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Sonic Overdrive (ソニックオーバードライブ Sonikkuōbādoraibu?) is the Team Blast used by Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles team up to deliver a knockout technique that destroys all nearby enemies and briefly enables the Light Speed Attack.


When performing Sonic Overdrive, Knuckles grabs onto Tails by his feet, who is also holding on to Sonic's feet, and begins swinging them around to gain momentum. After spinning a few times, Knuckles lets go of Tails who then kicks Sonic into the air while Sonic is surrounded by a red aura. Sonic yells "Blast Away!" and unleashes a massive Light Speed Attack, causing him to zoom around in the air at astounding speeds while striking enemies for about two seconds before landing on the ground again.

To perform Sonic Overdrive in gameplay, the player must press the White Button/R1/Gamecube Z Button.png when the Team Blast Gauge is full. When performing this technique, it destroys all normal enemies in the vicinity, and also inflicts a large amount of damage to bosses. Additionally, while the Team Blast Gauge is resetting from the usage of Sonic Overdrive, the player can use the Light Speed Attack to make Sonic destroy any additional enemies by jumping and pressing the action button (XboxX.png/Square/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png) when Team Sonic is in Speed Formation. Alternatively, if the player uses the Thunder Shoot or Fire Dunk while the Team Blast Gauge is resetting, Sonic will perform the Light Speed Attack automatically.


  • If the player uses Sonic Overdrive just before destroying the first airship on Egg Fleet, the entire screen will turn black and the player will not be able to perform any actions, such as jumping and attacking. The game will return to normal once the player falls off the stage.
  • There is a glitch known as "Power to Flight Formation" in Sonic Heroes. If this glitch is performed and then Sonic Overdrive is used, Sonic will fly up high into the sky.
  • In a very rare instance, performing this move while on the main platform in the section of Hang Castle that requires the player to perform a section with each member of Team Sonic may cause Sonic to fall into the bottomless pit and continue to fall for a few moments. After a while, Sonic will appear on the platform with no other effects.


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