This is a set of general guidelines to follow when creating and editing mainspace articles concerning a TV Show or Series related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series franchise. Although this is an official guide, editors are encouraged to stray from them if it will improve the overall quality of the article.


  • Yellow boxes are general guidelines meant to pertain to the main text on the page.
  • Green boxes are guidelines for headers.
  • Red boxes are guidelines for anything else.

Some main space pages regarding the subject may contain spin-offs, different media adaptations and similar sounding topics and articles. Add a disambiguation link if situation deems appropriate by utilizing the "Otheruses4" template here.
There may exists other TV Show or Series before or after the introduction or creation of this series to be discussed. If so, provide a link to each of their respective series by utilising the "Order" template here. Shows or series which came before this one is to be placed on the left, whilst a new series created after the one being discussed to to be placed on the right.
Add a quote here. Preferably a short description of the the plot of the TV Show or Series, a quote said by the characters within the story in regards to the plot or situation within the series, advertising slogans or quotes said by a staff member involved with the creation of the TV Series. The 'Quote left' template is to be used here.
The "Infobox TV" template is to be inserted here. Information in regards to the TV Show or Series are to be filled as much as possible including, but not limited to; genre, significant staff members of show's production, date of airing(s) and end of airing(s) and similar information. Image of the TV series, is to be placed inside the image field of the info box. It is recommended to utilize only official logos of the TV Show or Series. If a version of the logo exists in different lingual formats (eg. French, Japanese), then it is appropriate to add them here with the utilization of the tabber. If an official logo is not available, the utilization of official promotional material such as a poster may be sufficient.
This is the summary. The purpose of this is to surmise the TV show. Information should include a very brief description of what the TV Show is about, which company(s) or staff members are involved with its production and distribution, the year(s) or dates it aired, the countries which it has aired, the amount of episodes aired and similar information.


The purpose of this section is to go into detail in regards to the overall plot of the TV Series. Each section are to be divided into sub-heading and paragraphs in regards to seasons or significant story arcs. A list of links of episodes, seasons and significant story arcs can be placed here under bullet points (*)

List of Characters

This section is to provide a list and links to various characters within the TV Show or Series under bullet points (*). List of characters should be limited to only protagonists, antagonists, anti-heroes, primary and secondary characters but no background characters (reserved for other articles). For organisation, users should list them from top to bottom in accordance to: a first appearance and/or Protagonists/Main characters & Villain sub sections.


The TV Show or Series may exist merchandise and appearances in other media formats which may come in the form of, but not limited to: comics, graphics novels, toys and games. Each merchandise and media must be separated by sub headings and paragraphs, with a link provided to its main article via use of the "main" template. Similarly to the introductory paragraph, each merchandise or media must be given a brief description. Information should include a very brief description of what the merchandise or media is,, which company(s) or staff members are involved with its production and distribution and what the media is about.


A table with links to each cast, actor or voice actor of significant characters are to be placed here. Each table's columns and rows are to be divided accordingly from left-to-right: Actor/Voice Actor and Character(s). A separate table with a sub-heading is required for the same media in different locale eg. French, Japanese, English etc. Each character and actor/voice actor is to be linked to thair main space article respectively. No further information in regards to the actor or voice actor is be placed here. A sample will be provided below:


Actor/VoiceActor Character(s)
Junichi Kanemaru Sonic the Hedgehog

English (USA)

Actor/VoiceActor Character(s)
Jason Griffith Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog


The purpose of this section is to provide a list of significant personnel or crew in regards to both production and distribution of the TV Show or Series. It is to be inserted similarly to the "Cast" section within tables. Rows and columns are to be separated accordingly from left-to-right: Role/Position, and name of the person. A sample will be provided below:
Role Name
Executive Producer Alfred Khan


A link to the main article of the soundtrack to be discussed can be placed here using the "Main" template.
The purpose of this section is to surmise music or soundtrack used within the TV Show or Series. Information can include theme songs between locales, composers/song writers and details of differences between different locales. Information regarding legal or financial circumstances leading the particular version of the TV Show to adopt different soundtrack or music from the original source can be noted here.

Regional Differences

The purpose of this section is to provide additional detail in regards to regional difference in presentation of the TV Show. Disregarding obvious information such as different language or use of voice actors, information here could include minor or major changes such may include censorship, after-edits or section cuts and similar information (eg. Firearms edited to look like laser-blasters, references to national culture which may not make sense to another).

A list of mentioned regional differences can be places here under bullet points (*)


This section is to provide summary of critical reception from official sources. Information here could also include the media'as cultural impact.


The Trivia section is about small pieces of information about the person that do not fit in any of the sections above. Here, the editor must make a list of these little-known facts by using bullet points (*), where each piece of information being given its own paragraph. Be careful of what you list, however, as it is required that the Trivia is informative, not lengthy and pointless.


References and citations of where each piece of information gathered from is to be placed here, utilising the "Reflist" template.