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Spring 2006

The Spring (スプリング Supuringu?), also referred to as the Jump Spring (ジャンプバネ Janpu Bane?) and the Springboard (スプリング Supuringu?), is a common gimmick in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are utilized by the player to bounce the playable character in a given direction, often for the purpose of reaching otherwise unreachable places or building up huge amounts of running speed in short time.

Springs originally made their debut as simple red and yellow platforms, but have since taken on a more distinct design over the course of the Sonic series.


Previously Featured: IceCap Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3), Team Sonic Racing, Light Mobius, Dark Gaia, Super Sonic
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Comic Issues

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 24

Sonic runs towards Spiral Hill Village; remembering that his first visit to the town was during an attack from Dr. Eggman's Badniks, he notes that things have not changed much since then. As he dashes inside and past some Zombots, he notices that the Restoration has already begun evacuating the uninfected citizens, and decides he should check in with Amy. However, he notices Espio fending off some Zombots on his own and goes over to help him out. Read more...

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 25
"A Sudden Shift." The world has fallen to the Metal Virus. Heroes, villains, and civilians have become Zombots. There's only one place left to hide and the few survivors-good and bad alike-find themselves up against a new threat commanding the Zombot hordes. Who will Sonic turn to for help in his most desperate hour? Find out in this extra-length issue! Read more...


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Image Facts
SonicRunners SilentForest
Silent Forest is the only Zone from Sonic Lost World that did not make an appearance in Sonic Runners. However, the level's assets could still be found in the game, implying that it was meant to appear in a future update.

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