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This is the script of the Babylon storyline in Sonic Riders.

Prologue/Night Chase

[The airship is flying near a couple of mountains at night as Eggman approaches from behind in a small machine. Inside Jet's room, Jet is holding his control box. As Storm runs to the door from outside, his feet thump loudly on the floor; reaching the door, he abruptly flings it open.]

Storm: Hey, boss!
Jet: Wha--?!

[Jet falls out of his seat. Storm bangs on the desk.]

Storm: We've got MAJOR trouble!!

[Wave walks up to the side of the door.]

Wave: Storm! At least learn to knock before entering a room.

[Storm, looking back, shrugs. He picks Jet's control box up off the table.]

Storm: What's this? Oh, is this...?

[Jet stands up.]

Jet: Yeah. That's when I took over things for my father.
Wave: So is this the key to the fabled Babylon Garden?
Storm: I wonder... Could it be true? Could our ancestors have left behind hidden treasure that's just waiting to be discovered?

[Jet nods.]

Wave: Hmm...

[Wave reaches for the control box, but Storm pulls it away.]

Storm: Uh-uh! If you get your greasy little hands on this, you'll probably use it in some crazy experiment of yours!
Wave: Oh, come on; I only want to look at it.
Storm: You always say you ONLY want this or that!

[Jet sits down. As Storm talks, Jet looks progressively more annoyed and impatient.]

Storm: Remember the teachings of our ancestors, "Be careful what you ask for, ultimately you'll only get three true wishes."
Jet: Oh, be quiet! Why'd you burst in here anyway?!
Storm: Well, uh, an egg head? Egg, salad? No...

[Wave puts her arm in front of Storm.]

Wave: Someone called Eggman wants to speak to you.

[Storm pushes Wave aside.]

Storm: He told me that he has an interesting proposition for you.

[Wave pushes back.]

Wave: Stop interrupting. Knock it off!

[They turn their back to each other.]

Storm: Hmph!
Jet: A-hem!

[Eggman walks in.]

Dr. Eggman: Ahem... am I interrupting anything?
Jet: So then, I heard you wanted to see me?
Dr. Eggman: Are you Jet, the legendary Rogue? Your reputation precedes you. I've heard so much about your infamous group.
Jet: Enough! What do you want?
Dr. Eggman: Well now, I heard a rumor, a rumor that you have the key to Babylon Garden. Now, could this be true?

[Eggman looks at the control box in Storm's hand, light flashing across his glasses. Storm notices; hiding the box behind his back, he whistles innocently.]

Jet: Huh? What's this key?
Dr. Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! Really now, you don't have to be so distrusting... Were you aware of this? I imagine not, yet. The key to Babylon Garden is...

[Eggman moves over to Jet, finishing his sentence by whispering.]

Jet: Heh. So let me get this straight, we just need to collect all these Chaos Emeralds, right?

[Eggman nods.]

Jet: Sounds easy.
Dr. Eggman: You really think so, eh?
Jet: What do you mean? Are you saying the Babylon Rogues aren't capable of stealing some puny emeralds?
Dr. Eggman: No, of course not. But... have you seen this character before?

[Eggman presses a few buttons on his coat's left arm's wrist, producing a hologram of Sonic which displays statistics about him.]

Dr. Eggman: He's called Sonic, and said to be the fastest creature on Earth. I've had many, many dreadful encounters with this pest.
Jet: Hmph. He may be the fastest creature on the ground, but in the air, with me and my Extreme Gear, he's just a joke. Ah ha ha ha ha!

Red Canyon

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are all talking.]

Knuckles: I get it, okay?! It just floats and that's good enough for me!
Wave: Ah ha ha ha!

[Wave walks up to everyone.]

Knuckles: Huh?
Wave: Sorry! But it's just too funny!

[Wave looks over at Tails, who's holding Sonic's Extreme Gear, the Blue Star.]

Wave: (Let's see...) Huh? That Gear's unusual.
Tails: Customized it myself.

[Wave picks up the Blue Star and takes a look at it.]

Wave: Hmmmm. (This isn't half bad, for an amateur. Still... You can never be too careful.) [Wave turns the board around and places a small bomb on it.] Hmm! Ah ha ha ha ha! Well, I never imagined anyone would enter the race with such a piece of junk. Hahaha! [Wave hands the Blue Star back to Tails.] Thanks though. It was good for a laugh. See ya, shorty.

[Wave walks away.]

Amy: Oh that girl, who does she think she is?!

[Wave smirks as she walks away.]

Ice Factory

[The airship is flying near a couple of mountains. Inside Jet's room, Jet is holding his control box. As Storm runs to the door from outside, his feet thump loudly on the floor; reaching the door, he abruptly flings it open.]

Storm: S-Sorry...
Jet: Wha--?!

[Jet falls out of his seat. Storm bangs on the desk.]

Storm: Boss? T-The red dude beat me, in the race...
Jet: Argh...

[Jet pulls himself up, using the desk as a support. Wave walks up to the side of the door.]

Wave: Man, you really are worthless.

[Storm looks back at Wave, but then turns again to Jet.]

Storm: Boss... It wasn't my fault! H-he must've cheated. That's it. He must've used some special type of Gear!
Wave: What? Are you implying that you lost because of my Gear?! No one can tune a Gear the way I can! Accept it, buddy. it's not the board, your skills just suck!
Storm: W-Wh... W-Wha? S... S... S-Suck?
Wave: Yes. S-U-C-K. Suck.
Storm: Su... S... S... S...
Jet: Stop it! Now, let's get down to business. I believe our colleague, Eggman... He's gotta be hiding something. And you know... I don't like secrets, so I've got a job for you, Storm!
Storm: Sure!
Jet: I want you to sneak into Eggman's base, and find out what he's hiding there! Make sure you look carefully!

[Storm salutes.]

Storm: You got it, boss!

[Storm turns to leave, but--]

Jet: Hey, before you go... Bring something back, or don't return at all!
Storm: Yes, sir!!

[Storm runs out of the room at blazing speed. He passes the door, turns back to Jet, salutes again, and slams the door shut, knocking a framed picture off the wall, which falls down on Jet.

Jet: AHHH!!

[Jet knocks the painting away, stomps the floor a few times, then kicks his desk away.]

White Cave

[In the forest, Jet lies on the ground, asleep. Waking up a little and then yawning, he leans back, prepared to return to sleep. However, Wave walks by, interrupting his nap.]

Jet: Aaaahm!
Wave: Oh... oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... Ugh!
Jet: Hrr?
Wave: Hmm, what's taking Storm so long?
Jet: Just sit down and relax. Chill, Wave.
Wave: Really, Jet! How can you be so relaxed at a time like this? Don't you see? As the leader, you've got responsibilities. Some you understand, but you...

[Wave's voice changes into a high-pitched, squeaky, insanely fast tone as Jet tunes her out. After a while, Jet notices something.]

Jet: Huh?

[Sonic launches off a ramp, doing three right-spin tricks, as Tails and Knuckles watch.]

Jet: Hmm, I think it's time for a little fun.

[Jet slowly sneaks away, with Wave continuing her lecture in the same manner while not noticing this until she finally stopped.]

Wave: Huh?

[She sees Jet jumping up some trees.]

Wave: Hey, Jet! You come back here! Right now! Why do I even bother? Unless I take charge, nothing ever gets done here.

[She picks up her board and walks off.]

Dark Desert

[Storm rides towards Jet and Wave, who're by a ruin next to the coliseum.]

Storm: Boss! Sorry to keep you waiting for me.

[He comes to a grinding halt, which knocks him off his board, falling face-down onto the sand.]

Jet: How'd it go?

[Storm stands up, panting. He extends a small microchip out to Jet.]

Storm: Take a look at this, boss.
Wave: Gimme!

[Waves takes it. It projects a fast-paced stream of data onto a holographic monitor.]

Wave: Uh-huh. Yes... Hmm...? Is this?
Jet: What is it?
Storm: It's an entry in Eggman's diary. It's about the Babylon treasure from our ancient ancestors...

[A few new screens appear.]

Jet: Hmm... "Heh heh heh! I got those Bird Brains to believe that Babylon treasure was just a gem."

[Jet's and Eggman's voices start to meld, as Eggman begins to narrate.]

Jet/Dr. Eggman: "I can't believe they fell for it. What fools!"

[Eggman switches over entirely.]

Dr. Eggman: "Can you believe the real treasure is the ancient, but advanced technology of the Babylonians? What irony! I've found a story about a boy who received an Angel Wing from the Babylonians as a gift. The story says that with it, the boy was able to rule the world. And this was just a gift!! I'm anxious to find this technology as soon as possible. Imagine the vast possibilities of the technology they must have kept for themselves. Hehehehehehe!"

[The diary entry ends.]

Storm: Ah man, I guess it's not a gem after all.
Jet: Hmm.

[Jet picks up his board and starts walking.]

Jet: Oh well, guess this was just a wasted effort. Too bad really. I haven't the slightest interest in world domination or advanced technology.
Wave: Hey, wait a second okay Jet?

[Jet stops walking.]

Wave: While Eggman may not look smart, he is. He has an IQ of 300 after all. If he's interested in this technology, it must have value.
Jet: Are you saying there's profit in this?
Wave: Think about it, it may be more valuable than finding silver, or gold.
Jet: Hmmm.

[Jet imagines himself standing amid piles and piles of gold coins and bags containing said coins.]

Jet: Heh heh Hah ha ha ha ha ha!

[Wave's alarm sounds.]

Jet: Why'd you do that? I was just having this great daydream.

[Wave turns the alarm off.]

Wave: Come on Jet, it's time to go back to the race.
Jet: All right. Let's finish this, then we'll finally get the treasure of Babylon.

[Jet, Wave and Storm all ride off towards the coliseum.]

Sky Road

[Omochao is broadcasted on a monitor.]

Omochao: News Flash: A mysterious airborne object has just appeared above the site where the EX World Grand Prix is being held. [The monitor shows Babylon Garden rising out of the desert.] Apparently Sonic and his friends have gone to investigate. We'll try and get more details right after this important announcement...

Babylon Guardian

Part 1

[Tails, Knuckles, Wave and Storm all land on Babylon Garden; Tails falls off his board, while Knuckles lands perfectly.]

Wave: Oh man, looks like we have company.
Knuckles: We gonna rumble?

[Knuckles and Storm walk up to each other, preparing to fight. A series of Eggman's robots approach everyone, setting their targets on Knuckles and Storm.]

E-10000R: Targeting... Targeting... Attack!

[The horde of E-10000R and E-10000G robots run towards Knuckles and the rest. Tails stands up.]

Tails: Knuckles, now's not the time to fight!
Wave: Smart thinking! Let's get out of here! Forget the red mutt. Let's go, Storm!
Knuckles: Did she say, "Red mutt"...?

[Storm and Wave ride away, with Knuckles tailing them.]

Knuckles: W-Why you... !
Tails: Hey Knuckles, wait for me!

[Tails dashes to his board. Getting on it, he darts away, knocking the robots behind him with his turbulence.]

Part 2

[Wave smirks as she sees Jet in the distance, talking with Sonic, Knuckles and Tails.]

Jet: Hmph! I lost. So don't play games with me! I don't want your pity, nor do I need it!

[Jet hands the control box out to Sonic.]

Wave: Wha-? Are you crazy?

[Wave and Storm walk up to everyone.]

Wave: If they don't want it, then let's take it. Treasure is treasure!

[Jet looks down, but follows Wave and Storm.]

Wave: Come on, let's get out of here!

[They go to the door where Eggman was.]

Jet: OK, let's go!

[Jet raises his control box up to the door. A bright light shines from within it, opening the door, revealing a large chamber inside with a door on the far end. The Babylon Rogues head towards while back outside, Amy is chasing Sonic in circles around Tails and Knuckles, but they stop as the Babylon Guardian lets out a growl.]

Babylon Guardian: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Sonic: What!? Hmm, finally something interesting.

[Back in the chamber, Jet, Wave and Storm pass through the second door into an enormous and seemingly endless corridor. As they get a ways into the passage, the Babylon Guardian growls again.]

Babylon Guardian: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[The doors begin to close. Sonic & co. are in the chamber, heading for the corridor.]

Tails: Look Sonic! The door's closing!
Sonic: Hurry up!

[They make it in just as the doors shut completely. With everyone sealed in the room, the Babylon Guardian makes his entrance.]

Babylon Guardian: Greedy fools... Those who seek treasure will find only...
Sonic: Whoa, what's this?

The Real Treasure

Babylon Guardian: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[The Babylon Guardian dissolves into light, leaving behind a treasure-chest. Sonic & Jet open the chest.]

All: Oh, it's...!

[Eggman comes in, pointing two guns at the group.]

Dr. Eggman: Hehehehehe! Too awestruck by the treasure to notice me, eh?
Sonic: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Now hand over the treasure!

[Sonic and Jet exchange laughs with each other.]

Dr. Eggman: W-What's so funny? Hand over the treasure right now!
Jet: Okay, catch!

[Jet tosses Eggman the treasure; a carpet.]

Dr. Eggman: Hehehehehe! The Treasure of Babylon is finally mine! Huh? What iS this thing? A piece of cloth...

[Eggman unfolds the carpet, letting a letter fall to the ground.]

Dr. Eggman: Let's see... Ah, this looks interesting. "At long last we've created our ultimate invention. With this, our lives will be easier, without the need to work so hard to keep ourselves flying. Stolen, the 13th leader of the Babylon Rogues..."

[Eggman picks up the carpet.]

Dr. Eggman: It's amazing! The carpet's rich texture is a sight to behold! And the way it feels is extraordinary...

[He brushes it against his face.]

Dr. Eggman: Something such as this could only have been created in Babylon! Undoubtedly, this carpet will be in high demand from all around the world. But... But what's this? No way... I went to the trouble of holding the World Grand Prix for... For this..? I... I can't believe I just wasted my time for this piece of junk.

[Eggman collapses onto the floor from shock. Tails goes to the carpet.]

Tails: Hmm? What's this?
Wave: Good eyes. Didn't think you'd spot it for a second, shorty. But you did.
Sonic: Hey, what're you talking about?
Wave: This, isn't just a piece of fabric.
Tails: Right, take a look at the material. It's the same stuff we use for our Extreme Gear.
Jet: You don't say...

[Jet pulls out his control box; the light inside it resonates, causing the carpet to float off the ground.]

Sonic: Oh, it's...
Wave: Not sure, but maybe it's a prototype Gear...
Sonic: A magic carpet? I thought that those only existed in fiction.
Jet: That's quite funny, actually. I never imagined that we Babylonians could be descendants of real genies.


[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Jet, Wave and Storm all look out at Babylon Garden from down below.]

Sonic: So, you're leaving this place?
Jet: Yeah. The back of the carpet has more words of wisdom. It says, "This was invented to allow Babylonians to travel all over the world to gather treasure." Some things never change, huh? But enough of this friendly banter, Sonic. You better make sure you're ready when we meet face to face once again.
Sonic: You bet!
Wave: Come on, Jet. It's time to split.

[Storm hits Wave on the back.]

Storm: Hey, I wanted to say that...

[Jet sighs.]

Tails: We should split, too. Right?

["Catch Me If You Can" starts to play.]

Sonic: Yeah.

[Jet and Sonic toss their boards in the air; leaping onto them, they move directly opposite each other. Curving back around, they jump through the sky, passing each other; their boards' engines' exhaust creating an "X". They look back at each other one last time, smirking. Wave and Storm dash on ahead - Jet follows, but speaks to Sonic, even though he can't hear.]

Jet: You may be the fastest, for now... but I'll be back, Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Jet darts in between Storm and Wave, jumping off an arch in the sand.]

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