This is a set of general guidelines to follow when creating and editing mainspace articles concerning a person or staff member related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series franchise. Although this is an official guide, editors are encouraged to stray from them if it will improve the overall quality of the article.


  • Yellow boxes are general guidelines meant to pertain to the main text on the page.
  • Green boxes are guidelines for headers.
  • Red boxes are guidelines for anything else.

As with any other pages regarding real-life information, the Real World banner template will be required for each and every page in regards to real-life people. It is to be placed at the very top of each page.
The "Person" template is to be inserted here. Information in regards to the Person are to be filled as much as possible including, but not limited to; Gender, Birthplace, Birthdate, Company or Companies the person has worked for, which must include recent companies and companies the person is still working at. Companies which are not affiliates or subsidiaries of Sega which are older than 20 years are to not be included. Image of the character is to be placed at the top, preferably no larger than 300x300 pixels.
Add a quote left template here. Preferably a quote said by the person or another person that summarizes the subject's experience, personality, viewpoints, history or significance of their role to the franchise.
This is the summary. The purpose of the summary is the summarize the person, their brief history and significance to the franchise, preferably in a single paragraph. This includes a brief run-down of the person's job or task


This is to contain a detailed history of the person which should include past projects, past companies and other works on external media leading up to their work on the franchise. It can also contain details on what gained their interest to work for, or the nature of the reason behind them choosing or being hired for the task.

"Recent Works"

This is to contain a detailed summary of the person's current or most recent tasks, works and services such as any games, books, shows, movies or music they have contributed to, including the date on which they began work or contribution to said project(s). It should be summarized and detailed as to what exactly they did or accomplished to contribute to their tasks. The headline for this section is determined by what the person's work entrails (for example, if the person has worked on television or films, the headline should be named "Filmography").


A list of worked credited solely to them or works they have contributed to can be placed here. This should be ranked from oldest to newest. This section must only contain official Sonic the Hedgehog franchise works only and no third-party or unsolicited fan works of their past unless it has a significant relation to the official franchise.


The Trivia section is about small pieces of information about the person that do not fit in any of the sections above. Here, the editor must make a list of these little-known facts by using bullet points (*), where each piece of information being given its own paragraph. Be careful of what you list, however, as it is required that the Trivia is informative, not lengthy and pointless.


This section is for images of the person. It is recommended to be limited to insertion of significant images in relation to the person. Such can include portraits of the person, an image of them working on a project (franchise or otherwise), an snap-shot of them at an interview or with other persons of significance such as other staff members with relations to the franchise. It can also include appearances of them at official public events related to the franchise.


References and citations of where each piece of information gathered from is to be placed here.

External Links

This section is external links to website or sources which can include the person's personal or official websites under the subject's jurisdiction or a place the significantly contribute to. Each link must be utilized with a bullet point.