Cutscene 35

Eggman: You fool! Do you even know what you're doing?! Stop that now, before it's too late!
Knuckles: I know I'm about to give you a big ol' knuckle sandwich. So open wide, big guy!
Eggman: Mwahahaha! I'm going to enjoy crushing you like a panini!

Cutscene 36

Knuckles: How did my fists taste, Eggman? Want seconds, or you gonna dine and dash as usual?
Eggman: Hnnngh... You ruined everything! Next time we meet, you'll be the one eating a plate of humble pie!

Cutscene 37

Eggman: You pathetic worms! You thought this was over? NOT BY A LONG SHOT! TAKE THIS!
Sonic: Oooph! A hit-and-run attack, as usual. Tails, quick! Follow him in your plane and see where he's working from this time!
Tails: Piece of cake, Sonic! He won't be able to shake me.

Cutscene 38

Knuckles: Ha! Look at Eggman run! Oh, and it looks like he dropped a pile of Rings in his hasty escape. No use letting them go to waste...

Cutscene 39

Knuckles: Whoa! I think the volcano is erupting... It's going to cover this whole place in... Rings? Awesome, I'm gonna grab all I can!

Cutscene 40

Knuckles: I thought I knew every stone of the Sky Sanctuary, but something definitely off here. I can't put my finger on it, but it's changed. I better look around and see what's up.

Cutscene 41

Knuckles: What are these strange marks on the walls? They look as if... something tried to drill its way inside here. What is Eggman up to?

Cutscene 42

Sonic: This is the end of the road for you, Eggman! There's nowhere to run!
Eggman: No, this time you'll be the one who stops. Super-Secret Beam Weapon... ENGAGE!
Sonic: What?! Uggh! What was that? I... can't even move...
Eggman: You should take a nap, Sonic. And get out of my HAIR for a while!
Sonic: Yes... A nap... I should take a... ZzZzZzzz...

Cutscene 43

Tails: Eggman got away again! But how was he able to put Sonic to sleep like that? Was it the same weapon he used to knock me out before?

Cutscene 44

Tails: From what I can tell, that flashy weapon Eggman used can control the mind of any living things. It could be bad if he gathers enough power to launch it on a global scale...

Cutscene 45

Tails: I'm sure that Eggman is planning to use that weapon of his to control every living thing in the world! With that kind of power, and everyone under his control, nothing will be able to stop his evil plans... But with the Extractor destroyed, I'll bet he's desperate to find a massive new power source.

Cutscene 46

Knuckles: Now I know what Eggman is up to. He wanted to use the energy of the Extractor and part of the mysterious power that fills the Sky Sanctuary to unleash a massive mind-control attack!
Tails: Even without the Extractor, he can still do a lot of damage with that thing. We have to stop him as soon as possible.
Knuckles: I will show you the way inside the Sky Sanctuary!

Cutscene 47

Sonic: I think that madman plans to divert power from the Sky Sanctuary to fire his Mind Control Cannon! We have to destroy that weapon before he makes the whole world his slaves!

Cutscene 48

Sonic: Eggman, you're cornered! Give up now and we'll spare you an embarrassing defeat!
Eggman: Well, you all leave me no choice. Prepare to be destroyed! 3... 2... 1... FIRE!!! MUWAHAHAHA!

Cutscene 49

Eggman: NOOO-O-O-o-o-ooo!!! You pathetic little fuzzballs will pay! The great Dr. Eggman will return to smash all of you someday; you can count on it!
Sonic: Will that guy ever learn? Come back anytime, Eggman! We'll be ready for ya!

Cutscene 50

Knuckles: These ancient writings say there's a hidden treasure somewhere in the Sky Sanctuary. I think we can solve this mystery and collect those Rings!

Cutscene 51

Knuckles: Oh man, I just found a mass stash of Rings! Looks like Eggman was saving for a rainy day. Too bad I'm about to storm the place!