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This is a script of the cutscenes from Knuckles' storyline in Sonic Rivals.

Forest Falls Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: Dang it... I came all the way to this island looking for the Master Emerald, but there's no sign of it here... Something about this island feels really familiar, though... [Spots Eggman] Hey! Isn't that... Eggman! That's it! He must be involved in this again! Hey, Eggman! The Master Emerald is gone... I'll bet you're behind this, aren't you?!
Eggman: Heh heh heh... Yes, that's right! [Takes out a card] The Master Emerald you're looking for is right here, locked away in this card.
Sonic: Hey, Eggman! What have you done with Amy and Tails!?
Eggman: [Takes out two more cards] Not to worry, they're sound asleep inside these cards. If either of you want these cards, you'll have to catch me first! Ho ho ho ho!
Knuckles: Wait! Come back here! No hard feeling, Sonic, but this time there's no way you're gonna beat me.
Sonic: Okay, Knuckles... Then let's race for it! First one who gets to Eggman takes all!


Knuckles: All right, Eggman! A promise is a promise... Give me back that card!
Eggman: Hmm... Well, I suppose if you win my little contest, I could give you a card of your choosing.
Knuckles: What!? That's not what you said before! Fine, I'll take it by force, then!

Colosseum Highway Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: I thought I had him, but then he disappeared into the light!?
Shadow: You let the doctor get away? Hmph! You're useless...
Knuckles: What'd you say!? What's your problem, Shadow!? Don't mess with me, I'm not in the mood! I might take it out on you, got it?
Shadow: Whatever Knuckles... But first, I've got some business with the doctor!
Knuckles: All righty then... Let's see who can catch him first!
Shadow: You're on! Let's do it!


Shadow: Doctor! What are you hiding?
Knuckles: Hey, Shadow! Mind your own business! Yo, Eggman! You'd better hand over the Master Emerald this time!
Eggman: Annoying pests! I'll crush you with my mechanical pets!
Knuckles: Bring it on! We'll see who crushes who!

Sky Park Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: How's that, Eggman?!
Eggman: [Takes out a card] Well, well, it looks like you've won. Here's the card, as promised!
Knuckles: It's about time! Now hand it over!
Eggman: What's the big hurry? Do you even know how to use the Master Emerald card? You use it like this! [Activates the card]
Knuckles: What!? There's that light again!

[Knuckles is teleported to Sky Park Zone.]

Knuckles: Dang it! Where did he go!
Silver: He certainly knows how to run, I'll give him that... Hey, you there! Did you see that guy carrying something strange?
Knuckles: Actually... he has this weird camera that changes things into cards... Wait a minute... Who are you?
Silver: What's you say!? How did he get a hold of it?
Knuckles: You...! What are you mumbling about?
Silver: Got no time to waste on you. See ya!
Knuckles: You little... Get back here!

Act 2

Knuckles: Hey, Eggman! How did you make the Master Emerald disappear from Angel Island?
Eggman: Hmm... Well... You came from Angel Island, didn't you? What you don't seem to realize is that this IS Angel Island.
Knuckles: What!? This is Angel Island!? You're not making any sense, Eggman!
Eggman: Heh heh heh. Do you need an explanation, then? Very well! If you can manage to defeat my Metal Sonic, I'll tell you what you want to know.
Knuckles: What the...? Metal Sonic?! This oughta be fun! Bring it on, Eggman!

Crystal Mountain Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: Come to think of it, the shape of this island is similar to Angel Island... But the real Angel Island is still there, right? So this one's got to be a fake... Argh! I just don't get it! Hey, isn't that Shadow over there?! He might know where Eggman is! Hey, Shadow! Did you find Eggman?
Shadow: Heh... Looks like the doctor got away from you again...
Knuckles: Shut up! I was this close to catching him! Anyway, doesn't seem like you've found him either!
Shadow: Maybe not, but at least I'm not as clueless as you. I'll see you later!
Knuckles: Hey, wait! There's no way you're gonna beat me to him!


Shadow: Doctor! Wait!
Knuckles: Hey, Eggman! Earlier you said this was Angel Island... What did you mean? Explain yourself!
Eggman: *Sigh* Such annoying pests... It may be too much for your puny little brain to grasp, but this is Onyx Island, or Angel Island from the future!
Knuckles: What!? The future!?
Eggman: Just like I thought... A bit too much for your little brains to comprehend. Enough of this small talk! Time to take care of both of you!

Death Yard Zone

Act 1

Knuckles: Dang it! He got away again! If there's one thing he's good at, it's running. But what did he mean, though? How is this place Angel Island from the future? And what does it all have to do with the Master Emerald disappearing? Arrgh! Gah, it just doesn't make any sense! I've just got to track Eggman down again and force him to tell the truth! Huh? Sonic? Is that you? And Tails, too?
Sonic: Yo, Knuckles! Did you decide to give up on your little quest to track down the Master Emerald?
Knuckles: Grr... You better shut your mouth! I'm not letting you make a fool of me again! Let's go, Sonic!

Act 2

Knuckles: Enough of this, Eggman! You'd better start explaining what's going on!
Eggman: Fine! If you want to know so badly, I'll tell you! I turned the Master Emerald into a card using my camera by taking a picture of it from the future Angel Island. Since the Master Emerald is a unique object that exists across the time-space continuum... When the future emerald was turned into a card, its existence in all the time frames vanished as well.
Knuckles: So that's why the Master Emerald disappeared from right in front of me!
Eggman: So you finally understand. Using the power of the Emerald, I brought all of Angel Island here, into this time frame.
Knuckles: So I see...all this is your fault!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! I have nothing more to say to you! Go play with Metal Sonic now!


Knuckles: How do you like that?
Eggman: Don't think you've won yet! Let's see how you do against both me and Metal Sonic!
Knuckles: One challenger or two, it doesn't make a difference to me!

After Boss

Eggman: Unforgivable! You've just made me very very angry! [Take out camera] Fine then! I'll use this camera to turn the whole planet into a card! Ho ho ho ho! You can just sit back and watch! Farewell!
Knuckles: No! I'm too late! That little... He just doesn't want to admit he lost!
Sonic: Hey! Knuckles! We can't give up yet!
Tails: Sonic, Knuckles, get in! We can still catch up to him in my new Tornado plane!
Knuckles: All right! Let's go, Sonic!
Sonic: Let's pull together on this one, Knuckles!
Knuckles: All right then... Now let's teach that Eggman a lesson!

Meteor Base Zone

Act 1

Sonic: Let's do this together, Knuckles!
Knuckles: Thanks, Sonic!

Act 2

Silver: We need to work together for both our futures!
Knuckles: Let's do this, Silver!


Eggman: Ah, so you made it this far, Knuckles. Too bad you're too late!
Knuckles: What!?
Eggman: I've already loaded the camera onto the rocket. Now I'll be able to turn the whole earth into a card! [Takes out a card] I just need to set this final card, and your puny little island will join my perfect collection, as well!
Knuckles: That card... It's the Master Emerald!
Eggman: Now, then... farewell, Knuckles! Ho ho ho ho!
Knuckles: Hey, wait! I'll take that card back now!


Knuckles: All right! I finally got the Master Emerald back! I'll use it to send Onyx Island back where it belongs in the future. While I'm at it, I might as well locate all the other treasures that Eggman turned into cards. This is going to be fun!