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Sonic Prime Dash is a title in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed as a mobile game by Hardlight for iOS and Android via Netflix Games. The game is an altered version of Sonic Dash+ exclusive to the service. Players can immediately play as characters from the Sonic Prime television series, with the exceptions of Knuckles the Dread, Thorn Rose, and Grim Sonic, respectively. Characters from the original Sonic Dash (though not characters that are alternate costumes/forms) can also be unlocked with the use of Red Star Rings or by collecting Character Tokens. The game was released on 13 July 2023, to coincide with the show's second season.[1]


Main article: Sonic Dash#Gameplay


  • Characters from Sonic Prime (Boscage Maze Sonic, Rusty Rose, and Tails Nine) are unlocked from the start. The unlockable character roster has been greatly reduced, allowing only certain characters from Sonic Dash to be obtained.
  • Sonic Prime characters feature animal affinity bonuses exclusively in this version of the game.
  • All in-app purchases are completely removed. Things that previously had to be unlocked by purchasing them with real money now only require Red Star Rings.
  • High Score and Distance Run leaderboards are offline only.
  • Successfully performing the combination of tricks when touching a Spring can now additionally award the player a certain amount of character tokens and Red Star Rings at random.
  • Characters exclusive to Events require 500 tokens to unlock instead of 250.
  • Upgrading any character requires tokens to be used instead of Rings after the third and seventh upgrades.
  • Sonic Prime Dash does not feature Sonic Dash's Character Card system, instead retaining the Character Token system.
  • New Yoke City appears as a permanent playable Zone.
  • Dr. Babble appears as a permanent fightable boss.



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