Sonic Rivals Dash is a browser game published in 2006 to promote Sonic Rivals. The game was featured on the Sonic Rivals websites before they were closed.


Sonic Rivals Dash takes place in a 2D environment. The game offers two modes of gameplay:

  • 1 Player: The player controls Sonic the Hedgehog. The objective is to collect Rings and reach the Goal Ring in the shortest amount of time possible to gain a high score.
  • 2 Player: The first player controls Sonic while the second player controls Shadow the Hedgehog. The objective of each player is to reach the Goal Ring before their opponent does. A player can slow down their opponent by attacking them with a Spin Jump or Slide Attack.

In both modes, the objective is to reach the Goal Ring whilst jumping over terrain and evading Egg Pawns. As well as move forward, the player can Spin Jump and perform a Slide Attack, though neither inflict damage upon Egg Pawns. If a player Spin Jumps on an Egg Pawn, they will instead bounce off of it.

In addition to the game, the main menu offers several other options, such as updates for Sonic Rivals, a leaderboard for high scores and an e-postcard sending service.


Player 1

Button formation Movement
[Z] Run
[X] Spin Jump
[C] Slide Attack

Player 2

Button formation Movement
[J] Run
[K] Spin Jump
[L] Slide Attack


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