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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Sonic Past Cool/Transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Past Cool".

[Scene: Knothole Village, Huts.]

Sally: Ready, Bunnie?
Bunnie: Ready as a junebug in May, darlin'.
[Bunnie busts through the roof]
Bunnie: Whoa, Nellie!
Sally: Bunnie, are you okay?
Bunnie: How do I look?
Sonic: *laughs* Stuck in the ol' roof.
Bunnie: That's just how I feel.
Sonic: Hang tight, Bunnie.
Bunnie: Whoa!
Sonic: Was it something I said?
Bunnie: These leg ladders will come in mighty handy next time I have to fix the elevator.
Sally: If we can even get them to work right.
Rotor: Power switch needs a little tweakin'.
Bunnie: Oh my stars; that's not all that needs tweakin'. [screams]
Sonic: Gotcha, Bunnie.
Bunnie: Thanks, sugar-hog.
Tails: Bunnie! Look out!
Bunnie: Be careful where y'all are slap shootin' there, tails.
Tails: Sorry, Bunnie.
Rotor: Hang on, Bunnie. I'm bringing you down.
Sally: How do they feel now?
Bunnie: Smooth as glass. Thanks Rotor, you little genius.
Tails: Sonic! You guys wanna play dirt hockey? I've been practicin'.
Sonic: Yeah, you really smoked that puck, big guy.
Bunnie: Uh, oh; here we go again!
Sonic: Uh...sorry, Tails. Maybe later.
Tails: They're always too busy. I'm gonna find my own fun.
[Tails takes the elevator up]
Tails: Who needs dumb old adults anyway?
[Tails knocks the puck into some bushes & searches for it]
Tails: [gasps] What's that?
[Tails sees a baby terapod chewing on the puck]
Tails: Hey. You're not supposed to eat it. You're supposed to play dirt hockey with it. You don't understand, do ya? It's a hockey puck. You're supposed to hit it with...a hockey stick. [hits the puck] Get it?
Baby T: [bleats]
Tails: [laughs] Cool!
[The two play dirt hockey together]
Tails: Alright!
[Sometime later]
Tails: Excuse me. Guess I'm kinda hungry.
Baby T: Huh?
Tails: You know. Eat. Food. [burps] Are you hungry?
Baby T: [burps]
Tails: Ha-ha! Good one!
[Tails & Baby T ride the elevator down]
Tails: Okay. Coast is clear. Shh...we gotta be real quiet.
Baby T: Shh...
[They sneak into a hut]
Tails: I'll make us a snack. All right! Here's some cookies.
[While Tails continues searching through the cupboard, Baby T ate all the cookies]
Tails: Hey! You ate it all!
Baby T: [burps]
Tails: No, Baby T; not supposed to eat everything.
Baby T: Aww... [sniffles while walking away]
Tails: Baby T, wait! Where ya goin'?

[Scene Change: Outside the Hut.]

Tails: Baby T!

[Scene Change: Near the Apple Trees.]

Bunnie: Boy, these ladder legs are great, Rotor.
Rotor: That's easy for you to say.
[As Sonic gathers the apples, Tails approaches him]
Tails: Sonic, I have a problem.
Sonic: Big or little?
Tails: Big.
Bunnie: My stars; what in the heck is that?
Sally: It's a baby terapod. How did he get down here?
Baby T: [licks Sonic]
Sally: [giggles] Aw, he is really cute, but we can't keep him.
Tails: How come? He's my friend.
Sally: Because his herd is migrating to Boulder Bay right now and he has to go with them. [at Baby T] Where's your mother, little guy?
Baby T: [bellows]
Bunnie: Oh. Good luck trying to figure that out.
Sally: Wait a second. I built a device years ago when I tried communicating with terapods, but never tested it. Maybe now...
[The ground shakes. Roaring is heard in the distance]
Tails: What's that, Sonic?
Sonic: Sounds like Baby T's family.
[Baby T & the Freedom Fighters ride the elevator up. Baby T gets out.]
Sally: I think he found his mom.
Tails: Baby T, wait! Sonic!
Sonic: Comin' big guy! [grabs Tails & runs up a tree] You okay?
Tails: Nuh-uh. Baby T was my friend.
Sonic: He wouldn't like livin' with us, big guy. He'd miss his mom.
Tails: I miss my mom too.
Sally: Oh my gosh! They're going the wrong way!
Sonic: The wrong way?
Sally: Yes. They always migrate south through the Great Meadow and into Boulder Bay. Something's really wrong.
Sonic: I'll head 'em off at the ol' pass.
[Sonic speeds ahead of the terapods and gets in front of them to stop them]
Sonic: Hang a left, hang a left, hang a left...keep movin', keep movin'.
[The terapods went to the wrong way, leading to the dead end]
Sonic: Okay, I know you're supposed to juice but you're juicin' the wrong way!
Sally: [approached Momma T] Easy girl. Easy now.
Sonic: That communication device works, it'd be past cool, Sal.
Sally: The terapods are the only ones that can tell us why they're going the wrong way.
[Sally presses Nicole's buttons to communicate with her]
Sally: Start language link search, Nicole.
Nicole: Language link search in progress, Sally.
Rotor: You really think they can talk?
Sally: They're very intelligent. Their sounds have a distinct language pattern.
Sonic: They sure seem freaked. I wonder what’s scaring them.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Center.]

Robotnik: These terapod beasts are the final species to be roboticized, Snively. When they're done, I will control every living thing on this planet.
Snivley: Except for the Freedom Fighters, Sir.
Robotnik: I am aware of that, Snively. You don't have to remind me! Now, what of the terapods?
Snivley: Well, Sir, a Stealth Bot spotted the herd, but lost them.
Robotnik: Lost them?
Snivley: Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: Beasts of burden do not hide, Snively. They, not unlike yourself, have no intelligence.
Snivley: Well I beg your pardon, Sir, but reports say they do.
Robotnik: I don't care about their brains! I want their brawn! Prepare my hovercraft.

[Scene Change: Great Jungle.]

Momma T: [roars]
Sally: Sonic, they want to go through the Great Jungle.
Sonic: No way. It's uncharted.
Terapods: [roars & stomps]
Sally: Oh! This is making me crazy! What do they know that we don't?
Sonic: I know. [points skyward]
Sally: What?
[3 Stealth Bots are flying toward the herd]
Sally: Robotnik.
Sonic: Come on. Juice time.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Hovercraft.]

[The terapods can be seen on a monitor]
Snivley: Sir, the terapods disappeared into the Great Jungle with the Freedom fighters.
Robotnik: Oooh, I like that, Snively. Now we can get all of them.
Snivley: Yes, Sir, but the Great Jungle is still uncharted and we've lost a number of Recon Bots in there and...
Robotnik: [interrupts] Make sure we lose no more.
Snivley: Yes, Sir.

[Scene Change: Great Jungle.]

Sally: [to Momma T] Do you know a special way, girl?
Momma T: [roars]
Tails: Wow. Look at those plants.
[Baby T drags Tails away from the sparkly plants]
Tails: Aah! What's wrong? I just wanted to look.
Sonic: Something wrong with those plants, Momma T?
[Momma T scoots a rock into the plants. The rock dissolves]
Sonic: Wow! That is one bad plant! It eats rocks!
Rotor: I've gotta check this out.
[The plants melt Rotor's screwdriver]
Sally: That is really amazing.
Sonic: Think what we could do to ol' Robuttnik with a couple of these metal-eating babies. We just have to figure out how to get it - ack! Whoa!
[A vine has wrapped itself around Sonic]
Sonic: What's with the ol' vine?
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: Get me outta here!
Bunnie: Oh my stars! What the heck are we gonna do?
Sally: That dead tree...come on!
Rotor: Come on, push. Push!
Bunnie: This is one stubborn tree!
Tails: Uh-oh. This doesn’t look good, Baby T.
Baby T: Nuh-uh.
Tails: Baby T, get your mom. She can help push the tree. Understand?
Sonic: Juice time!
[Sonic uses the tree to reach solid ground]
Sonic: Mucho thanks, Momma T. I owe you. [kisses Momma T]
Momma T: [roars]

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Hovercraft.]

Snivley: The cages are ready, Sir.
Robotnik: Very good, Snively. Let's get this done.
Snivley: Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: I just need one beast for now, Snively. Pick the largest to experiment on.
Snivley: Very good, Sir.
Robotnik: Stealth Bots, activate heat seeking radar.

[Scene Change: Great Jungle.]

Momma T: [growls]
Sonic: Man, she can hear all kinds of stuff we can't.
Sally: Yes, their senses are highly evolved.
Momma T: [roars]
Sonic: What's she sayin'?
Sally: I don't know, but something sure has upset her.
[Sally adjusts something on the communicator collar]
Sally: Come on; try again, girl.
Momma T: [roars softly]
Sally: [gets Nicole] Come on, Nicole; help me out here.
Nicole: Trying Delphi language sequence...
Momma T: Danger.
Rotor: Danger? What kind of danger?
Momma T: [roars]
Sally: That sounds like Stealth Bots!
Sonic: I'll check it out. *Dashes up a tree* Momma T is on the money.
[The Stealth Bots approach, as Sonic runs down the tree]
Sonic: Stealth Bots, looking for trouble.
[The Stealth Bots fire at the Freedom Fighters, Baby T, and Momma T]
Sonic: Whoa! That was bad Momma T! Okay guys, mount up. The TPs are ready to juice.
Robotnik: You can run, but you can't hide, hedgehog.
Sonic: Let's juice!
[The Freedom Fighters and Momma T get away from the Stealth Bots]
Sonic: Why can't we loose these guys?
Rotor: They're probably using heat scanners.
[A cage drops on Momma T, capturing her]
Tails: Sonic, Sonic! You gotta save Mama T!
Sonic: M-Momma T?
Rotor: Robotnik has her in that cage!
Sonic: I'll get her in a Sonic second. Hedgehog on the job...
[Sonic runs off through the log and lands on the cage]
Sonic: Hang in, Momma T!
Tails: Don't worry, Baby T. Sonic's the coolest. He'll save your mom.
Robotnik: What are you waiting for, Snively? Get the hedgehog!
Snivley: Yes, Sir!
Sonic: Whoa!
Bunnie: Hold on, sugar-hog!
[Bunnie extends her robotic legs to reach the cage]
Bunnie: Are you all right?
Sonic: Yeah. Can you open this thing up?
Bunnie: Course I can. No problem.
Sonic: Cool. Now hang tight. We'll be juicin' in reverse.
Bunnie: Make it quick, sugar-hog. We got company.
Sonic: Goin' down.
Bunnie: [screams]
Rotor: Run for it, Bunnie!
[The cage stops a few feet above the ground, right over Bunnie who has ducked to avoid it]
Bunnie: Oh my. Little help here, Rotor!
Rotor: Coming, Bunnie!
Bunnie: My leg is stuck again!
Rotor:: There you go.
Snivley: Should I use another cage, Sir?
Robotnik: Negative. Let them sweat awhile. There is no way for them to get through that force field. Even the hedgehog is trapped. Oooooh...I just tingle all over.
Bunnie: We're sittin' ducks down here. We gotta do somethin'.
Rotor: What? There's no way through the force field.
Sonic: Where there's a will, there's a hedgehog, Rote. But I gotta question. Once I bust it, how long will it stay open?
Sally: Uh, it's just a guess, but I'd say no more than 10 seconds.
Sonic: Okay. Have everybody ready.
Robotnik: Do those fools actually think they can break through my force field? [chuckles] Oh, this should be most entertaining.
Sonic: Juice time!
Robotnik: That hedgehog! [grunts and angry scream]

[Scene Change: River.]

Sonic: Come on, Sal. We gotta keep juicin'.
Sally: No, Sonic. We don't know the Great Jungle; Mother T does. We need her help. [adjusts the collar] Come on, Nicole, lock in.
Momma T: S-cor...scorch.
Sally: That's it. We're getting there, Nicole.
Momma T: Sonic. Good idea. Scorch plants eat metal machines.
Sonic: Yes! Good call, Momma T. All we need is a big patch of those plants.
Momma T: Across...river.
[Transition shot to Stealth Bots]
Sonic: Yo! Lookin' for me, metal breath? Follow the leader.
[Sonic runs away from the Stealth Bots]
Sonic: Hey, Robuttnik! You couldn't catch me if I was standing still.
Robotnik: You're wrong, hedgehog! This time there is no place to hide.
Sonic: Ha! Could’ve fooled me.
[Sonic continues running away from the Stealth Bots]
Sonic: That's it, Stealth Bots; keep comin'. Keep comin'. Whoa! Scorch city!
Robotnik: He's in the open. Take him now!
Snivley: Sir, we can't send the bots into those trees.
Robotnik: Those puny trees cannot stop my Stealth Bots. Get the hedgehog!
Sonic: Crank-up time!
Robotnik: Snively, pull up. Pull up!
[Robotnik's hovercraft sails up through the trees]
Robotnik: We've lost them! Nothing! They're gone.

[Scene Change: Great Jungle.]

Sonic: I was thinking, Sal. If we could get some of those scorch plants back to Knothole, we could put a serious dent in Robotnik's metal-heads.
Sally: Already done.
Sonic: No way.
Sally: Yes, done.
Sonic: Come on; there's no way to move them.
Sally: Sure there is.
Sonic: How?
Sally: The seeds are harmless. I'm gonna plant them. Past cool, huh?
Sonic: Way past.
Sally: Really?
Sonic: Well, maybe not way past, but past.
Sally: Oh?
Sonic: Yeah. I'm way past; you're just past.
Sally: Uh-huh. Right. [sarcastic] We're really lucky you thought of these seeds.
Sonic: Hey, when you're cool, you're cool. And I'm cool.
[Rotor suppresses his laughter. Sometime later]
Momma T: Look. Home.
Sally: It's Boulder Bay. She knew where she was going all along.
Sonic: Past cool. Ol' 'buttnik will never find you here, Mama T.
Tails: You're my bestest friend, Baby T.
Baby T: Aww...
Sally: This might help you say goodbye, Tails. [puts the collar on Baby T]
Tails: I don't wanna say goodbye. Please come back with us, Baby T. We could play dirt hockey and stuff.
Baby T: Stay with Momma T. You come with us.
Tails: I can't, Baby T. The Freedom Fighters need me. Bye, Baby T. Be cool.
Baby T: Yeah, way past cool. Gotta juice it loose.
Sally: Oh my gosh; all that work and he sounds just like you.
Sonic: [laughs] Yeah. Gimmie five, Baby T.