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Sonic Racing Kart (ソニックレーシング カート[3] Sonikku Rēshingu Kāto?) is a mobile phone game released in 2002 as a part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. The game would later be somewhat-updated graphically and re-released by Tectoy in Brazil and by Gameloft in a few other regions.


Sonic at the starting line, from the Sonic Cafe version of the game.

Sonic Racing Kart is a kart racing game in which the player controls Sonic the Hedgehog as he races around the courses as fast as possible. It is possible to go online to download time attacks of others to race against, along with being able to upload one's own records.

Gameplay is viewed from a top-down, third person perspective. Two different variations of this view are able to be chosen: Car Rotation (車回転?) and Course Rotation (コース回転?).[3] The former rotates the kart itself as the player turns around corners as they race around the course, with the latter turning the entire course instead.[3] A large speedometer is placed in the bottom left corner of the screen, displaying the rough speed that Sonic is travelling at in un-labelled increments.

As the kart accelerates automatically, the controls are extremely simple. The first lap around the course does not actually count, being just a test run, and the timer will start upon crossing the finish line at the end of this lap.


Button formation Action
[←]/[→] Steer left/right


Playable characters


  • Time Attack (タイムアタック[3]?): Basic kart racing mode.
  • Virtual Match (ヴァーチャル対戦[3]?): The player can race against ghost data that others have uploaded, with the goal of learning new techniques and skills to beat said racer. The opponent will appear upon completing the test lap.
  • Sound (サウンド[3]?): Toggles whether the background music will play or not.
  • Course Change (コースチェンジ[3]?): Allows the player to connect to the internet and download new courses to race on, along with different records to race against.
  • Score Up (スコア アップ[3]?): Displays the current fastest time on the currently downloaded course. Also lets the player upload their own time to the leaderboards.

Update history

Based on the Manifest files from the game versions that are available, the following is known about the game's updates and history. This does not include the original Sonic Cafe versions of the game, as they do not currently exist online.

Version Screen size Internal name Java version Vendor Other
1.0.0 240x320 SonicKart Java HotSpot 10.0-b22 TectoyMobile Apache Ant 1.7.0
1.1.6 176x220 Sonic Racing J2SE 1.6.0_12 Gameloft SA
1.1.7 128x128 J2SE 1.4.2_10 Distributed through Konon.Mobi
352x416 J2SE 1.6.0_12
1.2.7 128x160 J2SE 1.4.2






Sonic Cafe



  1. Post-2007, as the logo found in the game files was put in place in that year, but pre-2010, as the Manifest file refers to Sun Microsystems as still being the owner of Java.


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