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Sonic Racer

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"Sonic Racer" is the sixth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the sixth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the seventh episode of the series. It first aired on 23 October 1993.



Races and species:





The episode begins on a rainy day in Robotropolis. While Hover Units are passing by, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie are sneaking through the streets with the intention of destroying Dr. Robotnik's main power generator. Along the way, Sally examines one of the cables Sonic has led them to, and confirms that they are carrying electricity. The trio then proceeds deeper into the sector where they find the main generator plant, which is protected by Swat-Bots. Sonic himself decides to distract the Swat-Bots while Sally and Bunnie heads inside. Beginning his plan, Sonic starts out by getting the attention of a Swat-Bot with a flashlight. He then gets the attention of two more Swat-Bots standing guard at the gate, whom he provokes into following him. However, he manages to loose them in an alley. Running up on the roof, Sonic finds two more Swat-Bots operating a searchlight, whom Sonic tricks into destroying their searchlight. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie try to enter the plant. Finding the doors looked, Sally has Bunnie force them open.

Meanwhile, Sonic catches the attention of an entire squad of Swat-Bots, which he pours water on with the aid of a nearby pipe. Back with Sally and Bunnie, Sally has manages to shut off the alarm, allowing Bunnie to pry off the cover the main computer terminal for the entire plant. Sally then goes to work overloading the system. As the generator's computer starts to give off sparks, Sally and Bunnie flee outside where they meet Sonic, whom they hitch a ride with as Sonic escapes from the generator plant while it breaks apart. Meanwhile, in Robotnik's headquarters, Dr. Robotnik is working on tightening one of Cluck's screws when Snively informs him of Sonic's attack on the generator plant near the Badlands. Soon after, Robotnik's headquarters lose all power, leaving Robotnik to rage in the dark. Meanwhile, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie manage to escape to the lands beyond Robotropolis, just as the generator plant blows up. Sally, however, is not happy. She is afraid that Robotnik has a backup generator ready. Her bad feeling is soon after confirmed when Robotropolis is shown regaining its power. Sonic proceeds to comfort a frustrated Sally and promises her that they will get him next time.

Back in Robotnik's headquarters, Robotnik's expresses concerns for the Knothole Freedom Fighters' activities and insists that they must find a way to get rid of Sonic. This makes Snively propose a plan of his: they could appeal to Sonic's inflated ego by holding a speed contest. Robotnik likes the idea because he knows that Sonic will not be able to resist the challenge.

Back in Knothole Village during the day, Sonic, Sally and Tails are reading some flyers Robotnik has sent out that announces a contest to determine the fastest thing on Mobius. Sonic cockily replies that he already knows who is the fastest thing on Mobius. Catching Sonic's drift, Tails replies that Sonic is talking about himself. Sally, however, knows that it is one of Robotnik's traps. Regardless, Sonic still feels like participating in the race in order to prove to Robotnik that no one can beat him in a race. Sally, however, feels that they hav bigger problems, like Robotnik's backup generator. Sonic, however, insists that he can participate in the race in order to distract Robotnik while she and the other Freedom Fighters sneak into Robotropolis and destroy the backup generator. Sally does not like the idea, however, as she is worried that Robotnik can really hurt Sonic during this race. However, Sonic insists that he has got what it takes to survive.

During the evening in Robotropolis, Robotnik and Snively are conducting tests on a new robot cheetah that is able to run at great speeds. After seeing the robot cheetah move 500 miles per hours at only half speed, Robotnik is ready for Sonic's challenge. Back in Knothole, Bunnie is reading Tails a bedtime story when she notices how worried Sally looks. Sally explains that she is concerned about how Sonic will fare in the city on his own tomorrow, just to participate in a race. Tails, however, is sure that Sonic will win, and Bunnie assures Sally that Sonic is too tough to bring down.

On the day of the race in Robotropolis, the city's Swat-Bots have gathered on the streets at the race. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have snuck into the city and are surprised by the lack of robots. However, Sally soon after have them all hide as a patrolling Surveillance Orb comes flying through the streets with a flashlight on. After the Surveillance Orb has passed, Antoine is still a bit shaky, but Bunnie tells him that he can come out now. Meanwhile, at the starting line of the race, Sonic arrives wearing a red cloak, just as several colorful Hover Unit assume their position at the starting line. Sonic is not impressed with the competition, but he then notices the arrival of the robot cheetah, which surprises him. Although he is a little impressed by the robot cheetah, Sonic still thinks will be no challenge to him. Robotnik then appears in person at the starting line, and Sonic tries to cover himself. Robotnik sees through Sonic's disguise however, and mocks him before wishing victory for his machines. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine are looking for Robotropolis' backup generator. Back at the starting line for the race, the participants line up on the starting line while Snively explains that there is only one rule: the racers must stay inside the marked racing course. He then begins the countdown on his remote. As the start of the race is announced, Sonic and the robot cheetah take off at high speed and soon find themselves on the forefront. However, the robot cheetah soon overtakes Sonic, forcing the hedgehog to catch up to it. Meanwhile, Snively deploys several Surveillance Orb that follow them.

Back in Robotnik's headquarters, Robotnik has Snively launch the first trap designed especially for Sonic. As the robot cheetah passes the trap, a laser grid is deployed. However, Sonic manages to stop in time and jump over it before resuming the race. This makes Robotnik furious. Fearful of his uncle's wrath, Snively promises him that the next trap will not fail. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have managed to find a building that is closely guarded. Pulling out Nicole, Sally has her show her the schematics of the building. Identifying that building as the location of the backup generator with the schematics Nicole brings up, Sally wonders how they are going to get inside the building without Sonic's aid.

Meanwhile, the race is still in progress. As Sonic gets distracted by two Hover Units, he is led into a blocked alley. However, Sonic manages to run up the wall at the end of the alley without any problems and manages to get to the other side while the Hover Units ram into the wall. Meanwhile, the robot cheetah is still in the lead, and Sonic is kept from getting up to it by two Hover Units. As Sonic manages to get past the Hover Units however, said vehicles begin firing at him. However, Sonic manages to them in the dust. Back with Sally and co., the trio are thinking about finding a way to the backup generator. Eventually, they decide to get into the building via the skylight in the building's roof. However, they have no idea of how to get up there. Furthermore, they are disturbed by Antoine' loud thinking, which keeps them from concentrating. Eventually though, Sally gets an idea and takes her team with her. Around the same time, the race has led into a toxic swamp. As Sonic follows the robot cheetah through the swamp however, a mechanical arm comes out of a toxic pit, grabs Sonic, and begins to pull the hedgehog into the pit, much to the delight of Robotnik. However, Sonic manages to get solid ground under his feet and begins to run against the mechanical arm until he breaks free from its grip. The mechanical arm then slips back into the toxic pit and Sonic insults Robotnik through his Surveillance Orb. This makes Robotnik furious, but Snively promises him that he has saved the deadliest trap of them all for the end of the race.

Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine are making their way across the rooftops via narrow cables in order to reach the backup generator's building. Antoine is initially afraid to cross the cables, but Sally and Bunnie forces him to move. Once at their destination, Bunnie rips off the skylight's cover, opening a way into the backup generator's room. Sally goes in first. Deeming the coast clear, she calls for Bunnie and Antoine to join her. Meanwhile, Sonic has caught up to the robot cheetah, only for Snively to launch his trap. The robot-cheetah proceeds to pull a mechanized arm out of its back that grabs Sonic on the head. Robotnik is not impressed, but Snively promises him that there is more. He then has robot cheetah toss Sonic into the air before punching him further into the air with its mechanical arm. Sonic are subsequently sent flying into the air before plummeting down, which pleases Robotnik. Sonic, however, manages to grab onto a pole protruding from the wall of one of the buildings and use it to land safely. This makes Robotnik furious again. Sonic proceeds to track down the robot cheetah again and manages to catch up to it using a Power Ring. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have encountered trouble. In order to sabotage the backup generator, Sally needs to enter the control center, which can only be reached on their end by climbing a poly belt with gears at the end. Antoine volunteers to take this task, but stumbles along the way and falls on the poly belt while accidently pulling a lever that activates the poly belt, leaving Antoine to be moved towards the now active gears that threaten to crush him. Meanwhile, the robot cheetah tries to grab Sonic again, but Sonic manages to dodge it this time.

Back in the generator building, Bunnie tries to slow down the poly belt, but to no avail. Sally thus fires a distress flare through the skylight in order to call for Sonic's help. Meanwhile, Sonic notices the flare, just as he sees the finish line in front of him. Although he is tempted to win the race, Sonic ultimately decides to abandon the race and run towards the backup generator. With Sonic now gone, Robotnik demands from a frighten Snively to know where he has disappeared to.

Sonic soon after arrives at the generator building and enters it through the skylight. Seeing Sally and Bunnie trying desperately to hold the poly belt in place for Antoine, Sonic runs up to the gears and insert another Power Ring into them. With the Power Ring fusing the gears together, the whole generator's system begins to jam up and the heroes proceed to flee. Back in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively is unable to find Sonic. Having lost his patience, Robotnik makes Snively admit that he has lost Sonic and grabs him by the collar. Just as Robotnik is about to turn his anger at Snively however, he notices that the backup generator is failing. Soon after, Robotropolis loses all electricity and is covered in darkness. Enraged, Robotnik lids up the room with his mechanical red eyes, before turning his attention to a scared Snively again.

Back in Knothole, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have gathered around a bonfire with Rotor, Tails and other residents of Knothole to celebrate the destruction of the backup generation, which Sally proclaims is a giant step for them towards liberating Mobius from Robotnik's rule.



  • When Sally, Bunnie and Antoine are first shown in Robotropolis, Bunnie says "This is too weird, no Swat-Bots." However, while she is speaking, Sally's mouth moves and Bunnie's is shut.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Sonični Trkač Sonic Runner
Brazilian portuguese A Corrida The Race
French À bout de course At the end of the line
German Das Wettrennen The Race
Korean 소닉의 경주 Sonic's Racing
Latin American Sonic el veloz Sonic the speedy
Russian Соник Гонщик Sonic Racer
Spanish La Carrera de Sonic Sonic's Race
Ukrainian Сонік на перегонах Sonic on racing


  • The main plot of this episode is extremely similar to that of the Sonic Underground television series episode "Winner Fakes All". Both episodes involve Robotnik using Sonic's ego to lure him into a fake race, despite it being an obvious trap. It is unknown whether this is coincedental, or this episode provided inspiration for "Winner Fakes All".