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This article contains information about or related to an upcoming video game scheduled for a future release.
The content of the article may change dramatically as more information becomes available. Anything that is added to the article without a reliable source may be deleted without warning.
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— Tagline

Sonic Rumble (ソニックランブル[4] Sonikku Ranburu?) is an upcoming party mobile game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Sega[5] in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment[2] and will be published by Sega for the Android and iOS.[4] It is slated for release in the winter of 2024.[6]


Sonic Rumble takes place in a twisted toy world created by Dr. Eggman named Egg Toy Land[3]. Toy figures of Sonic and his friends must traverse the toybox and compete against one another in races.

As shown in the introduction, Eggman sends invitations and some toy figures to Sonic and Tails, who are sitting on a couch. The genius is claiming that his new dangerous, gorgeous creations will need to be controlled by their wits to proceed through the stages. He then states excitingly that the one to collect the most rings will be the winner, before adding that he plans to crush Sonic once and for all, and whacks his figure with a figure of Sonic. He ends his message by taunting the blue hedgehog, daring him to be, "a pawn in [his] game".

Sonic then comments how the doctor seems to have a bit too much time to spare as he looks at a figure of himself and Tails. The two-tailed fox asks what Sonic plans to do, to which Sonic smirks as he gets up on his feet. The speedster doesn't know what his arch nemesis is planning, but he doesn't plan to back down from a challenge. He then says he's game, and is prepared to beat him with the Sonic figure he holds in his palm.


In Sonic Rumble, players will take control of toy figures to compete in thrilling 32-player battle royale challenges, racing against each other to collect the most rings and prove themselves to be the fastest in the toybox. With iconic characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe available for customization, players can create their own unique avatars and dive into the action-packed gameplay.

— Sega Press Release[3]

As the name suggests, Sonic Rumble will be a survival and racing game set across locations from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Players can join matches through online connectivity, each of which can hold a maximum of 32 contestants. In these matches, players must compete to gather the most Rings or compete to be the fastest in races.


The menu.

Races involve the player characters running through various obstacle courses with the ultimate goal of reaching the track's end as fast as possible, all the while using the stage's gimmicks to boost themselves, and avoiding any obstacles along the track that may hinder their progress.

There are five game modes, broken down into three rounds. The first round consists of all 32 players and is a simple run-to-the-end minigame where half of the contestants will be eliminated. The second round will be selected randomly out of three choices: Survival, Hunt or Team. The third round - consisting of the final 8 players - is Ring battle.

Each game mode has the following objectives:

Game mode Objectives Players Round
  • Get to the Goal before the other players
  • The round ends once the designated top 16 players reach the goal or the time limit runs out
  • As a bonus for reaching the next round, the player will receive a limited boost in the next Round 1 stage they play on.
All 32 1
  • Survive longer than the other players to proceed
  • Round ends when 8 players have been knocked out and the top 8 proceed
16 2
  • Gather the most amount of points within the time limit
  • The 8 players with the highest score within the time proceed to the final round
  • The 16 players are divided into two teams of 8
  • Either points-scoring battles or co-operative team races
  • The team that completes the objectives successfully proceeds to the final
Ring Battle
  • Run around the arena and try and gather as many rings as possible
  • Round ends when the time limit runs out
  • Player with the most rings is declared the winner
8 3

The game also includes a Battle Pass, where players can earn exclusive rewards in free and paid tiers.[7]


Playable characters[]

Alternate costumes[]

Non-playable characters[]



There are a total of three rounds. As of the closed beta, Round One contains eight stages, while Round Two and Three both have five.

Round One

  • Chemical Plant Run*
  • Frozen Factory Run
  • Green Hill Run*
  • Lava Mountain Run
  • Seaside Hill Run
  • Sky Sanctuary Run
  • Starlight Carnival Run*
  • Starlight Carnival Run 2

Round Two

Round Three

  • Chemical Plant Ring Battle
  • Frozen Factory Ring Battle
  • Lava Mountain Ring Battle
  • Sky Sanctuary Ring Battle
  • Starlight Carnival Ring Battle

*Also available in Stage Challenge




Sonic Rumble is under primary "development and management" by Sega,[3] with assistance from Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish game developer best known for creating the Angry Birds series;[2] the company was bought by Sega in 2023, becoming a subsidiary of the Sega Europe division.[8] This thus marks Rovio's first game involvement following Sega's acquisition.


Through the official Sonic Rumble website, players can register to take part in the closed beta test of the game (United States only). Submissions were accepted until May 19, and testing took place on May 24th (8:00pm to 11:00pm EST), May 25th (12:00pm to 3:00pm EST and 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST) and May 26th (Same as May 25th).


Sonic Rumble - Old Logo & Name

The early title referencing Toy Story



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