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Hyudoros (ヒュードロ Hyūdoro?), also known as simply Ghosts, are enemies in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are ghost-like apparitions that lurk in Sandopolis Zone and other haunted areas.

In Sonic & Knuckles, the player unavoidably encounters a pack of Hyudoros in Act 2 of Sandopolis Zone. It is inferred that the enemies were forced into a capsule by Doctor Robotnik long before Sonic arrived at the zone. Once Sonic/Tails opens the capsule, the Hyudors will fly out and vanish from sight. As the light in the zone progressively gets darker, however, the Hyudoros will reappear and strafe the character at the top of the screen, where they cannot damage the player nor be defeated.


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Comic Issues

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 33
Sonic is resting in a tree outside Tails' workshop. Inside the workshop, Rouge has brought Tails material from Dr. Eggman's personal files, which she got took while she was on the Faceship. Amy finishes helping unload the rest of Omega's body parts, saying that she may skip her boxercise workout today. When asked if he could fix Omega, Tails says that he is not sure as Eggman wrote the material in code and without a cipher, it is gibberish. The fox adds that even if he could read it, Omega was way beyond a simple tune-up and would need a full rebuild. Read more...

Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys Issue 1
Dr. Starline arrives at Egg Base Sigma, a modest base for the Eggman Empire's standards but it contained exactly what he needed. Sneaking past the Egg Pawn patrol, Starline is able to get to the control panel where he tries to use his personal login and take over the base. He hated sneaking around but he was in no position to fight his way through the security. However, the password is rejected and the alarm is sounded. Moto Bugs rush to Starline's location as the doctor is surprised that Dr. Eggman chose to exceed his expectations now. Regardless, Starline attempts to warp back to his base to regroup, only to recall that he no longer had the Warp Topaz. Read more...

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 34
It's off to the races with Cream, Cheese, Amy, and Rouge! They have to keep up their winning streak or surrender Cheese to Clutch's evil...clutches! Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being watched by a mysterious figure in Eggman's seemingly abandoned base and Shadow investigates a mystery! Read more...

Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys Issue 2
Some of Sonic's worst enemies are back and badder than ever! Dr. Starline, Dr. Eggman's former-right hand, has brought together Mimic, Rough, Tumble, and Zavok and promised them even more incredible power... if they can stop fighting each other and start fighting badniks to get to it! Read more...


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The Multi-Dimensional Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track is the official soundtrack for Sonic Adventure 2. It featured all the tracks from the game, aside from the character themes. All of the tracks in the album were composed by Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani with Heigo Tani, and Tomoya Ohtani. A digital version with two volumes simply titled Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track was released digitally on 2014.

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