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Rivalry at its fastest!

— Tagline

Sonic Rivals is a racing platformer video game for the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Backbone Entertainment under supervision of Sega Studio USA. It was released in late-2006 for the PlayStation Portable to commemorate the Sonic series' 15th anniversary.

In Sonic Rivals, Eggman Nega disguises himself as Dr. Eggman and uses a camera that captures whatever it takes a picture of inside of cards. With the villain causing chaos across Onyx Island, Sonic teams up with his friends to foil the evil doctor's ambitions.


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.



Sonic the Hedgehog and his best buddy, Miles "Tails" Prower, investigate a mysterious land mass named "Onyx Island" which has suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere. The heroic duo spot Dr. Eggman who is already waiting for them and confront him, suspecting that Eggman is plotting an evil scheme. Eggman reveals a card containing Amy Rose he took with a special camera which shocks Sonic and Tails. Sonic does not believe in this but Tails explains that it is scientifically possible for Amy to end up in her current state.[2]

While Tails is conversing to Sonic about this, there is a sudden flash of light and Tails is gone, appearing as a card in Eggman's hand. Sonic panics in disbelief upon this sight and at that moment, Knuckles the Echidna appears and yells at Eggman for causing the Master Emerald to disappear. Eggman responds by showing him a card of the Master Emerald and announces his plan to achieve world domination by snapping everything with his camera to obtain the "ultimate card collection" and issues Sonic and Knuckles a challenge to stop him and reclaim their desired cards before making his escape.[2]


After accepting Eggman's challenge, Sonic races against Knuckles throughout Forest Falls Zone to reach Eggman first. After reaching Eggman, Sonic demands Tails and Amy's cards. His enemy responds that if Sonic could defeat his Egg Turtle, he may allow the hedgehog a card of his choosing. Knuckles angrily states that was not part of Eggman's deal, but Sonic is confident and accepts the challenge.

After defeating the Egg Turtle, a vindictive Eggman turns to leave afterwards. Sonic tries to chase him down before a silver hedgehog cuts him off, having business to take care of. Sonic was not too fond of the latter's haughty attitude and asked who he was. The hedgehog stated he was Silver and he needed to get to Eggman first. Not one to pass up a challenge, Sonic challenged his new rival. After a race against Silver through Colosseum Highway Zone, Sonic reaches Eggman and once again demands the cards from the angered scientist. Silver's attitude starts to get on Sonic's nerves and they both confront Eggman's Egg Falcon and each other.

As the fight concludes, Silver deems it too dangerous to get close and teleports Sonic to Sky Park Zone. Confused at his new surroundings, Sonic encounters Shadow and realizes he was looking for Eggman as well, leading to a race between the arch-rivals. Sonic comes out on top, feeling proud of himself for doing so. Eggman then appears and compliments his victory and issues Metal Sonic to race against him to see whether Sonic is really the fastest thing in the world. Sonic outraces his robotic counterpart but Eggman's talk of something about the fastest and strongest dawns on him. He then meets Silver again and claims to have figured out the doctor's motives, causing the shocked Silver to race against him once again.

After racing through Crystal Mountain Zone, Sonic catches up to Eggman, proving to him that he is the fastest and the strongest, and demands Tails' card. Eggman, muttering to himself that he has enough data for an unknown purpose, intends to defeat Sonic so no one could interfere with him in the past or the future (something that causes a reaction in Silver) with the Egg Lynx. When that fails, Sonic finally retrieves Tails' card from the vengeful Eggman, restoring his friend to normal. Knuckles arrives and is shocked to see Tails restored. Sonic mocks that Knuckles will have to be quicker to stay on Eggman's heels, with the latter angrily retaliating by challenging Sonic to a race once again.

Racing through Death Yard Zone, Sonic beats Knuckles and catches up with Eggman, stating no matter where the doctor went he would always be found by the hedgehog. Unfettered, the doctor sends an upgraded Metal Sonic to race against Sonic but the copy loses to its original once again. Growing frustrated, Dr. Eggman decides to team up with Metal Sonic against Sonic using the Egg Kong, but his adversary still defeats him. Eggman finally loses it and departs for outer space to use his special camera to turn the entire planet into a card. Knuckles arrives, noting he was too late. Tails arrives with a new Tornado plane so the trio can catch up to Eggman.

Riding to Eggman's Meteor Base Zone in outer-space, Sonic sets his differences with his rivals aside as they aid him to navigate through the base to find Eggman. Soon, with Knuckles and Shadow's help, Sonic and Tails spot Eggman trying to escape into a giant rocket with the special camera attached. Dr. Eggman claims that he would have enough energy to take a picture of the planet once he placed one final card into his energy transfer device. Sonic remembers it to be Amy's card which he had forgotten about. Not intending to let Eggman succeed, Sonic confronts his archenemy on his rocket and defeats him before saving and restoring Amy. Amy is happy because of Sonic's heroic efforts to save her and suggests they could live happily together but Sonic quickly comes up with an excuse to rescue other victims trapped in Eggman's cards.


Knuckles arrives on Onyx Island looking for the Master Emerald while experiencing familiarity with the island. He sees Dr. Eggman and suspects him responsible for disappearance of the Master Emerald. The evil scientist admits this by showing the Master Emerald in a card and issues a challenge to the echidna if he wished to reclaim it. Knuckles has to race against Sonic, who also needs to catch Eggman to save Tails and Amy, through Forest Falls Zone. After reaching Eggman, Knuckles orders Eggman to maintain his promise to give him the Master Emerald's card. The sly doctor would only consider giving it if Knuckles beats the Egg Turtle, much to the latter's annoyance, who resolves to take it back using force.

After defeating the Egg Turtle, Eggman escapes into the light. Shadow then appears to mock Knuckles for allowing the doctor to escape. Not taking kindly to Shadow's insult, Knuckles angrily threatens to retaliate until Shadow mentions having business with Eggman as well. Tempted, Knuckles races him throughout Colosseum Highway Zone. The two encounter Eggman, where Knuckles pushes Shadow's attempts for Eggman's secrets aside before demanding the Master Emerald. Annoyed, Eggman attacks them with his Egg Falcon.

After it is destroyed, Eggman seemingly wants to give the Master Emerald card to Knuckles only to trick him and make his escape again in the same light. Knuckles is then transported to Sky Park Zone where he meets Silver who asks about what Eggman has. Knuckles explains that the scientist's camera could turn things into cards before asking for Silver's identity. Silver rudely responds that he had no time to waste with Knuckles before taking his leave with the red brawler chasing after him. Knuckles finds Eggman and wants to know how he managed to make the Master Emerald disappear from Angel Island in the first place before the doctor gives a response that the land mass he is at currently is actually Angel Island, leaving Knuckles confused. Eggman then issues Metal Sonic to race against Knuckles.

Noting how similar Onyx and Angel Islands' landmasses are, Knuckles questions the possible dual identities before noticing Shadow. Confronting the black hedgehog on Eggman's whereabouts, Knuckles is mocked for letting the scientist escape him. Knuckles retaliates he was close and that Shadow had yet to catch him. Taunting Knuckles for being clueless, Shadow heads off to track down Eggman with Knuckles chasing after him through Crystal Mountain Zone. The bitter rivals confront Eggman, intending to settle their respective disputes with him. Knuckles demands an explanation for what Eggman said earlier. The increasingly annoyed scientist states Onyx Island could be Angel Island from the future, overwhelming Knuckles once more before he pits him and Shadow against the Egg Lynx.

With the Egg Lynx out of commission and Eggman having made another escape, Knuckles is now more confused with what Eggman has said. He then resolves to find him again and get a full answer before noticing Sonic with a restored Tails. Sonic asks if Knuckles had given up on finding the Master Emerald, who angrily challenges another race to Eggman through Death Yard Zone. Reaching Eggman, Knuckles demands full answers. Eggman reveals he turned the Master Emerald into a card from the future Angel Island. Since the emerald is an object that exists throughout the space-time continuum, when it vanished from the one time frame it ceased to exist in all others; which explains how it disappeared right in front of Knuckles, and used the Master Emerald's power to bring Onyx Island from the future to the present. Having said this, Eggman directs a newly upgraded Metal Sonic at Knuckles. After winning another race with the robot, Knuckles is then victorious against both Metal Sonic and a vexed Eggman in the Egg Kong. Deeming this the last straw, Eggman goes into outer space to turn the world into a card. Sonic and Tails arrive with a new Tornado plane and pursue Eggman.

At Meteor Base Zone, Knuckles and Sonic work together to reach Eggman. Along the way, Silver realizes they must work together as well and aids Knuckles. Reaching Eggman, Knuckles sees that Eggman is almost ready to turn the world into a card. Taunting that the island will be part of his collection, Eggman reveals he just needs to place the Master Emerald's card to power up his camera, but not if Knuckles can help it. Knuckles stops Eggman and restores the Master Emerald, planning to place it back on Onyx Island and restore it to the future while finding all the other treasures Eggman turned into cards as well.


Shadow receives a message from Dr. Eggman, asking for his aid as there's someone after him. He instructs his acquaintance to follow the transmission's signal. On Onyx Island, Shadow notes the doctor disappeared six hours following the message and wonders what happened to him. He then sees Eggman being chased by a silver hedgehog and intervenes in the former's defense. The silver hedgehog is revealed to be Silver. In the hostile introduction, Eggman escapes into Forest Falls Zone as Shadow and Silver follow after him. Catching up to him, Shadow suspects Silver was who Eggman told him about in his transmission, only for the doctor to not recall such a transmission. Silver attempts to step in and explain, but Eggman, irritated at the confusing situation, sends the Egg Turtle.

Seeing Eggman's strange behavior, Shadow believes this has nothing to do with him and begins to take his leave before getting a call from his colleague, Rouge the Bat, stating to have some interesting information on Eggman. She instructs him to keep tailing Eggman while she gathers more intel. Knuckles comes along asking if Shadow saw Eggman. Shadow bluntly downgrades Knuckles for letting Eggman get away, calling him useless, getting an angry response and threat. Shadow brushes this off and begins his objective: settling his business with Eggman. He and Knuckles race around Coliseum Highway Zone. Finding Eggman, Shadow demands answers on the secret Rouge had, perplexing the doctor again. Knuckles butts in, not caring what Eggman's hiding and demands the Master Emerald. Irritated and confused even more, Eggman utilizes his Egg Falcon.

In the aftermath, Rouge calls in. She tries to reveal what she found out about Eggman until she's cut off. Shadow tries to get her back but to no avail. He is then transported to Sky Park Zone by a mysterious light. Soon he meets his arch-rival Sonic, who explains their predicament. Seeing they're both after Eggman, Sonic declares a race to apprehend him. Outrunning Sonic, Shadow confronts Eggman and demands explanations and the status of Rouge, and the doctor responds by showing a card. Shadow believes Eggman is playing card games until Eggman reveals Rouge, who he deems has found out too much, is in the card. Shadow demands the card, but Eggman unleashes Metal Sonic, wanting to see how unlike Sonic Shadow is. Confident he's superior to his rival's android fake, Shadow accepts.

After the race, Shadow concludes Rouge found out Eggman's secret but was transformed into a card by him before she could reveal it. He then decides to find Eggman and figure out what it is. Knuckles appears again, asking about Eggman, but Shadow still hypocritically mocks him for letting the doctor escape. They race again, and confront Eggman in Crystal Mountain Zone. Shadow demands the secret Eggman is hiding, only to be shocked to see a card... of Eggman himself! Knuckles cuts in and demands answers as well, but the agitated scientist arms his Egg Lynx.

After the skirmish, Shadow ponders how Eggman could have a card of himself before seeing Silver again. Recalling how everything started with his appearance, Shadow confronts him and receives a cryptic warning that Eggman might not be the real one, causing Shadow to realize the real Eggman has been turned into a card, shocking Silver. Suddenly, "Eggman" appears to taunt them. Shadow, more determined than ever, resolves to finally get his answers, but Silver still has his business with this fiend as well. In Death Yard Zone, Shadow finally confronts the villain and demands his identity. Seeing Shadow has seen through him, "Dr. Eggman" reveals himself as Eggman Nega, a descendant of Eggman himself. With Shadow knowing the truth, Eggman Nega attempts to dispose of him with Metal Sonic, who has been enhanced since last time. Shadow proves himself as the Ultimate Lifeform and bests Metal Sonic again. Shadow corners Nega, who is attempting to change the future, and fights him in the Egg Kong along with Metal Sonic. Bested, the vexed doctor reaches his limit and decides to turn the whole world into a card, departing as soon as Silver arrives. Silver compliments Shadow for now seeing who the real foe is. Fortunately, the true Dr. Eggman, restored thanks to Shadow's efforts, appears to help and takes them to outer space for the final showdown.

At Meteor Base Zone, Silver offers his help which Shadow mildly accepts. The anti-hero later runs into Sonic who gives his arch-rival a hand too; as long as Sonic doesn't interfere. Shadow arrives at the base's center and notices the escape rocket that will be used to turn the earth into a card. Shadow meets Nega and demands why he wants to change the future. Eggman Nega explains that he comes from a line of brilliant, scientific geniuses, but the lineage was disrupted by Eggman's many failures, causing the world of Nega's time to shun him. By getting Eggman and his failures, Nega will change their family history forever. With that said, he states that he just has to insert Rouge's card to complete his plan, but not if Shadow has anything to say about it. Nega is stopped and Rouge is saved, though she criticizes him for cutting it close. Shadow passes up helping in finding the other cards, much to Rouge's dismay.


On Onyx Island, Silver confronts Dr. Eggman, until a black hedgehog intervenes on the doctor's defense. Eggman takes this opportunity to run, as the hedgehogs chase him into Forest Falls Zone. Catching up with Eggman, Shadow believes Silver was the person Eggman said about in his transmission until Silver replies he was merely asking about a character named "Eggman Nega." Eggman fiercely denies any connection to such a person before deploying the Egg Turtle.

After the battle, Silver believes Eggman knows something. Eggman offers to tell Silver, but only if he can beat a blue hedgehog. That hedgehog turns out to be Sonic, who is also after Eggman. After a tense introduction, Silver and Sonic race through Coliseum Highway Zone. Silver and Sonic still continue to clash even as they battle Eggman in his the Egg Falcon.

After these altercations, Silver encounters and asks a random individual about the strange object Eggman was carrying. The red figure says the scientist had a camera that could turn things into cards, before realizing his unfamiliarity with Silver. Silver just mumbles how Eggman got a hold of the device and just replies he has no time to explain it to someone like him before leaving. The character, named Knuckles, is offended by Silver's rudeness before chasing after him in Sky Park Zone. Losing Knuckles, Silver confronts Eggman again and asks how he gained possession of the camera, as its technology is too advanced in this time period. The doctor would gladly explain if Silver won a race with Metal Sonic, to which the latter confidently accepted.

After this, Silver wonders how Eggman got the camera until Sonic shows up again, claiming to know Eggman's next move and revealing it if Silver could keep up. In Crystal Mountain Zone, Silver starts putting the pieces together; as Eggman Nega (who he's searching for) wouldn't let it out of his supervision, deeming Eggman could be him. Eggman confidently asks if Silver has any proof for his theory, which Silver seems to have gained based on Eggman's interaction with Sonic.

After defeating the Egg Lynx, Silver finally comes to conclusions. Based on "Eggman's" speech and mannerisms, he has to be Eggman Nega. Silver then wonders where the real Dr. Eggman is. Shadow comes along, asking for Silver's reason for chasing Eggman. Silver merely warns that Eggman might not be who they think he is, causing Shadow to exclaim that Eggman must have really been turned into a card, much to Silver's shock. With his suspicions confirmed, Silver and Shadow are confronted by "Eggman". Wanting the truth for themselves, the silver and black hedgehogs try to outpace each other through Death Yard Zone, with Silver coming on top. He then confronts "Eggman", who reveals himself as Eggman Nega, who Silver has come to return him to the future and can't allow him to misuse the camera's power. Nega isn't coming quietly and uses the new and improved Metal Sonic to buy himself time to escape. Silver beats the mechanical hedgehog and demands Eggman Nega to return with him to the future, but the fiend won't let Silver interfere in his goal and battles with the Egg Kong and Metal Sonic. Silver still wins and Nega is pushed over the edge. Fed up with Silver's interference, he decides to turn the whole world into a card and escapes into space. Shadow arrives, realizing Silver was right as the latter commends him for figuring out the real villain. The one and true Dr. Eggman arrives, returned to normal thanks to the hedgehogs. Seeing they have a common enemy, he offers his assistance in getting them to outer space.

At Meteor Base Zone, Shadow offers to help Silver stop Eggman Nega. Progressing further, Silver is approached by Knuckles again, who advises him not to carry the weight of everything on his shoulders and offers help too. Silver then meets his archenemy for a final confrontation, but the latter is almost ready to go through with his plot. All he must do is transfer the cards' energy into the camera and he can turn the entire planet into a card. Silver is horrified as the future will be destroyed, with Nega commenting if he can't change it, he'll simply destroy it, but Silver refuses for this to happen. Stopping Nega, Silver sees Nega lose control of the machine and get turned into a card himself, apprehending him and placing him into his custody. Silver decides to clean up Nega's mess and find the other cards before heading back to the future, assured the present's welfare will be safe as long as a brave pair of blue and black hedgehogs, who he now has great deal of respect for, are around.


Image Character Biography
Sonic 43 Sonic the Hedgehog This hedgehog is the fastest living being in the universe. He's defeated Dr. Eggman to save the world numerous times, but this time he's discovered that his best friends Tails and Amy have been mysteriously turned into cards. Now it's a race to take down the nefarious Dr. Eggman once and for all and free his friends![3]
Rivals knuckles-567px Knuckles the Echidna The guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles is as tough as they come. Unfortunately, the Master Emerald has been stolen right out from under his nose and turned into a card by Dr. Eggman. Now this renowned echidna must race to find the Master Emerald and take down the evil mastermind behind this insidious plot.[3]
Rivals Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow was created as the ultimate life form by Professor Gerald Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius of his time. Possessing the power to use the Chaos Emeralds to perform "Chaos Control" he has the ability to manipulate time and space. Summoned by his creator's grandson, Dr. Eggman, via cryptic transmission asking for his aid, Shadow encounters something strange and now it's a race to find Eggman and uncover the truth![4]
Silver 2 Silver the Hedgehog A mysterious silver hedgehog, Silver is equipped with psychic powers that allow him to propel items through the air with the power of his mind! The only thing on Silver's mind is that he is searching for someone... but for whom, and more importantly, why? Shrouded in mystery, Silver begins to chase after Dr. Eggman to find clues that will unlock his quest.[4]



Shadow racing against Sonic in Death Yard Zone, the fifth Zone in the game.

Sonic Rivals is a 2.5D side-scrolling racing platforming video game, with similar gameplay to that from earlier 2D Sonic games. The player takes control of Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver, each with their own story, though with the same gameplay. In addition, a secret character, Metal Sonic can be unlocked as a playable character.

All Zones in Sonic Rivals have the playable character in a race against a rival. As such, the player has to get to the goal before their opponent does in order to win. In boss stages on the other hand, the player has to defeat the boss before their rival does. To accomplish this, the player can prevent their rival from defeating it before themselves. During levels and boss fights, Rings appear scattered almost everywhere. As with past Sonic games, Rings serve as the playable character's main method of protection; if the player receives damage while having at least one Ring, they will survive at the cost of losing ten Rings. On the other hand, being hit without having any Rings left will make the playable character respawn after some time.

The game's loading screens will give tips on using each character to one's advantage when racing. During races, the player can pick up Power-Ups and use them to their advantage. If the player is ahead of their opponent, the Power-Up will be Defensive, serving as a weapon sitting on the floor that will damage the rival when they step on it. On the other hand, being behind the opponent will turn the Power-Up into an Offensive one. Offensive Power-Ups can be used by the player to launch projectiles or missiles that will damage the rival and nearby obstacles.

Sonic Rivals features an extensive collectible card system that spans a total of 150 cards, featuring cameo appearances of robots, major characters, minor characters, box arts, and items from past Sonic games. Performing objectives throughout the game will give the player cards. Such tasks include getting a certain number of Rings, hitting one's rival a certain number of times and getting to the goal within a certain amount of time. The cards themselves are used to unlock other features, including secret Outfits for the characters. Collecting all of a character's cards for example will unlock Outfits related to that character. Each character has a total of three unlockable Outfits:

  • Knuckles: Leather, Armor, Eggman
  • Metal Sonic: Leather, Circuits, Jester
  • Shadow: Leather, Flame, 80's
  • Silver: Leather, Lightning, Christmas
  • Sonic: Leather, Ice, Black Tie

Sonic Rivals consists of many different modes: Single Player Mode consists of Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Cup Circuit. Story Mode consists of each of the four main playable characters having separate story lines, where they must race each other to the finish line in each Zone in order to thwart Eggman Nega's various schemes. Wireless Play Mode has the player participating in Multiplayer games and races. Players can also customize their racers in Multiplayer using collectible cards won in Single Player, trade cards with friends, and wager cards on races or just race for fun.


Button formation Movement
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS left/right Run
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS up Look up
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS down Duck
Cross Jump
Air Boost
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS left/right >
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS down
Spin Attack
Analog-Stick/Directional-Buttons-PS down + Cross Spin Dash
Cross (midair) Homing Attack
Circle Attack
Speed Boost
PSTriangleButton Use Power-Up



Gimmicks and obstacles[]


Playable characters[]

Non-playable characters[]



The game contains six Zones (five of which are in Onyx Island),[5] each with three respective acts, the third being a boss battle (except for Sky Park, which only has two acts), totaling 17 acts per character. The Zones are as follows:

  1. Forest Falls Zone
  2. Colosseum Highway Zone
  3. Sky Park Zone
  4. Crystal Mountain Zone
  5. Death Yard Zone
  6. Meteor Base Zone


  1. Egg Turtle (Forest Falls Zone) (only appearance)
  2. Egg Falcon (Colosseum Highway Zone) (only appearance)
  3. Egg Lynx (Crystal Mountain Zone) (only appearance)
  4. Egg Kong (Death Yard Zone) (only appearance)
  5. Egg Destroyer (Meteor Base Zone) (only appearance)


Chris Rezanson is the main composer for Sonic Rivals. A track entitled "Quick Trip To Paradise" was composed by Jun Senoue and produced by Bentley Jones. It was used as the music for the Forest Falls Zone and the title screen of the game, and was later an unlockable track in Sonic Generations.[6]


Role English voice actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Jason Griffith
Shadow the Hedgehog
Silver the Hedgehog Pete Capella
Knuckles the Echidna Dan Green
Miles "Tails" Prower Amy Palant
Amy Rose Lisa Ortiz
Rouge the Bat Kathleen Delaney
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Eggman Nega


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 69.3%[7]
Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot 6.9/10
IGN 7.4/10

The game received mixed to positive reviews upon release. IGN rated the game a 7.4 out of 10, highlighting its replay value, its graphics, as well as its entertaining stages. GameSpot, which rated the game 6.9/10 said there was a good sense of speed and colorful graphics but that the level design was frustrating and tedious to get through. On average, this game has received a 69.3% through 12 reviews, according to Game Rankings' official score.[7]


Image Platform Description
Doublerivalsattackpack PlayStation Portable Released in a compilation with Sonic Rivals 2 as Double Rivals Attack Pack!. It was released in 2011 only in the United States.


  • This is Silver's first handheld appearance and (canonically) the first time Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles meet him (due the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) being erased).
  • This is the first Sonic game for the PlayStation Portable.
  • There are three types of clothing for each character, the first is leather, which comes in different colors. The second is misc, which is a different style of clothing for each character, Sonic's is called Black Tie, Knuckles' is called Eggman, Shadow's is called 80's and Silver's is called Christmas. The last is elemental, which represents different elements for each character, Sonic's is Ice, Knuckles' is Metal, Shadow's is Fire, and Silver's is Lightning.
  • If one were to count Metal Sonic as a hedgehog, then that would make Knuckles the only playable character who is not a hedgehog.
    • Inversely, this makes Amy the only hedgehog not playable in the game.
  • Metal Sonic is the only playable character who is not on the box art.
  • In the unlockable card for Coconuts, it is misspelled as "Coconut".
  • Shadow's artwork in this game is similar to his running artwork in Sonic Adventure 2.
    • Shadow on the box art has his eyes facing towards Knuckles. However, in the game, it's the same artwork, but his eyes are back to facing the front.
  • There is a hidden test room labeled "Test Room 2" in the coding. It can be loaded using a code-breaker, but it is just an empty room and the player cannot move.
  • Silver's outfit for the Secret Freedom Fighters in the Archie Comics is the same as his race outfit.
    • The Secret Freedom Fighters cover is also based off of the Sonic Rivals cover.
  • Some voice clips of Sonic were ripped from Sonic Rush.
  • In the cutscenes of the game, Knuckles says "Damn!" This makes Knuckles the only character to swear in more than one game and the only character to swear outside of Shadow the Hedgehog.



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