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This is the script of the Heroes' storyline in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.


[Crimson Tower, night. A meteor flies through the sky towards the tower. A meteorite is seen from the computer room's window. After a while the shooting star distorts an energy wave, stops in midair and drops to the ground. It rolls along the ground until it hits a SCR-GP robot's foot. The robots in the MeteorTech facility activate by themselves, destroy the walls, and stomp towards the camera. The next morning in Monopole, a car is driven in a tube.]

Radio: Robots made by the leading security company MeteoTech are no longer responding to commands, and are running amok all over the world. The international security organization GUN has begun to investigate the event. MeteoTech has not issued a formal-

[Tails is driving and Sonic is playing with an Ark of the Cosmos.]

Sonic: Is this the meteor that fell last night?
Tails: Yeah! The sound of the impact woke me from my sleep, and I found it outside.
Knuckles: Yaawn...
Tails: We'll be at Megalo Station shortly.

[Megalo Station is shown from a distance. The heroes' car is going through a tunnel when a surveillance camera detects the Ark of the Cosmos in Sonic's hands. Security alarm goes off and Knuckles looks up.]

Knuckles: Hm? Hey!

[The door behind them is closed and robots are chasing them. they go ahead but the door ahead closes soon and they have to turn back.]

Tails: What should we do, Sonic!?
Sonic: [Points to an elevator] That elevator!

[They turn back again and get in which nearly shakes Knuckles off the vehicle. The elevator ascends.]

Knuckles: What's up with them?
Tails: Are they the ones from the news?
Sonic: Watch out!

[They reach the 300th floor and the door is opened. Many robots outside charge at the trio but Tails rides though them.]

Sonic: Go!

[The robots try to attack but the trio managed to shake them off and then they realize they're going to crash straight through a building.]

Sonic: Brace yourselves!

[The wall of the station explodes and Sonic begins falling while Tails starts flying and Knuckles glides.]

Tails: Sonic!

[A wave of blue energy is emitted from Sonic's position. Knuckles and Tails, while flying, turn to look at Sonic who is floating with the debris of the wall.]

Sonic: What's going on? Is this the stone's power? Heheh! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! [Free-falls towards the station]

Botanical Kingdom

[Botanical Kingdom. Robots are flying over the giant greenhouse, searching for Team Sonic. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are hiding within the giant plants inside the greenhouse and are looking at robots.]

Sonic: They don’t give a guy a break, huh?
Knuckles: We can’t just stand around here!
Sonic: Right! [Sonic is grabbed by Amy.] Whoa!
Amy: Guess who!
Sonic: Amy!? What are you doing here!?
Amy: Fated lovers are always drawn together, silly.
Sonic: Amy...
Amy: OK you got me. I was running away from those robots. I was so scared... [jumps onto Sonic.]
Sonic: H-hey...

[An Ark of the Cosmos falls to the ground.]

Tails: What’s that?
Amy: The cause of all my troubles! I picked it up and those stupid robots came after me!
Tails: So that's it! Those things must be after this stone!
Sonic: I guess that settles it, then. The key to solving this mystery is MeteoTech!
Knuckles: Hey, Sonic! We've got company!

[SCR-GP robots are rushing towards them.]

Sonic: OK... Here we go!

[The group ride on their Extreme Gears towards the camera.]

MeteorTech Premises

[MeteorTech Premises. Robots are everywhere on the assembly line. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are hiding behind a big door.]

Sonic: Looks like we’ll need to watch our step.

[Amy tries to take a closer look as a surveillance camera detects the Babylon Rogues behind them.]

Knuckles: [Pulls Amy back] Dang!

[SCR-GP robots start to rush towards Sonic and his friends but they pass them.]

Sonic: Look out! [Turns and looks behind him as the robots pass him] What? [The robots stop in front of the Babylon Rogues.] That's...!

[Jet performs Gravity Control and destroys the SCR-GP robots with his fellow members. Then they landed in front of Sonic and his friends.]

Jet: It’s been a while, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: Jet!

[Storm and Wave fall behind Jet.]

Wave: Long time no see, shorty.
Tails: Wave!
Storm: We’re here to settle the score from last time!
Knuckles: Any time, Babylon Rogues.
Jet: Cut it out, Storm! Alright, girly, hand over the Ark of the Cosmos!
Amy: What are you talking about?
Jet: Don’t play dumb! Not after swiping the Ark of the Cosmos right out of our hands!
Sonic: Hey, hold up a minute. Girls hate guys who rush them, Jet.
Jet: Rush? Heh, I’m the fastest thing living in the universe! And today, I’m going to prove it!

[A security alarm goes off and several robots begin coming towards them.]

Tails: Sonic, we can’t stay here!
Sonic: Looks like we’ll have to do the reunion later. See ya, Jet!
Jet: H-hey! Wait!

[Sonic, Jet, and the others ran down the path ahead.]

Aquatic Capital

[MeteorTech Premises. Sonic and Jet are riding on their Extreme Gears down a path.]

Jet: You can use that power, too!?
Sonic: Pretty handy, really.

[Sonic repels some robot with a burst of gravity. The scene changes to Eggman working with his computer in a room.]

Mother computer: Engage EM algorithm, maximum value. Access mother computer. Mother computer access denied.
Dr. Eggman: Why!? [Sound of crashing is heard] Hmm? [Stands up] What's this racket, and now of all times!

[Eggman goes to door. The door is opened. He points somewhere while he is confused, when Sonic and Jet come through and hit Eggman with their Extreme Gear, sending him backwards into his computer's key board.]

Knuckles: What went flying just now?
Dr. Eggman: [Gets up and sits on his chair] Do I look like a ball to you?!
Sonic: Eggman?! What are you doing here?!
Dr. Eggman: What do you mean? I own this company! Ahh ha ha ha ha!
Sonic: What!? So you're the ringleader behind this one too, Eggman?
Dr. Eggman: Ringleader? What the devil are you babbling about?
Sonic: Come on, cut the act. I'm talking about the global robot rampage!
Dr. Eggman: You must be joking. That's been quite a headache for me as well.
Knuckles: Like we'll believe anything you say!
Dr. Eggman: Calm down. We go way back, don't we? I'll let you in on something. Not even I know why are they've gone amok, but they appear to be following a leader.
Sonic: [Has a brief flashback of SCR-HD] A leader?! ...Well, I guess for now we'll buy that Eggman isn't involved.
Tails: So maybe that has nothing to do with the robots that attacked us...

[Sonic holds out his Ark of the Cosmos.]

Dr. Eggman: Wh-Where did you get that?!
Sonic: So you were holding out on us, Eggman!
Knuckles: [Threatens Eggman by cracking his knuckles.] Spill everything you know. Now!
Dr. Eggman: [Starts working with his computer] Very well. I'll tell you... [A picture of the mother computer room starts coming into the view] All robot activities within my facility is normally controlled by the mother computer. As the core of MeteoTech network, it was supposed to be the perfect computer. But as of a few days ago, I've been unable to control it remotely. [The power unit within the mother computer is shown] The power unit within the mother computer is a stone identical to the one you're holding. According to my analysis... That stone can covert huge amounts of mass energy into other forms of energy, and exudes a unique magnetic field...
Knuckles: Huh??
Dr. Eggman: Shut up and listen! [Several SCR-GP robots led by SCR-HD are shown] In any case, it appears that somehow the robots' leader also contains a stone with similar powers to the one in the mother computer.
Sonic: What!?
Dr. Eggman: [A map of the world is shown. Signals are sent from Crimson Tower] If my deductions are correct, the robots' leader is using the world's robots in an attempt to collect these strange stones from around the globe.
Sonic: But why do they need the stones?
Dr. Eggman: That even I don't know.
Jet: ...They're drawn to one another.
Dr. Eggman: What?
Jet: These aren't just some rocks. They're spoken of in Babylon clan legend as... Ah! That's right! Girl, give me back the Ark of the Cosmos!
Tails: Amy's gone!
Wave: Storm's not here either!
Dr. Eggman: Sounds like we've got a fix on the robot leader's location. [Starts working with his computer again] Satellite monitor on!

[Three points - one red, another grey, and the last magenta - are marked on the computer screen. The first shows a picture of SCR-HD, the second shows Storm, and the last shows Amy.]

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles: Amy!!

Gigan Rocks

[Aquatic Capital. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are riding down the road to Amy. Suddenly Sonic sees something and stops.]

Sonic: Amy!

[Amy is standing in front of the broken SCR-HD and then she turns to Sonic.]

Amy: It took you long enough!

[Amy starts beating Sonic. Tails goes to the robot.]

Tails: What happened here?
Amy: Don’t ask me! First it comes flying at me full tilt, then it just blows up.
Sonic: It blew up?! [Goes to SCR-HD]
Tails: Wait, does that mean...?!
Sonic: What is it, Tails?
Tails: Sorry... I need to think it through a little more first.
Knuckles: [Walks closer to Amy] Hey, where’s that meathead, Storm?
Amy: He grabbed something out of this robot and high-tailed it out of here.

[A broken part on the robot's back is shown. The group waits for a moment.]

Knuckles: So does this mean the rampaging robots will all cool it?
Tails: I don’t think it’s that simple. If Eggman started all this by putting that stone in his mother computer, I don’t think it’ll stop until we remove it.
Knuckles: So where is that?

[The group starts thinking. Suddenly, Amy gasps.]

Amy: Wait, I remember Storm saying something weird about the thing he took from that robot matching something they found someplace else. Well.. Ohh, where was it he said? Gi... Giga... Something like that. Wait, Gigan...
Knuckles: The Gigan Rocks.
Amy: Right! What you said!
Sonic: You know it, Knuckles?
Knuckles: It’s a pretty famous ruin among us treasure hunters. A legend about shooting stars tells of some star shard sealed there that can grant your wishes.
Tails: Shooting stars! Sonic let’s head to the Gigan Rocks right away! We might find a clue about these stones!
Knuckles: Leave the directions to me! But they say the star shard is in a sacred chalice deep in the ruins, and getting there ain’t easy. Nobody’s made it back alive yet. We’ll be risking our necks.
Sonic: Yeah! Don’t worry! That’s nothing new.

[The group rides away. The broken SCR-HD starts coming back online.]

Crimson Crater

Part One

[Gigan Rocks. Sonic and his friends arrive in some ruins with an altar and stop.]

Sonic: Was there an earthquake in here?

[The camera zooms out, revealing that the ruins were further ruined. Knuckles runs to the chalice at the altar.]

Knuckles: It’s gone!!
Sonic: What’s wrong, Knuckles?
Knuckles: [Looks around the altar] The legends say the star shard is supposed to be in this chalice... Did it roll off somewhere in the quake?

[Tails is looking at the painting behind the altar. He comes closer.]

Sonic: Hey, Tails, what’s up with this painting?
Tails: The divine wings...
Amy: Divine wings? [Walks closer to Tails]
Tails: Yes, the legendary bird that the gods rode through the heavens. Knuckles, see if you can read the inscription.
Knuckles: [Nods] ...The divine wings, straddler of stars, lose their plumes to the dark and fall to the ground. The plumes become as stars, returning to this land. We, the children of Babylon...
Sonic: Babylon?!
Knuckles: What connection do they have with these stones?
Tails: We still don’t know that. But could the stones those robots are after be the plumes written about here? The divine wings, straddler of stars... Could they be power units, used to operate some starship?
Sonic: So this divine wing thing is...
Tails: Right... Babylon Garden...

[Eggman’s Egg Mobile flies across the sky above. Following it are the Babylon Rogues in their airship.]

Sonic: Jet! Eggman!!
Tails: Knuckles, what does the rest of inscription say?
Knuckles: Huh? Oh, right. ...We, the children of Babylon, seal one star here, and another within the great scar, formed in heaven’s fall, until the time of the divine wings' rising.
Sonic: The great scar?
Knuckles: There's more... The great scar, lying in the east among earth stained red by the dawn’s light...
Tails: Eggman and Jet were headed east! The great scar must be the crater formed when the meteorites struck ground. That must be where Eggman found the plume!
Sonic: Which means the mother computer...
Tails: ...Is probably waiting there, too.
Sonic: All right, time to go catch up!

Part Two

[Crimson Tower. Sonic and his friends are riding in a desert toward the crater.]

Sonic: Hm?

[The Babylon Rouges are seen standing at the base of the Crimson Tower.]

Jet: Heh, it took you long enough.
Sonic: Where's Eggman?
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy hop off of their Extreme Gears. Jet points at the Crimson Tower behind him.]
Wave: They call it the Crimson Tower. It’s the MeteoTech's signal tower. Commands sent out here relay through facilities across the world to control the robots. In other words, you're looking at MeteoTech's brain!
Storm: That fink Eggman nabbed the Arks of the Cosmos we'd got and ran in there...
Sonic: What's he after this time?
Tails: He's probably planning to use the stones' power to issue an order to all the worlds' robots from this tower. Sooner or later, he was planning to set the robots rampaging.
Amy: That was probably his reason for forming the MeteoTech in the first place.
Sonic: The Eggman Land project again, huh? He never gives up, does he? [Gets on his Extreme Gear] Well... Looks like we gotta storm the place.

[Sonic starts riding toward the Crimson Tower but suddenly Jet gets in his way.]

Jet: Hold it.
Sonic: Huh?
Jet: You think I was sitting around here twiddling my thumbs? Sonic the Hedgehog?
Sonic: I follow you. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Jet: [Points at the Crimson Tower] First one to nab Eggman gets all of the Arks of the Cosmos! [Wave and Storm are surprised] And the title of fastest creature in the universe!
Sonic: Heh, sounds like fun to me!
Jet: Let’s get started!

[Everyone rides on the main path leading towards the tower.]

Heroes Ending

[Crimson Tower. Eggman is in the mother computer’s room. A container for the Arks of the Cosmos comes out of the ceiling. Eggman starts putting Arks in it, when the door to the room opens and Sonic and Jet come in, followed by Tails, Knuckles, Storm and Wave. The wind of Sonic and Jet’s Extreme Gears sends Eggman backwards and the drops the Arks of the Cosmos he was holding, which Sonic and Jet grab. Eggman falls on the computer and gets an electric shock. The master unit for the Arks of the Cosmos is rejected which Wave grabs.]

Wave: So this is the master unit.
Mother computer: System error detected. All commands canceled.
Eggman: My Eggman land plans are in ruins, after all these years!
Sonic: Deal with it, Eggman! You’re through!

[The ground starts shaking. Knuckles walks up to Eggman and threatens him.]

Knuckles: A trap?! What have you done, Eggman?!
Tails: Look!
Sonic: Babylon Garden...

[The Babylon Garden is seen outside the Crimson Tower.]

Wave: The resonance from all 5 power units must have called it down.
Jet: Then the legends were right...

[Sonic and Jet look at their Arks of the Cosmos.]

Sonic: Here... [Throws his Arks of the Cosmos to Jet]
Jet: H-Hey! We haven't settled anything yet! [Sonic gets ready to go] Turning tail and running away, Sonic the Hedgehog?
Sonic: Running away? Who do you think I am? I’ll be waiting... See you at the World Grand Prix.

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