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Chaos Spear

Chaos Spear (カオススピア Kaosu Supia?) is a recurring chaos power in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is one of Shadow the Hedgehog's signature techniques. When performing this technique, the user fires a bolt made of chaos energy.

Chaos Spear is a technique where the user channels raw chaos energy as a form of electricity into a spear-shaped energy construct and then fires it as an energy bolt. Its power-level can be adjusted by the user, making it weak enough to just stun a target or powerful enough to inflict injuries. Users like Sir Lancelot can also channel the Chaos Spear's energy through swords when firing them. Once manifested, the Chaos Spears are substantial enough to be physically grabbed and get embedded in surfaces.

The means of firing the Chaos Spear are numerous. The most recognized way is just by swinging the user's hands forward to fire them as arrows. Other methods include hurtling a cascade of spears in an energy burst, manifesting the spears in midair and shooting them at the target, firing them from the palm of the hand, or just grabbing and then throwing them manually like actual spears. Additionally, entering a Super State amplifies the Chaos Spear's power significantly, to the point where a single one can blow up an entire building.


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Comic Issues

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 37
Sonic, Tails and Belle walk through a town, with the latter asking if the Restoration would really take her in. Sonic declares that they will as they are super chill and everyone there is a volunteer who wishes to help others who have had it rough with following the events of the Metal Virus pandemic. Tails mentions that the Restoration have also been working to find anyone who is still missing, like Belle's creator. Read more...

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 38
Houston, there appears to be two hedgehogs and a fox floating through space... Sonic, Amy, and Tails are stuck in a mysterious new Eggman base. Each room holds a challenging surprise and the hallways don't make any sense! Can they find out how to escape unharmed? Meanwhile, Tangle and Belle sneak in to find the bots running the show and stumble into some trouble! Read more...


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Image Facts
Red Burst SLW.png
The Red Burst is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the Color Power gained by absorbing a Red Wisp and its Hyper-go-on, which turns the user into a ball of flames. Other than Team Sonic Racing where it was an item, the Red Burst transformation has only been featured in Nintendo 3DS games.

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