A blank userbox. Use this to make your own!

Userboxes are small colored boxes designed to appear on user pages. They generally include a small graphic and a few short lines of text. Userboxes started their use with a template, but over time users have preferred to use images made in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, GIMP, or any other kind of image editor. These boxes are 150x80 pixels with a black border and a square for text and a smaller square for a graphic. Due to its small size, users have typically used sprites as graphics. On the other hand, its small size allows users to put a large amount on their page.

Users have used userboxes for years to express themselves and easily share their interests with other users. One of the most common user boxes on SNN is "Respect this user, for he/she is him/herself!", or some variation, with an image of their fan character or their favorite Sonic character.

Here, you can find a list of the most common userboxes on SNN and how to use the userbox template. The majority of these userboxes were made by Admiral Leviathan, Mewkat14, and SilverPlays97. To see all the userboxes users have created, see Category:Userboxes.

List of Userboxes


User Rights

Note: Imitating user rights is a bannable offence






Just for fun/Memes

Using the Userbox template

Copy and paste this mark up code from Template:Userbox while in "Source Mode":

|id       = Image
|id-c     = Image Box background color
|id-fc    = If you don't want an Image you can have text. So this is font color
|id-s     = If you don't want an Image you can have text. So this is text size
|info     = Add your text here
|info-c   = info background color
|info-fc  = info font color
|info-s   = info text size
|border-c = box color
|border-s = border width in pixels}}

Replace the above text with your custom box characteristics. It is suggested that you limit the size of any images in the id box from 45 to 60 pixels. For a list of colors and the Hex codes for them, see wikipedia's List of colors. To give more space between userboxes, use the {{Clear}} template at the end of each one.

Below are a few examples of custom boxes:

|id       = [[File:ShadowCG Blackdoom.jpg|45px]]
|id-c     = Black
|info     = This user hates the [[Black Arms]].
|info-c   = #4B5320
|info-fc  = red
|border-c = black}}
ShadowCG Blackdoom This user hates the Black Arms.

|id       = [[File:Tails-11.png|45px]]
|id-c     = gold
|info     = This user admires [[Miles "Tails" Prower|<span style="color:#ffa500;">Tails'</span>]] brains.
|info-c   = yellow
|info-fc  = black
|border-c = black}}
Tails-11 This user admires Tails' brains.

|id       = [[File:Omega.jpg|45px]]
|id-c     = Black
|info     = This user loves [[E-123 Omega|Omega]].
|info-c   = Red
|info-fc  = Black
|border-c = black}}
Omega This user loves Omega.

|id       = [[File:Fang the sniper.gif|45px]]
|id-c     = Black
|info     = This user wishes that [[Nack the Weasel|Nack]] would return to the Sonic games
|info-c   = purple
|info-fc  = White
|border-c = black}}
Fang the sniper This user wishes that Nack would return to the Sonic games

|id       = [[File:Shadow-the-hedgehog-motercycle.jpg|45px]]
|id-c     = Black
|info     = This user looks up to [[Shadow the Hedgehog|<span style="color:red;">Shadow</span>]].
|info-c   = black
|info-fc  = red
|border-c = black}}
Shadow-the-hedgehog-motercycle This user looks up to Shadow.

|id       = [[File:Sonic the hedgehog 2006 game.png|45px]]
|id-c     = Red
|info     = This user is a big fan of [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]].
|info-c   = #add8e6
|info-fc  = black
|border-c = black}}
Sonic the hedgehog 2006 game This user is a big fan of Sonic.

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