This is a set of general guidelines to follow when creating and editing mainspace articles concerning a song or music track Although this is an official guide, editors are encouraged to stray from them if it will improve the overall quality of the article.


  • Yellow boxes are general guidelines meant to pertain to the main text on the page.
  • Red boxes are guidelines for anything else.
  • Light-blue boxes are minor editorial notes for that particular section.

The "Infobox sound" template is to be inserted here. Information in regards to the song or music track's must be filled out as much as possible. Information includes, but are not limited to: Debut (date), media featured (in order from its earliest appearance down to its most recent appearance), the song's length (minutes:seconds format), band/orchestra, performers and publishers etc. At the bottom of the infobox reserves room for for the sound or music file itself in .ogg format. The section is to contain a maximum of 3 sound files; the first being the song/music itself which has not been modified (known as the 'raw' version), with subsequent ones below it being officially-licensed and supported remixes (if any exists). Any more than 3 sound files of the same music or song must then be all placed in a table near the bottom of the article, reserving the infobox to contain only the 'raw' song or music.
This is the introductory summary. Information to be provided here is to provide a brief summary of the song in both within the universe of its respective media and real-world information including, which media it first debuted in and who composed/wrote/performed it. Other information also include different versions of the song or music which exists in their respective formats and media.


As its name suggest, the complete and accurate insertion of the song or music's lyrics (if any) are to be placed here.

All lyrical text are to be placed and written under italic.

Sometimes a particular song or music with lyrics may come in a multitude of different languages, or in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) eg. Japanese. In such cases, the translations in each of the music or song respectively officially-supported languages are to be placed underneath one another under sub-headings after the name of the language being portrayed.

An example will be provided below:

Note when the instructions say "officially-support" languages, that means language translation available for the song which is provided by the media it came in eg. A game may have a 'language selection' option in the settings, giving users the option to select 5 languages (eg. French). This means that editors should not go out of their way translating the song or music into every language which exists on earth EXCEPT for those 5 officially-provided translations.


(Instrumental Intro)
This is my escape
I'm running through this world and I'm not looking back
Cause I know I can go
Where no one's ever gone and I'm not looking back
But how will I know when I get there?
And how will I know when to leave?
We've all gotta start from somewhere
And it's right there for me
The possibilities are never ending
I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)
I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)
Endless Possibility
And so I'll carry on
My time to shine has come, I feel it! (I feel it, I feel it)
As fast as I can go
Straight to the top I know, you'll see it! (You'll see it, you'll see it)
So please wake me up when I get there
It feels like I'm lost in a dream
I know in my heart that it's my time
And I already see
The possibilities are never ending!
I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)
I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)
Endless Possibility
Drop that smile 'cause you're beaten again
No, this is where my journey begins!
You're losing speed, you're losing your flow
But inside me's a power you'll never know!
Then let it out, it's inside you
Better all stand back 'cause I'm coming THROUGH!
(instrumental break)
I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach
I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me!
I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)
I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)
Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility)
Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility)
Endless Possibility!

Connections within media

This section is to provide information with possible relations or connections to the song itself as a whole and/or lyrics which references characters, events or the story of the selected media. Each identified connection is to be placed within bullet points in a list (*).

Utilizing the above song and lyrics as an example:

Alternate remixes

As covered previously above in the sound infobox, if more than 3 alternate OFFICIALLY supported remixes of the song or music in question exists, they are to be placed in a separate table, whilst the original 'raw' music or song is to be left in the infobox. The table containing alternate remixes are to contain columns from left-to-right: Song name, music file (.ogg), length (minutes:seconds format) and name(s) of composer/performer(s).

An example has been inserted below:

Song Name Music Length Composer/Performer
Theme of Sonic Colors
Theme of Sonic Colors Full
4:43 Amsterdam Session Orchestra
Finally Go Home?
Finally go Home
1:01 Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi
Nega Wisp Armor - Phase 2
Reach for the Stars Orchestra
3:40 Tomoya Ohtani
Option Screen
Option Screen
2:06 Amsterdam Session Orchestra
Game Land - Color Power
Game Land Color Power
0:47 Tomoya Ohtani


The Trivia section is about small pieces of information that do not fit in any of the sections above. Here, the editor must make a list of these little-known facts by using bullet points (*), where each piece of information being given its own paragraph. Provide references if necessary, especially if it is about content outside or hidden in the media. Be careful of what you list, however, as it is required that the Trivia is informative, not lengthy and pointless. Speculations about the subject is not permitted.


This section is for the references made for this character. Here, the editor must only write either the code <references />, or set up the template {{Reflist}}.