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The Sonic Radar[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a radar made by Dr. Robotnik for tracking Sonic the Hedgehog.



The Sonic Radar is a yellow machine shaped like a short cylinder, standing on a cone-shaped base. It has a keyboard and screen for navigating and tracking Sonic's location and a slot where a Power Ring can be inserted into. It also has laser cannons on its upper side.[1]

Features and traits

Powered by a Power Ring, the Sonic Radar is designed to specifically track Sonic the Hedgehog's location. For this purpose, it can fire green lasers that pinpoint Sonic's exact location.[1]


After gaining a Power Ring from Antoine Depardieu, Dr. Robotnik used it to power his Sonic Radar. Through this, he was able to track Sonic the Hedgehog down and fire lasers at him as he came to save Antoine. Robotnik would later bring the Sonic Radar to the Great Forest, only for it to be destroyed by him and his Swat-Bots due to a misfire while trying to attack Sonic and Antoine.[1]


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