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Sonic Mania is a vinyl album containing the soundtrack of Sonic Mania. It was available for pre-order from 22 July 2017 at 8:00am (BST) to 24 July 2017 at 12:00pm (BST). Pre-orders for the album, excluding the limited edition, went back up again on 26 July 2017.[2] The album was shipped in September 2017.[1][3] The album includes a download code of the tracks in both lossy and lossless formats. Three editions have been released: 180g Classic Black, 180g Translucent Blue and a limited 180g clear record with blue, red, orange and yellow splatter designs.

Due to high demand, the translucent blue edition of the album was made available once again on 16 August 2017 and 3 November 2017 and was set to ship in October 2017 and December 2017 respectively.[4][5] It was made available once more the following year for 4 July 2018.[6]

Track list


Track Title Music Length
A1 Discovery 0:18
A2 Lights, Camera, Action! 3:08
A3 Wildstyle Pistolero 2:12
A4 Tabloid Jargon 2:38
A5 Danger on the Dance Floor 2:07
A6 Built to Rule 2:30
A7 Dimension Heist 2:36
A8 Ruby Delusions 2:19


Track Title Music Length
B1 Comfort Zone 1:33
B2 Prime Time 2:25
B3 Blossom Haze 2:11
B4 Rogues Gallery 2:29
B5 Hi-Spec Robo Go! 1:48
B6 Skyway Octane 2:13
B7 Steel Cortex 3:09
B8 Ruby Illusions 2:16


  • On the vinyl record itself, there is very small text one each side at the top right of the middle section on the outside. On Side A it reads "BY THE MANIA" and on Side B it reads "FOR THE MANIA". This is the tagline for Sonic Mania. The text cannot be seen normally as it is very small and blends in with the record, so it requires a light source to be shone upon it.




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