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Sonic Racing[1][2] is a mobile racing game developed by Sega and SEGA HARDlight. It was released for the Apple Arcade service on iOS devices, Mac and Apple TV on 19 September 2019. It was released to promote Team Sonic Racing.


The game was announced on 25 March 2019 as one of the first titles for Apple's new Apple Arcade service in an event held by Apple.[1][2]




Item Rarity Description
Item capsules
SonicRacing InvincibilityShield
Invincibility Shield
Super Rare Become invulnerable to all damage for a short time. Upgrade to increase duration.
Black Bomb v2
Black Bomb
Rare Throws a bomb ahead, which explodes after a short delay or if an opponent hits it. Upgrade to increase damage.
Blue Cube
Common Drops onto the track behind you damaging any opponent who drives into it. Upgrade to increase damage and for increased chance of multiple Blue Cubes
Crimson Wisp Art
Crimson Eagle
Rare Homes in on an opponent ahead and explodes on impact. Upgrade to increase damage and for increased chance of multiple Crimson Eagles.
CyanWisp Alt
Cyan Laser
Common Locks onto an opponent in range and blasts them with a laser after a short time. Upgrade to increase damage and the lock-on range.
Grey Quake
Rare Flies far ahead and creates several obstacles. Upgrade to increase damage and the number of obstacles.
Ivory Lightning
Super Rare Strikes the leading opponent with lightning unless you take damage or they can dodge out of the way in time. Upgrade to increase damage and the number of targeted opponents.
Jade Ghost
Super Rare Makes you intangible, preventing you from colliding with anything, and steals a Wisp from a nearby opponent. Upgrade to increase the range you can steal from and the level of the stolen Wisp.
Magenta Wisp Art
Magenta Rhythm
Common Causes all opponents to become disorientated and obscures their view of the track. Upgrade to increase duration.
Orange Wisp - Sonic Colors Artwork - (1)
Orange Rocket
Common Fires straight ahead and rebounds off walls, exploding when it hits an opponent. Upgrade to increase damage and for increased chance of multiple Orange Rockets.
Pink Wisp - Sonic Colors Artwork - (1)
Pink Spikes
Rare Surrounds you with vicious spikes, damaging opponents who get close. Upgrade to increase damage and duration.
Red Burst
Rare Creates a deadly trail of fire behind you. Upgrade to increase duration.
Wisp Violet
Violet Void
Common Sucks in Rings and item capsules from the track, and Wisps fired by opponents. Upgrade to increase duration and range.
White Boost
Super Rare Gain a huge boost of speed. Upgrade to increase speed.
Yellow Drill
Super Rare Transforms you into a drill and rams through opponents at high speed. Upgrade to increase damage and duration.


Playable characters

Character Vehicle Skill Info Playable from
SonicRacing SonicSpeedStar
Speed Star
Capsule Gift He can really move, he's got an attitude, the fastest thing ali-ee-ive. Available from the start
Whirlwind Sport
Skim Boost The flying fox, a scientific genius, and Sonic's best friend. Available from the start
Land Breaker
Boost Pad Charge Last descendant of the Knuckles Clan and protector of the Master Emerald. Available from the start
Lip Spyder
Slipstream A jewel thief with a heart of gold. At least one of these statements is true. League 2
Metal Sonic
Formula M
Super Damage Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. League 2
Pink Cabriolet
Boost Pad Charge No YOU have a crush on Sonic (you don't have a crush on him though do you?). League 3
Frog Cruiser
Skim Boost Big muscles, big heart, big cat. League 3
Chao (Dark Chao,
Hero Chao, Neutral Chao
and Omochao)
Chao Pod
Slipstream Chao (plural), not "Chaos", don't get them mixed up. League 4
Beat Monster
Capsule Gift The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Never takes those headphones off. League 4
Royal Chariot
Boost Pad Charge League 5
Road Dragoon
Super Damage League 5
Cross Dozer
Skim Boost League 6
Slipstream League 6
SonicRacing ShadowDarkReaper
Dark Reaper
Capsule Gift League 7
Egg Booster
Super Damage League 7

Other characters





ChuChu Rocket! Universe and Sonic Racing OUT NOW on Apple Arcade!

ChuChu Rocket! Universe and Sonic Racing OUT NOW on Apple Arcade!


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