The Sonic Riders series is a collection of racing games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The series features Team Sonic partaking in Extreme Gear racing against their rivals the Babylon Rogues in various competitions such as the EX World Grand Prix. The Sonic Riders series introduced the Extreme Gear racing sport and Babylon lore.

List of games

Game Platform(s) Summary
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Sonic Riders
Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC First game in the series. Dr. Eggman hosts the first EX World Grand Prix, which is actually a scheme for him to get the Treasure of Babylon.
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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Wii and PlayStation 2 Replaces Air with Gravity Points. The heroes are after the Ark of the Cosmos which allows them to manipulate gravity.
Sonic Free Riders
Xbox 360 - Kinect required A new EX World Grand Prix where Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues settle the score, along with the newcomers Team Dark and Team Rose. The racer E-10000B is revealed to be Metal Sonic collecting racing data on the competition. Air-powered boards return.


As a racing game, the objective is to pass the finishing line first before the other opponents, though different objectives may be available depending on the game mode. Players choose one of various playable characters and then one of several racing vehicles called Extreme Gear, each with various stats and abilities. Extreme Gear would require Air to function or force the rider to run slower on foot. Air can be restored with various tricks of Kickers/Trick Zones or by riding on others' turbulance, the latter being a more effective method of both gaining air as well as advancing past whomever produced the slipstream. In the later games however, slipstreams became limited and was only available in certain situations.

The Rings in a race serves to increase and refills the Air Gauge when a certain number of them have been collected but can be lost when the player is attacked or falls off the course. The player keeps all Rings collected at the end of a race which then serves as the in-game currency used to purchase additional Extreme Gears.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity drops the concept of Air for Gravity Points, allowing players to ride indefinitely unless using Gravity Actions. Sonic Free Riders return the use of air, but with full-body motion control.

Power-up Items can be obtained and activated from touching Item Boxes in the course which include from granting Rings or Air/Gravity Points, weapons to attack other racers with or traps that hinder the racer.


  • In the Sonic Riders series, everyone wears exclusive sports attire when racing, such as new shoes, gloves or eye-protection. Amy Rose and Dr. Eggman who appear in usual clothes in cutscenes also switch to their sport attire when riding Extreme Gear.
  • Characters from other Sega games can be unlocked and are playable in the Sonic Riders games along with Sega-themed courses:
Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off games
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