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This is a script of the cutscenes from Sonic's storyline in Sonic Rivals.

Forest Falls Zone

Act 1

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! It's been a while, hasn't it, Sonic?
Sonic: Hey, Eggman! What have you done with Amy and Tails!?
Eggman: [Takes out two cards] Not to worry, they're sound asleep inside these cards.
Knuckles: Hey, Eggman! The Master Emerald is gone... I'll bet you're behind this, aren't you?!
Eggman: Heh heh heh... Yes, that's right! [Takes out a camera] This camera lets me turn anything into a card... And I'll use it to create the ultimate card collection! [Takes out two cards] If either of you want these cards, you'll need to catch me first! Ho ho ho ho!
Knuckles: Wait! Come back here! No hard feelings, Sonic, but this time there's no way you're gonna beat me!
Sonic: Okay, Knuckles... Then let's race for it! First one who gets Eggman takes all!


Sonic: All right, Eggman! Hand over those cards!
Eggman: Hmmm... I suppose if you win my little contest, I could give you a card of your choosing.
Knuckles: What!? That's not what you said before!
Sonic: Heh! Pretty much what I expected from you, Eggman. Okay, bring it on!

Colosseum Highway Zone

Act 1

Eggman: Grr! I'll get you, Sonic!
Sonic: Hey, get back here, Eggman!
Silver: Get out of my way, I've got some personal business to take care of.
Sonic: Hey! You sure have an attitude. Who are you, anyway?
Silver: My name is Silver... I can't tell you why, but I need to get to him before you.
Sonic: Okay, Silver. Bring it on... I like challenges!


Sonic: Okay! Now hand over those cards!
Eggman: Grrrrr...
Silver: Hey! Move aside. I already told you I need to talk to him first.
Sonic: Yo Silver... you're starting to get on my nerves!
Silver: Enough of this chit chat... prepare yourself!

Sky Park Zone

Act 1

Silver: It's too dangerous to get close to him! Hyah!
Sonic: Hey, what're you doing!? Wha-!

[Sonic is teleported to the Sky Park Zone.]

Sonic: Where am I!? Looks like we've been transported to a completely different location...
Shadow: Sonic! What are you doing here? And where's the doctor?
Sonic: Hey, look it's Shadow!? Now I get it, he must be looking for Eggman, too. It must be another race to see who can catch him first! Let's do it!

Act 2

Sonic: Heh. Looks like I've left Shadow clear in the dust. Guess he's really not as fast as he thinks.
Eggman: Hoh ho ho ho! That was a thrilling little contest there, Sonic!
Sonic: Eggman! What are you up to this time?
Eggman: Heh heh heh... You must be proud of yourself, having beaten Shadow so handily. How do you feel about trying out your skills against my lovely Metal Sonic?
Sonic: Wh-what? Metal Sonic?!
Eggman: Come forth, Metal Sonic! Show this pathetic hedgehog what you're capable of! Now, Sonic, let's see if you really are the fastest thing in the world, shall we? Hoh ho ho ho!

Crystal Mountain Zone

Act 1

Sonic: Eggman said something about the strongest and fastest... What's he up to? Ah ha! Looks like I've caught up to him again! Hey, Silver! We meet again!
Silver: Sonic! Dang! How did he manage to get back here so quickly?
Sonic: Heh! While you've been wasting your time, I've been figuring his next move...
Silver: What!?
Sonic: If you can keep up, I might tell you what I know! Let's go!


Sonic: Okay, Eggman! I've proven that I'm the fastest and the strongest! So hand over Tails' card now!
Eggman: [Takes out a card] You want this card that badly, eh? Hmm... I suppose I have enough data... But if I defeat you now, there won't be anyone left to get in my way in the present, or in the future...
Silver: The future!? You've given yourself away!
Sonic: Heh! That's only IF you can defeat me! Bring it on Eggman!

Death Yard Zone

Act 1

Eggman: Curse you, Sonic! I won't forget this!
Sonic: Yes! I got Tails' card back!
Tails: Phew! Sonic, you saved me! But be careful! I just know that Eggman's got some more tricks up his sleeve.
Sonic: Don't worry! He can try whatever he wants, but there's no way he's getting away with it.
Knuckles: Sonic? Is that you? And Tails, too? That must mean that you got the card back from Eggman. I'm too late!
Sonic: Sorry about that, Knuckles, but if you're trying to stay on Eggman's heels, you have to be quicker than that.
Knuckles: ...You better shut your mouth! So you think you can track down Eggman faster than me? Let's do this.

Act 2

Sonic: You can't run, Eggman! No matter where you try to hide, I'll always track you down.
Eggman: Humph! Mouthing off as always... If you're so eager to finish things, why don't you let me oblige you! Metal Sonic! I command you!
Sonic: What, that lame robot copy of yours again? You really need to get ahold of some better toys, you know.
Eggman: Heh heh heh... The previous Metal Sonic was able to capture data from your last match... Data I was able to recover! I've already upgraded this new model with that data so that it'll be wise to your little tricks. This time, it's YOU who's going to get sent to the junkyard, Sonic!
Sonic: A copy is still just a copy! It'll never be able to top the original!


Eggman: Grr! Enough of this already! Let's see how you fare against both me and Metal Sonic!
Sonic: Makes no difference to me! Let's go!

After Boss

Eggman: Unforgivable! You've just made me very very angry! [Takes out camera] Fine then! I'll use this camera to turn the whole planet into a card!
Sonic: Are you running away again, Eggman!? Get back here and fight!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! You can just sit back and watch! Farewell!
Knuckles: Dang it! I'm too late!
Tails: Sonic, Knuckles, get in! We can still catch up to him in my new Tornado plane!
Sonic: Great timing, Tails! Let's pull together on this one, Knuckles!
Knuckles: All right then... Now let's teach that Eggman a lesson!

Meteor Base Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: I'll give you a hand, Sonic! Let's take care of him together!
Sonic: Thanks, Knuckles!

Act 2

Shadow: I need you to find the truth! I'll help you, Sonic!
Sonic: Then let's do this, Shadow!


Tails: Look, Sonic! Eggman's trying to escape in that rocket with the giant camera on it!
Eggman: You're too late, Sonic! I've already gathered enough energy to take a picture of the entire planet! [Takes out a card] Once I put this final card through my energy transfer device, the world will be mine! Nice knowing you, Sonic! Hoh ho ho ho!
Sonic: That's Amy's card! I totally forgot about her!
Tails: We have to hurry before he converts Amy's card into energy!
Sonic: Then we gotta hurry! You're not getting away, Eggman!


Amy: Where... where am I?
Tails: Are you okay, Amy? Eggman used his camera to turn us into cards... But Sonic saved us!
Amy: Wow! Sonic! You fought to save me!? You're my knight in shining armor, Sonic! So that means we're going to live happily ever after!
Sonic: Um... Uh, Tails... Didn't Eggman have other cards with him when he split?
Tails: Y-Yeah... There might be some others trapped in the cards that need rescuing...
Sonic: That's terrible! We've got to find those cards right now! You heard him, right Amy? I've got to run! See ya! [Runs away]
Amy: Hey! Wait, Sonic!