The Sonic Room with all the features.

Sonic Room is a location that appears in Sonic Shuffle. It is a place where additional features can be purchased and accessed with the Rings collected from Story Mode.


Photo Album

A small book on the coffee table which is available from the start of Sonic Shuffle. Various memorable pictures from the game can be unlocked and viewed here. The pictures that can be purchased will increase as the player advances through the game.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy each have eight pictures to collect while Big, E-102 Gamma, Chao and Super Sonic have four pictures each. "Another" and "Story" have eight pictures each.

Toy Box

A green box filled with toys which will appear after buying the first picture of Lumina Flowlight in the photo album. It allows the player to play the Mini-games they have already played in Story and Versus modes using any character.


A standard stereo system which will appear after purchasing a specific picture in the photo album. Here, the player can play soundtracks from the game.


A black laptop on the coffee table which will appear when the player completes the game once. It serves as a language option to toggle between English and Chinese board graphics, or setting the card system from normal to hidden.


A small band of potted cacti. Here, they player can replay Mini-events from the game.


A pair of shelves on the wall. Here, plush toys of the playable characters unlocked can be seen.


A fish tank with various fish which is available from the start of the game. Moving over it says how many Mini-games there has been unlocked in the game.


  • Playable characters will often show up outside the window of the Sonic Room and will either look around or strike a victory pose before wandering off.
  • The clock above the window in the Sonic Room is set to Dreamcast time. The time of day outside the window also varies according to the clock.
  • If the game is left unattended for a period of time, the screen saver will appear where it goes dark and colors can be seen.

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