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Sonic has lost his shoes in the desert mazes of Sand Oasis. Luckily, you have stumbled across them, and must return them to him! Use the mouse to move Sonic's shoes around the maze, without touching the genie-cursed walls!

— "How To Play" menu

Sonic Maze Craze is an online Flash game released in 2007 to promote Sonic and the Secret Rings. The game was featured on Sonic and the Secret Rings' official websites before they were later shut down.


Sonic the Hedgehog has lost his shoes in the desert mazes of Sand Oasis. The player stumbles upon the shoes, and it becomes their job to safely return them to Sonic without touching the genie-cursed walls.


Gameplay of Sonic Maze Craze.

The game is played by moving the computer mouse cursor to control Sonic's shoes. The player's goal is to carefully navigate to the finish line of all three mazes. Collecting Rings increases the player's score, and few lives can be found as well. Touching genies (Green Ma Djinns), fireballs, spikes, spiked balls or the walls will result in the loss of a life. The player is also on a time limit, and will lose a life if the level is not completed quickly enough.

Upon completing the game, Sonic receives his shoes and slips back into them.



Gimmicks and obstacles


Non-playable characters


Other modes

As well as access to the game, the main menu offers several other options:

  • How to Play: Instructions on how to play the game
  • View High Scores: A leaderboard for high scores
  • Visit Website: A redirect to the Sonic and the Secret Rings website
  • Receive Sonic Updates: Email updates for the Sonic series
  • Credits: Viewing the credits
  • Buy Now: Links to product listings for Sonic and the Secret Rings



  • The use of the mouse for movement is similar to the motion-based Wii Remote controls in Sonic and the Secret Rings.





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