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"Sonic Past Cool" is the twelfth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the twelfth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the thirteenth episode of the series. It first aired on 4 December 1993.








In Knothole Village, Sonic, Sally and Rotor are working on Bunnie's leg-ladders. When Bunnie is ready however, Bunnie's leg-ladders shoot her up through the ceiling. Sonic and Sally run outside to check on Bunnie and see if everything is allright. After confirming her state of being, Sonic decides to help her out and runs up to the roof, only for Bunnie to get pulled down through the roof again. As it turns out, Rotor is tinkering with Bunnie's legs' power switch, causing Bunnie's roboticized legs to constantly change height. Eventually though, Sonic manages to catch Bunnie and stabilize her. Meanwhile, Tails is playing dirk hockey nearby and knocks a hockey puck against a tree. However, the hockey puck bounces off the trees and heads towards Bunnie. However, Bunnie is able to catch the hockey puck and tells Tails to be more careful. Then, as she gives back Tails his hockey puck, Rotor finishes configuring Bunnie's legs. He then elevates Bunnie down again with a remote control, and Bunnie tells her friends that she is feeling good. Outside, Tails asks Sonic if they want to play dirk hockey with him. At first, Sonic wants to play with Tails, but he changes his mind when Bunnie begins to malfunction. Disappointed, Tails decides to play by himself and takes the elevator up to the Great Forest.

Arriving in the forest, Tails knocks his hockey puck into the bushes. As he goes to retrieve it, he finds a strange animal, whom he calls "Baby T", chewing on his hockey puck. Tails explains to Baby T that the hockey puck is for playing dirk hockey with. He then teaches Baby T how to play with the hockey puck using his nose trunk and tail, and the two of them have a great time. When Tails later gets hungry, he decides to go back to Knothole and takes Baby T with him. Inside the village, Tails orders Baby T to be quiet so that they will not attract anyone's attention. Later in the kitchen, Tails tries to prepare a snack for them, but Baby T eats the ingredients that Tails puts on the table. This makes Tails admonish Baby T, who gets sad and tries to leave. Feeling bad, Tails begins to run after him, but loses sight of Baby T.

Meanwhile, Bunnie is using her leg-ladders to shake apples loose from a tree so that Rotor and Sally can catch the said apples in their baskets. The apples, however, are falling to fast, prompting Sonic to run around the tree and grab the apples and put them in the baskets. After a while, Tails arrives, informing the heroes about his problem with Baby T. Finding Baby T chewing on some leaves, the gang is surprised by the sight. Sally, however, recognizes Baby T as a baby Terapod. Sally strokes the creature while Sonic gets slobbered with a wet lick. Despite all the sympathy however, Sally decides that the baby Terapod cannot stay with them because he has to return to his herd that is migrating to Boulder Bay. Tails, however, is not ready to part with his friend yet. When Sally asks Baby T where his mother is, he gets up on his hind legs and begins making noises. As Bunnie notes that making sense of the Terpod's noises is a lost cause, Sally remembers that she created a device many years ago to communicate with Terapods, but never managed to test it. Soon after, the heroes feel a strong tremor in the earth and hear strange noises, which Sonic guesses is Baby T's family. Taking the elevator back up to the Great Forest, the group arrives just as a herd of Terapods comes running by. Noticing his mother, Baby T starts to run after her. Tails tries to follow him, but trips in front of the running Terapod herd. Before Tails can get trampled by the Terapods however, Sonic runs to Tails' rescue and pulls him away from the road and up into a tree. Tails is still upset however, because Baby T left him. Sonic explains, however, that Baby T is missing his mother and that this is why he should let him go. This makes Tails recall that he is missing his mother too.

A moment later, Sally calls Sonic down and tells him that the Terapods are migrating in the wrong direction, as they are always heading south through the Great Meadow in order to reach Boulder Bay. Not wanting the Terapods to go in the wrong direction, Sonic tries to stop them. He manages to run in front of the herd and direct them into a closed pass. There, Sonic tries to explain to the Terapods that they are going the wrong way. Momma T is initially hostile towards Sonic, but Baby T calms her down. Immediately after, Sonic's friends arrive, and Sally begins attaching her communication belt to Momma T, hoping that that this will allow the Terapods to tell them why they are going the wrong way. She then has Nicole look for a link between their languages. While Nicole searches her database, Rotor wonders if the Terapods will be able to talk, to which Sally explains that Terapods are very intelligent and that their sounds have a distinct language pattern. Meanwhile, Sonic notices that the Terapods were looking a scared and wonders what could have frightened them.

In Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik and Snively are watching a holographic model of a Terapod. Robotnik plans to roboticize the Terapods because they are the last species on Mobius that he has yet to roboticize. Once he has done that, he will be controlling every living being on the planet. However, Snively reminds him that the Freedom Fighters are still on the loose despite his efforts, prompting Robotnik to react with rage. Regaining his composure, Robotnik asks Snively about the Terapods. Snively tells him that the Stealthbot has detected the herd, but then lost sight of it. Losing his temper, Robotnik does not believe that the Terapods are smart enough to hide, although Snively tells him that the reports say otherwise. In turn, Robotnik replies that he does not care about their intellect, only their brawn. He then tells Snively to prepare his hovercraft.

Meanwhile, the Knothole Freedom Fighters are following the Terapod herd. Eventually, the Terapods want to go through the Great Jungle. However, Sonic does not want to go there because the area is uncharted. Suddenly, however, the Terapods start to stomp and roar before escaping into the Great Jungle. As Sally wonders what is going on, Sonic notices three incoming Stealthbots and Robotnik's hovercraft. Having no choice, Sonic directs his team into the jungle. Robotnik orders Snively to follow the Freedom Fighters, but Snively advises against going into the Great Jungle since the area is uncharted and that they have lost a number of Recon Bots in there. In response, Robotnik grabs Snively by the collar and tells him to just make sure that they do not loose any more machines. Meanwhile, the Knothole Freedom Fighters are wandering through the Great Jungle with the Terapods, and Sally asks Momma T for a special route. In response, Momma T leads them down a path where Tails spots a glowing plant: a Scorch Plant. Tails tries to touch it out of curiosity, but Baby T pulls him away from it. Momma T praises her son before proceeding to push a stone into the Scorch Plant, causing the stone to disintegrate upon contact with the plant. Wanting to examine it closer, Rotor places his screwdriver on the Scorch Plant. A few seconds later, his screwdriver rusts away to dust. This makes Sonic note that if they could acquire this plant, they could easily defeat Dr. Robotnik's robot armies. Unexpectedly, however, a creeper grabs Sonic by the legs and begins carrying him over a pool of quicksand. In the process, Sonic drops the hockey stick he had been carrying. The creeper then begins lowering Sonic down towards the quicksand. In response, Sally, Rotor and Bunnie try to help their friend by pushing a dead tree trunk into the quicksand for Sonic to stand on. Wanting to help, Tails instructs Baby T to bring Momma T to help topple the tree truck. Momma T arrive soon after and charges into the tree, knocking it into the quicksand. With Sonic breaking free of the creeper at the same time, Sonic manages to land on the tree trunk and run to safety on dry land. Sonic then thanks Momma T for the help and gives her a kiss.

At the same time, Snively is preparing a cage to trap the Terapods in. Robotnik then instructs Snively to capture the largest Terapod for now so he can use it to run experiments on. Robotnik then proceeds to instruct the Stealthbots to turn on their heat-seeking radars. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Momma T and Baby T have stopped up to take a drink. However, Momma T soon senses something approaching, prompting Sally to remark to an amazed Sonic that Terapods' senses are highly developed. Momma T roars at the Freedom Fighters, but Sonic and his friends are unable to decipher what she is saying. Eventually, Sally decides to set her communication belt around Momma T's neck and use Nicole to translate what Momma T is saying. Eventually, the heroes manage to hear Momma T yell "danger". Immediately after, they hear the sound of Stealthbots. Running up a tree to check out what is coming, Sonic notices three Stealthbots approaching before opening fire a moment later. Momma T immediately after takes Sonic up on her back. Telling his friends to join him, Sonic helps Sally up on Momma T's back. After Rotor gets up on Momma T's back as well, the Terapod mother runs towards the jungle, with Baby T and Tails on Baby T's back right behind them. However, the heroes are unable to lose the Stealthbots, and Rotor guesses that they must be using heat scanners. Soon after, Robotnik's hovercraft surrounds the heroes with a force-field. Momma T tries to break through the force field, but her brute strength is not enough to destroy it. The impact also knocks the Freedom Fighters off the back of Momma T. Sonic in particular hits a tree on the way down and loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Rotor helps a dazed Sally back on her feet. Momma T is then suddenly caught in the cage that is hoisted down from Robotnik's hovercraft. As the cage gets pulled upward, Baby T runs up to the cage, but is unable to stop it.

Seeing this, Tails rushes to Sonic's side and tells him to save Momma T. Rotor then steps in and helps Sonic back on his feet and informs him that Robotnik has locked Momma T in a cage. Promising to save Momma T, Sonic uses a fallen tree trunk as a ramp and manages to sent himself flying towards the rising cage. Landing successfully on the cage, Sonic begins sabotaging the computer connected to it. Getting impatient, Robotnik orders Snively to destroy Sonic, who manages to stop the cage's ascend. Soon after though, Stealthbots begin shooting at Sonic. This prompts Bunnie to join the action by using his her leg-ladders to reach the cage. Upon Sonic's request, Bunnie tears the transparent cover on the cage open. Sonic then begins reprogramming the cage to be lowered down. Meanwhile, Bunnie tells him to hurry because the Stealthbots are coming back. Eventually, Sonic gets the cage going down, causing it to fall to the ground at high speed. Lowering her leg-ladders, Bunnie tries to get away from the cage as it comes down on her. However, her leg gets locked up again. Fortunately, the cage stops falling just before it hits Bunnie. Rotor then quickly runs under the cage and unlocks Bunnie's leg with his remote control. Bunnie and Rotor then get away from under the cage and Momma T is able to escape it. Baby T in particular is very happy to see her.

Snively asks Robotnik if they should use another cage, but the doctor decides to give the heroes a moment of sweat because they cannot escape his hovercraft's force-field anyway. Robotnik gets particularly giddy over the fact that he has Sonic trapped too. Meanwhile, finding themselves as sitting ducks, Bunnie suggests that they quickly find a way to escape, but Rotor doubts that they will be able to break through the force-field. It is then that Sonic comes up with an idea, prompting him to ask Sally of how long the force-field would stay open if he managed to break through it. Taking a guess, Sally says about ten seconds. Seeing the heroes' futile attempts to break through his force-field, Robotnik decides to relish the moment. Sonic, however, pulls out a Power Ring and uses a super-charged Super Spin to cut through the barrier. Through the created breach, Momma T and Baby T are able to escape with the Freedom Fighters and Tails on their backs, which makes Robotnik lose his temper.

The heroes eventually reach a river. Sonic insists that they keep moving, but Sally decides to makes efforts into understanding what Momma T is trying to tell them as she understands the Great Jungle better than them. With Nicole's help, Sally is able to translate the Terapod's speech. Momma T reminds everyone of Sonic's idea to use the Scorch Plants to destroy Robotnik's machines, and Sonic realizes that they can use a big patch of those plants to get rid of Robotnik's machines. Momma T proceeds to tell everybody that such a big patch lies just beyond the river. Soon after, the Stealthbots arrive and detect Sonic's presence. Meanwhile, Sonic himself taunts the Stealthbots and tricks them into following him. He also taunts Robotnik, telling him that he will never be able to catch him. Hating Sonic as much as ever, Robotnik decides to hunt down Sonic at all costs. As Sonic escapes from Robotnik's hovercraft and the Stealthbots, he soon finds himself in front of a field of Scorch Plants, and begins to run towards them. Although Snively advises against approaching the plants with the Stealthbots, Robotnik does not listen, believing his Stealthbots cannot be stopped by mere plants. As he gets closer to the Scorch Plants, Sonic turns away while the Stealthbots flies directly into them, completely destroying them. Being on a collision course with the Scorch Plants himself, Robotnik manages in the last moment to turn his hovercraft away from the Scorch Plants, saving himself and Snively from destruction. However, he loses track of Sonic and his friends.

Later, the Freedom Fighters and the Terapods are walking peacefully through the jungle. Along the way, Sonic recalls his idea of getting some Scorch Plants and moving them to Knothole, although he knows they are impossible to move. Sally, however, reveals that she has already done it. Sonic, however, does not believe her until she shows Sonic the seeds of the Scorch Plants she has collected (which are harmless) and reveals that she intended to plant them in Knothole. Nevertheless, Sonic proceeded to brag in a way that does not sit well with Sally. Soon after, the heroes reach Boulder Bay, and it turns out that Momma T knew exactly where to go the entire time. Sonic knows in particular that Robotnik will never find the Terapods here. Meanwhile, Tails has to part ways with Baby T. To make it easier for him, Sally puts a communication belt around Baby T's neck that translates Baby T's speech. In an effort to make Baby T stay with him, Tails proposes to him that they can play dirt hockey with him back at Knothole, but the young Terapod insists that he must stay with his mother. Instead, Baby T suggests that Tails stays with him, but Tails refuses, knowing that the Freedom Fighters need him. Tails and Baby T thus say their goodbyes, and it turns out that Baby T has picked up on Sonic's manner of speaking. Sonic laughs and says goodbye to Baby T.


  • Bunnie is with the group when Robotnik ambushed them, but she disappeared when the group mounted the Terapods and does not appear again until the beginning of the third act.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Sonic Super Cool Sonic Super Cool
Czech Soník Naprosto V Pohodě Sonic Absolutely Cool
French Sonic géantissime Giant Sonic
German Tails' neuer Freund
Die Terrapots
Tails' New Friend
The Terrapots
Korean 멋진 소닉 (부제: 테라포드들의 대이주) Cool Sonic (Subtitle: The Great Migration of Terrapods)
Latin American Sonic súper fantástico Super fantastic sonic
Russian Супер Классный Соник Super Cool Sonic
Spanish Sonic y Los Terrápodos Sonic and the Terrapods