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Sonic Generations

I Believe that this page deserves to be the Featured Article becuase it is very well writen and very factual and it has been edited over five thousand times. I believe that this article is one of the best on the wiki.


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  1. What Trak Could Trak
    • Introduction
      • Right off the bat, I can assure you that this introduction is far too short. It should be expanded to summarize the entire article. Introductions serve as a summary of the article, inviting the viewer to read more about it.
    • Development
      • The PS3/360/PC version of the game was in development since Sonic Unleashed, four years prior. And...? Further expansion involving the development of this game during the time frame indicated is needed. Otherwise, slot it into the paragraph below it.
      • In late 2010, rumors of a Sonic Anniversary game surfaced online. The rumors told of a game that would potentially feature remakes of levels from throughout Sonic's history. The game was alleged to be released on all major game consoles at the time: PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS. Further expansion on these rumors. Cite some sources of these rumors, else they are pure speculation and original research.
      • I corrected a spelling error in this section. FANs should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Remember, these articles are to be showcased on the main page. It wouldn't be very becoming of the wiki if they were riddled with minor errors that could be easily corrected with a copy-edit.
      • Later, a Gamestop release list printed on May 7, 2011 showed a 3DS port of Generations with a tentative release date of 12/31/11. Speculation was rife about the existence of such a version. Cite an example of this speculation.
      • I corrected some formatting. When employing an em dash, use the markup code & mdash ; (minus the spaces).
      • The PC version was confirmed in early October. Either add further information and an example of where this was confirmed, or slot it into the previous paragraph.
    • Plot
      • I corrected some formatting and spelling.
    • Sonic Boom
      • Are there any media reactions to the Sonic Boom event and how was the demo received by the public?
    • Demo Release
      • This section could be slotted into the "Sonic Boom" section, and that heading renamed to "Sonic Boom and demo release."
    • Gameplay
      • Lots of formatting errors in this section... Don't plunk in the entire URL to an article on the wiki whenever the link is achieved using the basic markup. Also, single-digit numbers should be typed out and avoid using ampersands within a sentence. Ampersands are only to be used in logotype. Within the context of an article, they are grammatically incorrect.
      • Watch the spelling. FAs should not be full of spelling errors.
      • In an encyclopedic article, one should not refer directly to the reader in the second person. Refer to the player as "the player" and utilize third-person perspective.
    • Characters
      • Slot in an introductory paragraph.
    • Items
      • Slot in an introductory paragraph.
    • Soundtrack
      • Watch your spelling.
    • Unlockable music
      • Again, refer to the reader in the third person as "the player."
      • Watch your grammar, too.
    • Secret Room
      • Watch your spelling, folks.
    • Stages
      • Again, single-digit numbers should be typed out.
      • Again, don't refer to the reader directly as "you." Use "the player" and third-person perspective.
      • Again, watch your grammar.
      • Your spelling, too.
    • Overall
      • That should get you started. From what I can tell and have shown, this article is not ready to be a Featured Article. I wasn't even halfway through the article and I can tell that. This article requires a lot of work, most of it simple copy-editing. Remember, this is to be displayed on the main page. You wouldn't want it rife with spelling, formatting, and grammatical errors, would you? Trak Nar Ramble on 08:01, June 22, 2012 (UTC)


  • I've managed to clean up the page a bit, but it could still use some work. Anybody want to help? And another thing: the references on the page are broken or something; I've tried everything, but nothing works. Burny!~ your friendly neighborhood pyrosaur 14:03, February 12, 2013 (UTC)
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