Welcome to Sonic News Network's interview series: 12 Questions With! This week our interviewee is none other than Garrulous64! For the uninitiated, Garrulous64 is an on the rise Sonic Youtuber who is known for doing video showcases on various Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces mods. He also does many weekly streams where he interacts with the community whilst playing some of the latest games available.

Without a further ado, here is 12 Questions With Garrulous64!

So, Garrulous, what would you say are your ties to the Sonic fandom?

I've been playing Sonic games whether they've been good or bad since I was a kid, but nowadays my strongest tie to the fandom would have to be my channel.

What exactly drew you into Sonic the Hedgehog?

My first game was Sonic Adventure for the Gamecube and I had a ton of fun with it. I wasn't really the biggest fan of the series up until the release of Generations, but Adventure was what brought me in.

What’s your favorite game in the series then?

Sonic Adventure, without a doubt. Generations and Mania are very close to second.

So, changing gears a bit, what’s your opinion on Sonic and Eggman? What makes them loathe each other so much?

I think the main factor is, Eggman wants to turn small animals into robots, and Sonic doesn't want small animals to be turned into robots. That there would definitely cause squabbles.

Say, while we’re on the subject of Eggman, on the Sonic News Network, we have over 90+ quotes from the mad doctor himself! (laughs) I counted. What would you say is your favorite Eggman quote over the years?

Aside from the overused clips during the boss fights, I'd have to pull from Lost World. So many good lines despite it being one of my least favorite games in the series.
Quotation1 As long as I can strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine Quotation2
Dr. Eggman
That or:
Quotation1 I'm a complicated guy Quotation2
Dr. Eggman

Let’s take a break from Baldy McNosehair for a bit and inspect the other side of the coin a little. Who is your favorite supporting character of the Sonic cast and why?

Silver the Hedgehog. He's got motivation, he's got really rad powers, and in the comics he's a lovably naïve goofball. What's not to love?

For your next question: At the Sonic News Network, we’ve got over 300 pages dedicated to badniks alone! Out of all of Eggman’s goofy robot infantry, which badnik is your favorite?

I'm a bit biased when it comes to Badniks because I've made a couple videos starring Motobug. If you'd asked me a while back, I would have said Penguinator, simply because of its name, but Motobug is a classic, and it's near and dear to my heart now.

I’ve noticed you’ve got quite an affection for Motobug on your channel. What draws you towards this badnik in particular?

I don't really know how it happened. I like the design of the little bugger, it's iconic. It's the first adversary you face in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, so in that right it's kind of like a Goomba, and Goombas are one of my favorite Mario enemies too.

Do you think other motobugs ever get nervous about living up to the legacy of the very first motobug? I mean, your kind was the very first to ever stand up against Sonic, those are some big shoes to fill!

I can imagine so. Though how much can there really be to compare to when the original was destroyed within seconds of starting the game...

Where do you think Avatar went at the end of Sonic Forces? Do you think we’ll see him again?

Personally, I think they got the Avatar to take a hike so they wouldn't have to explain why that specific incarnation of the Avatar doesn't re-appear in future games. If they ever do the create a character thing again, it'll be a separate entity from the one in Forces. As for seeing the Avatar from Forces again, I doubt it.

That’s certainly a fascinating take on it. Anyhoo, recently we’ve added a page to the wiki for the Bonus Stages in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. If the Gumball Machine was a real thing, would you try one? What do you think the gumballs would taste like?

If I had to be Sonic in the scenario I don't think I'd try it. I'm not sure if I get motion sick, but that's definitely not the way I want to find out. The fire shield gumball is probably that Cinnamon flavor that kind of burns your tongue a bit, the electric shield would be an electrifying blue razzberry, and the bubble shield would either be bubble gum flavored, or it'd taste like soap.

It's been a real pleasure having you here, Garrulous. Would you like to say anything to the fans, before we go, about how they can support your channel?

It's been a pleasure. I really had to think for some of those which is a big departure from the braindead state I find myself in 90% of the day. Thanks to everyone that gives my content the time of day, it really means a lot! If you enjoy my videos, make sure to leave a comment and let me know how I'm doing, and if streams interest you at all, I do a lot of em! Thanks for having me!

Well that was certainly an exciting Q&A! Be sure to tune in for our next 12 Questions With, where we’ll be holding an interview with Evan Stanley, Exciting stuff! See ya next time!

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