This is a set of general guidelines to follow when creating and editing mainspace articles concerning a real-world groups related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series franchise. Although this is an official guide, editors are encouraged to stray from them if it will improve the overall quality of the article.


  • Yellow boxes are general guidelines meant to pertain to the main text on the page.
  • Green boxes are guidelines for headers.
  • Red boxes are guidelines for anything else.

As with any other pages regarding real-life information, the Real World banner template will be required for each and every page in regards to real-world groups and people therein. It us to be placed the the very top of each page.
An image of the company logo or banner is to be placed here. Only official imagery is accepted with no modifications excluding resizing. It is to be placed on the right at a size no larger than 300x300 pixels.
This is the summary. The purpose of the summary is the summarize the company, its brief history of formation and/or decommissioning/disbandment, and significance to the franchise, preferably in a single paragraph or two. This includes a brief run-down of the company's relation to the franchise, significant works created or contributed by the company to the franchise and staff member or people from the company which contributed significantly to the franchise. Other general information regarding how the company operates is also to be placed here. The company's first and latest works related to the franchise is should also be noted here.


This is to contain a detailed history of the company which should include origin (eg. country or nation) and reason of formation, past projects, milestones and some works on other media leading up to its contribution to the franchise.

Recent Works

This is to contain a more detailed summary of the company's current or most recent works, projects or services to the franchise such as any games, books, shows, movies or music they have contributed to, including the date(s) on which the company began work or contribution to said project(s). It should be summarised and detailed as to what exactly the company did or accomplished to contribute to these tasks.


A list of works credited solely to them or works the company have contributed to can be placed here. This should be ranked from oldest to newest. This is to contain official franchise works only and no third-party or unsolicited fan works of the company's past unless it has a significant relation to the official franchise. This list could include (depending on the purpose of the company) games, video games, comic books, novels, music, animation, movies or television shows.

Series & Sub-Series

The company in question may be responsible for sub-series or spin-offs under their jurisdiction or creation which may differ apart from their main works. Each sub series or spin-offs must begin with a sub-heading, noting the name of the media as well as a summary of what it is, a brief history of its formation, its first and/or last work or the series end.

Cancelled works

The company in question may have cancelled the development or distribution of some of their works due reasons which could range from financial to legal. Any works related to the franchise which have been cancelled under their jurisdiction or contribution should be listed here. Sub series or spin-offs such as television shows which have reached its planned ending or similar works and circumstances should not be placed under cancelled works and should instead be placed above in 'Series & Sub-series', noting the beginning of the series and the end of the series.


The Trivia section is about small pieces of information about the that do not fit in any of the sections above. Here, the editor must make a list of these little-known facts by using bullet points (*), where each piece of information being given its own paragraph. Be careful of what you list, however, as it is required that the Trivia is informative, not lengthy and pointless.


This section is for images related to the company. It is recommended to be limited to insertion of significant images in relation to the company. Such can include photographs of a group of prominent staff members (e.g directors, C.E.O etc.) or workers past or present, a photograph of the company's headquarter building, an image of the company staff working on a project (official franchise or otherwise). It can also include appearances of the company's name at official public events related to the franchise.


References and citations of where each piece of information gathered from is to be placed here.

External Links

This section is external links to website or sources which can include the company or subsidiary/affiliated companies or official websites under its jurisdiction or a place the company may have also significantly contributed to. Each link must be utilized with a bullet point (*).