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This is the script of the Heroes' storyline in Sonic Riders.


[At night, on top of a building...]

Tails: I think the signal's coming from around here. [Tails is holding a circular scanning device, with the words "Jamming Wave" displayed on its screen.] Hmm... that's really weird. It looks like something's jamming the radar signal.

[The sound of shattering glass resounds nearby. Sonic turns to the direction of the noise.]

Sonic: Hmm?

[Higher up on another building, three figures cloaked within the night's shadows break through a couple of windows; all three figures are riding on Extreme Gears. Knuckles points to them.]

Knuckles: There! What's that?

[An icon on Tails' handheld device focuses around its digital representation of the three airborne figures.]

Tails: Sonic!! The Emerald's over there!

[The three land on the ground and, using their Extreme Gears, rush off down the close-by street.]

Sonic: All right! Now we're talkin'!

[Sonic jumps off the building he's on, spinning rapidly in the air during his descent. Six police units are giving chase to the three figures. As Sonic lands on the ground, he braces himself to stop the Airboarders, but the one closest to him - green in color - merely swerves passed Sonic. While Sonic looks in surprise at the fleeing green rider, Knuckles drops down behind Sonic and punches one of the other two riders - this one grey - off his Gear and spiraling through the air. Tails looks at the insignia on the Extreme Gear, which depicts a lamp. The last of the three riders - who's purple - picks her grey companion out of the air and continues moving on without so much as pausing or breaking sequence.]

Knuckles: Shoot!

[Sonic picks up the board dropped by the grey rider, then flinging it into the air, runs towards and flips himself onto it. Quickly making it into the tunnel where the action's taking place, Sonic weaves in and out of the cars, until catching up with the green member of the trio. They exchange a few blows; seeing that it isn't working, Sonic swerves around the green rider, getting ahead of him.]

Jet: Oh, not bad.

[Clearing the tunnel, Sonic looks back, but notices that his rival disappeared.]

Sonic: What the--?!

[Sonic looks up to see the competitor throttle down from the sky, his speed generating an incredible amount of wind behind him. The pseudo-shockwave from his opponent's landing sends Sonic spiraling through the air, just like the grey rider who Knuckles punched before.]

Jet: Hmph. So, you're supposed to be the fastest thing alive?

[He rides out of view, as the grey rider - still hanging on to the purple rider's board - grabs his board out of the air. Tails and Knuckles catch up to Sonic as he lifts himself off the ground.]

Sonic: Oh, new competition!

Metal City

[At Future City, Eggman broadcasts himself onto a large television monitor, which previously read "Air Board Festival".]

Dr. Eggman: Oh, hohohohoho!
Sonic, Tails & Knuckles: Eggman!!
Dr. Eggman: Ladies and gentleman! Welcome everyone! I hope you're all ready for a show; we've got an exciting event, just for you. Hohohohoho! Since you all seem so bored, I put together a little something extra to spice things up! I call it the "EX World Grand Prix"; a tournament to see who's the best of the best with Extreme Gear. Not just a race, but a special race, to see who's the fastest. And... these races are no-holds-barred! All contestants pay a simple entry fee of one Chaos Emerald and the winner takes it all! So, let's see who among you dares to meet this challenge!

[The monitor goes back to its previous Extreme Gear advertisement.]

Sonic: Eggman again! Just what is he up to this time?!

[Eggman reappears on the screen.]

Dr. Eggman: And there's more! Before I forget, I'll present the current contestants. These players, they're hot; the best racers I could find!

[The three individuals from the previous night appear on the monitor, along with the statistics for their Extreme Gears; Storm the Albatross (grey), Wave the Swallow (purple), and Jet the Hawk (green). As Jet's information comes up on-screen--]

Sonic: Hey, that's...! ...The EX World Grand Prix, huh? Let's do this!

Splash Canyon

Knuckles: Yeah, but what exactly is Eggman really after?
Sonic: Aw, it can't be anything too important.
Amy: Hey, Sonic!
Sonic: Huh? Amy...?

[Sonic's eyes droop; Amy runs up to him, screeching to a halt.]

Sonic: Don't tell me you've signed up too?
Amy: Of course. It really looks exciting and fun. Why wouldn't I join? And besides... this way, I'll be able to keep my eyes on you. *wink*
Sonic: Ugh.

[Tails is looking at Sonic's board.]

Sonic: Tails?
Tails: Hmm... That mark... *flashback to the emblem on Storm's board*
Sonic: Mark?
Tails: Uh-huh. I think it was on the boards of those guys we ran into in Future City. ...Babylon...
Sonic, Knuckles & Amy: Babylon?
Tails: Yes; the mark of the Babylon Rogues. A long time ago, there was a floating island known as Babylon Garden. Supposedly, robbers lived there. According to rumors... this "legendary" band, the Babylon Rogues, were great thieves.

[A series of hieroglyphics illustrate what Tails says.]

Tails: Legend also says that the Babylon Rogues incurred the wrath of the Gods because of their crimes, and that the island was cast into the depths of the Earth. After that, supposedly the Babylonians were then scattered for all time, never to be found. But they say that the Babylon Rogue's treasure still remains on that island, waiting to be discovered.

[The hieroglyphics end.]

Tails: There are also rumors that the Babylon Rogues were Extreme Gear specialists.
Knuckles: Still, how can a plank like that just float?
Tails: That's easy to explain. According to the Kutta-Joukowski Lift Theorem, the control surface flow is balanced by the inverse kinetics of the--

[Knuckles eyes start spinning.]

Knuckles: STOP!! I get it, okay?! It just floats and that's good enough for me!
Wave: Ah-hahahaha!

[Wave walks up to everyone.]

Knuckles: Huh?
Wave: Sorry, but it's just too funny! Huh? That Gear's unusual.
Tails: Customized it myself.
Wave: *picks it up* Hmm... *turns it around* Hmm! Hahahahahaha! Well, I never imagined anyone would enter the race with such a piece of junk. Hahaha! *hands it back to Tails* Thanks though. It was good for a laugh. See ya, shorty!

[Wave walks away.]

Amy: Oh that girl! Who does she think she is?!
Sonic: Yeah! How can she just walk in and diss Tails?
Knuckles: I know! And tinkering's all he's really good at, too.

[Tails, looking in Wave's direction, appears infuriated.]

Omochao (speakers): The next race is about to begin. Please come to the gate, participants!

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy all start running to the gate.]

Egg Factory

[At Egg Factory, Knuckles walks past a couple of robots. As he turns a corner, he and Storm bump into each other (literally), resulting in Knuckles lying on the floor. After a moment to take in what just happened, they point to each other--]

Knuckles & Storm: Ah!
Knuckles: It's you!
Storm: I'll make sure to pay you back for this!

[Knuckles stands up.]

Knuckles: Hah! I let you get away last time, but definitely NOT today!
Storm: Why wait 'til later, you little punk? I'll pay you back tenfold, NOW!

[Knuckles starts to wind up a punch, but hits the robot behind him instead. As it falls down against Knuckles, he props it up.]

Knuckles: Em, sorry.
Storm: Wa-hahahaha! What're you doin', you clumsy fool? Was that supposed to be some kind of punch?

[Storm begins to wind up a punch of his own.]

Knuckles: Nice try, buddy!

[Knuckles dodges to the side, making Storm hit the robot by accident. Storm walks closer to the robot.]

Storm: Sorry there! It wasn't my fault! If he hadn't jumped out of the way just now, I would've clobbered--

[The robot's arm comes off in Storm's hand, right before it blows up.]

Knuckles: --WHAT?!
Omochao: The race is about to start! All participants, please get to your positions now.
Knuckles: Gah! The track then; we'll settle this there!
Storm: Looking forward to it!

Green Cave

[At Green Cave, Sonic launches off a ramp, doing three right-spin tricks, as Tails and Knuckles watch.]

Omochao (speakers): The semifinal race will begin in ten minutes! Please convene at the gate prior to that time.
Sonic: Hah!

[He flips off his board, catches it, then lands on the ground.]

Tails: That's cool, Sonic! When did you learn those techniques?
Sonic: He-heh!
Jet: Not very impressive for someone of your reputation.

[Jet's standing on a tree branch.]

Sonic: You...
Jet: You know, I've checked you out actually. Not bad; I admit you're pretty fast on your feet. But here, it's a whole different story when riding with Extreme Gear! You see, to be the fastest on a Gear, you have to become one with the wind! Without wings, well, you might as well kiss the ground and go home!

[Jet leaps into the trees above him.]

Jet: Ah-hahahahahaha!
Knuckles: Who does he think he is?!
Sonic: Hmm... Well I don't think he's all talk, you know; I better be on my toes during this competition.
Wave: [Tails' mind] (I never imagined anyone would enter the race with such a piece of junk.)
Tails: Sorry, Sonic; I just need to fine tune some things, then your Extreme Gear will be at a hundred percent.
Sonic: Hey Tails, you always do your best, so don't worry.
Tails: Yeah, but she has a point; she's a really brilliant mecha mechanic. Sonic! Don't worry; I'll unlock the secret of the Extreme Gear for us!

[Sonic nods.]

Sand Ruins

Omochao (speakers): Now, our race has reached its final stage. The remaining competitors are pacing, anxious for the race to begin. Only a few minutes left. Who will win this big event?

[Confetti is being thrown in the coliseum.]

Amy: Sonic! Congratulations! I'll be over here, cheering you on!

[Sonic nods; Amy smiles. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Jet all start walking up the coliseum's large staircase.]

Dr. Eggman (television): And now, it's time for the final event! And it's set here... in Sand Ruins! The rules are still the same; anything goes in this extreme race! Although it needs no further explanation, the first one to reach the goal will win this race!

[Five of the seven Chaos Emeralds are set on an "altar" at the stair's top.]

Dr. Eggman (television): But remember, the prize will be won by the racer who's performed the best throughout this competition!

[Sonic takes out his Emerald; Jet does the same.]

Jet: Hah, you're lucky you got this far. It obviously wasn't due to your, "skills."
Sonic: Heh, I won't lose now.

[They both set their Emeralds down.]

Dr. Eggman (television): Hohoho! Get ready; it's time for the final race to begin!


[Each of the Chaos Emeralds shoots a small beam of light into the control box, which ignite a glowing sphere inside it. Said sphere fires a beam of light like the Emeralds, but aiming it out at the desert. In the distance, mountains of dirt are thrown out as a loud rumbling starts. A floating ruin - Babylon Garden - raises out of the sand and into the sky.]

Jet: This... this is... Babylon Garden...

[A crane outreaches and grabs the control box out of Jet's hand, with an added (comedic) 'popping' sound. Jet, dazed by the sight of Babylon Garden, doesn't notice the crane, but only flexes his hand slightly with the feel of the box missing; by the time Eggman speaks, Jet notices the box is gone.]

Dr. Eggman: Hohohohoho! Now I'll get the Treasure of Babylon!
Amy: Oh, no!

[Amy runs up to Eggman, and grabs onto the machine he's using to fly. Ignoring Amy, Eggman takes off for Babylon Garden.]

Jet: Eggman!
Sonic: Tails! Knuckles! We gotta get Eggman!

Babylon Garden

[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are in the Tornado, next to Jet's airship. Eggman cruises by on his E-Rider down below, on Babylon Garden. Sonic prepares to jump off the Tornado, but Tails stops him.]

Sonic: I found you!
Tails: Wait, Sonic, use this!

[Tails tosses Sonic the Blue Star II.]

Sonic: What is it?
Tails: It's a new Gear I prepped up, just in case something like this happened.
Sonic: Thinking ahead Tails? Thanks!

[Sonic dives off the Tornado; Jet meets him in the air.]

Sonic: Jet...

[They both land on the Garden.]

Jet: You can't catch up with him! Get outta my way!
Sonic: Is that what you think? Take a look at this! I'll show you what true speed really is!

Heroes Ending

[Sonic crosses the finish line first, with Jet just a bit behind. Sonic stops and turns around, right as Jet loses balance and gets sent spiraling through the air.]

Sonic: Even without wings, I can still fly! Right? [Jet hits the ground in frustration. Elsewhere in Babylon Garden, Eggman is in front of a huge door covered with markings.] Where are you, Eggman?!

[Sonic gets off his board; but as he walks closer to Eggman, the doctor reaches into a bush and pulls out Amy.]

Dr. Eggman: Haha! Look before you move!
Sonic: Darn!

[Jet comes into view.]

Dr. Eggman: Hohohoho! Now then... just be a good hedgehog and stay still.

[Eggman smirks. He starts to raise Jet's control box up to the door, but--]

Sonic: Now!! [Sonic charges up the thrusters on his board, taking off into the air, leaving a whirlwind in his wake. Eggman shields his eyes.] Can you catch the wind?

[As Eggman opens his eyes, he sees that Sonic's gone.]

Dr. Eggman: What?! Where are you?!
Sonic: I'm here!

[Sonic crashes straight down from above, sending Eggman and Amy into another tornado. Sonic catches the control box as it flies from Eggman's grip.]

Sonic: Hey, catch!

[Sonic tosses it to Jet; he catches it.]

Jet: Wh-what?! [Sonic lands in front of Jet; Tails and Knuckles stand next to Sonic.] Hmph! I lost. So don't play games with me. I don't want your pity, nor do I need it!

[Jet hands the control box out to Sonic.]

Wave: Wha-? Are you crazy? [Wave and Storm walk in.] If they don't want it, then let's take it. Treasure is treasure.

[Jet looks down, but follows Wave and Storm.]

Sonic: Ah, I think it's time to leave now. Tails?
Tails: Yeah.

[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles turn to leave.]

Amy: So-NIIIC?!

[Sonic looks more than a bit scared.]

Sonic: Amy...?

[Amy's looking at the ground.]

Amy: How could you dive into Eggman knowing I was there!?
Sonic: Well, Amy... I thought... it'd be... okay... with you, and, uh...

[Amy looks up, glaring at Sonic. She starts chasing him with her hammer.]

Amy: Sonic!! Come back HERE! AHHH!! Sonic! I won't forgive you this time!

[Amy chases Sonic back to Tails and Knuckles, who they then proceed to run around in circles.]

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