Fan fiction, also known as fanon, is any character, story, location or information about Sonic that is not created, licensed or endorsed by Sega (i.e. created by fans). Fan fiction is not allowed to be included in any mainspace article on Sonic News Network. Instead, we recommend that fan fiction be added to pages at the Sonic Fanon Wiki.

However, fan fiction may be included at Sonic News Network if it is confined to userspace (that is, any page prefaced with "User:").

  • When making an article for your own fan fiction, fan character, or any other fanon article, you should place it within your own user page, or in a subpage of your user page. You can create a subpage by creating a page as normal at "User:Username/CharacterName". For example, if User:Supermorff created a character named "Gordon the Gopher", it would be included at User:Supermorff/Gordon the Gopher. This signifies that User:Supermorff owns the page, and will usually be the only editor.
    • Do not create fan pages in somebody else's userspace. Any fan pages found in the userspace of a non-existent user will be immediately deleted.
  • You may post fanart that you have created, but it must not appear in any canon or mainspace article. In particular, do not add fanart of your favourite character on that character's page. It will be swiftly removed. You may include fanart in userspace or in the forums, but also be aware that fanart not in use on any pages is likely to be deleted.
  • In accordance with our art policy, users uploading fanart must assert on the image page either that they are themselves the creator of the image (by using {{self}}), or that they have the permission of the artist to upload it (by using {{permission}}).
  • You may not link to your fan articles from mainspace pages, including redirects. If you wish to link to your fan article from another user page you should pipe-link as follows:
[[User:Supermorff/Gordon the Gopher|Gordon the Gopher]]
This appears as: Gordon the Gopher