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This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Unused graphics


Early Final Description
SRZG Early Logo.png
An early logo for the game.
SRZG Early Character Renders.png
SRZG Final Character Renders.png
Early graphics for the character selection. All of them have no shadow or outline.
SRZG Early Gears Renders 1.png

SRZG Early Gears Renders 2.png

SRZG Early Gears Renders 3.png

SRZG Early Gears Renders 4.png
SRZG Final Gears Renders 1.png

SRZG Final Gears Renders 2.png

SRZG Final Gears Renders 3.png

SRZG Final Gears Renders 4.png
Early graphics for the Extreme Gears. Though most of them are just placeholders, the early graphics has eighty-two Extreme Gears while the final game has eighty-one.
SRZG Early Level Renders 1.png
SRZG Final Level Renders 1.png
Early images of the level selection with different lighting, different camera and most of them being unfinished.
SRZG Early Story 1.png
SRZG Final Story 1.png
Early graphics for the Story Mode. The early graphics almost look like they were used from the in-game models. They were later changed to the images from the box art.

Metal City

SRZG Metal City Title.png

A logo of Metal City seemingly ripped from the Sonic Riders. No proof of the track has been found, however.

Early/Mispelled names

  • Levels:
  • Extreme Gears:
  • Characters:
    • Cream was misspelled as "Crea".
    • Rouge was misspelled as "Roug".

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